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Gym Of The Month: City Gym!

Congratulations City Gym! We are proud to announce City Gym as our Gym of the Month! We only award the best of the best across the country! Find out how they got started, services offered and much more right here.

Vital Statistics

Name of Gym: City Gym
Name of Owner: Justin Green
Address: 107 Crown St, East Sydney, NSW 2010
Number of Members: 2900
Sq Ft: 20,000 Sq Ft
Phone: 029-360-6247

Hours of Operation:
5:00AM - 12:00AM Weekdays
6:00AM - 10:00PM Saturdays
8:00AM - 10:00PM Sundays

Number of Trainers on Staff: 50
Founder: Bill Moore in 1978

[ Q ] How did the gym start and why did you decide to work within the gym business?

I decided to work in the industry because I wanted to turn my hobby into a career and the health and fitness industry has lot of good people with great interpersonal skills.

City Gym is Australia's oldest gym, being established in 1978. It is a veritable Sydney icon and has developed a strong sense of community amongst its clientele, some having been a member for 27 years!

City Gym was the first gym to introduce group fitness (aerobics) to the Australian public shortly after it opened.

Over the last three decades City Gym has been visited by international celebrities such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Elton John, The Rock, Craig Maclachlan, Jerry O'Connell to name but a few. Members now include Simon Burke, Alex Perry, John Bailey, and Jayson Brunsdon as well as IWA pro-wrestler Mark Mercedes.

City Gym Was The First Gym To Introduce Group Fitness To The Australian Public
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City Gym Was The First Gym To Introduce Group Fitness
To The Australian Public.

[ Q ] Can you give us a description on what went into opening your awesome establishment?

It was opened 30 years ago (I was five at the time so I can't tell you!) but the recent multi million dollar renovations transformed us from a gym of the past to a forward moving gym of the future. City Gym has been totally redesigned and although the feeling of community remains, a sense of five star luxury has been added.

The reception area resembles a hotel lobby, while a GHD hair straightener and green marble tops adorn the ladies changing room. Aboriginal art and leather couches furnish the new third level, which boasts the newest boxing studio in the CBD (boxing for fitness is rapidly becoming the next big thing in group fitness appealing to both men and women)

The Reception Area Resembles A Hotel Lobby, While A GHD Hair Straightener And Green Marble Tops Adorn The Ladies Changing Room
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The Reception Area Resembles A Hotel Lobby, While A GHD Hair Straightener And Green Marble Tops Adorn
The Ladies Changing Room.

[ Q ] What makes your gym different?

The atmosphere - that's something money can't buy or change. Also the 50 awesome Personal Trainers we have and the staff and the members too. It's an eclectic bunch of people - bodybuilders, office-workers, fitness models, first timers and the over 60's!

[ Q ] What sort of people do you attract into your gym?

A more mature clientele - average age is 40.

[ Q ] What inspires people to train at you facility?

The atmosphere and great customer service. Here is a testimony:

Pat: What I like most of all at City Gym is the feeling of camaraderie, of belonging to a gym very much like a club. There are still some members that I first met at the gym in the 1980's, who I still occasionally see at the gym and have a chat with.

What I like is that one can run into someone on the street somewhere, as happened only this week, and being asked "what are you doing here, why aren't you working out". That gives a real feeling of belonging to this club.

Cody went out of his way to help me one morning. I had forgotten my passcode for my iPhone. He went onto Google to give me some tips. Customer service like this is rare these days. I have an MBA in Services Marketing and I am trained to be critical of service (as you've experienced) so when I get excellent service I always let the person's manager know.

[ Q ] Do you have any top trainers and why are they so good?

We have many top trainers here - some like Paul Haslam are teachers at the FIA. We also have Charlie Duca, Steve Curran and other former and current competitive bodybuilders

Top Trainer Steve Curran
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Top Trainer Steve Curran.

[ Q ] What special services do you provide?

Free internet, free fitness program reviews, classes for over 60's, specialist classes i.e. Zumba, our own branded fitness classes 'M' classes, unique member comps (we are launching a competition soon to win a trip to Thailand courtesy of British Airways).

[ Q ] Who are your most notable present and past members?

Brian McFadden and Tim Lee and Geoff Huegill, plus all those mentioned above.

[ Q ] What was the hardest part about operating your gym?

Every day brings a new challenge but we always overcome them!

[ Q ] What makes you competitive over the other gym chains?

Service, friendliness and cleanliness plus value for money and attention to detail.

[ Q ] How have you been able to remain so successful and how do you hope to remain so?

Through consistency in retaining existing members and marketing ourselves to the local community which we support through charity events, and the local business community which we also work with through contra deals and advertising agreements. We will always try to stay ahead of the competition by trying to please our members and update equipment accordingly.

We Will Always Try To Stay Ahead Of The Competition By Trying To Please Our Members And Update Equipment Accordingly
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We Will Always Try To Stay Ahead Of The Competition By Trying To Please Our Members And Update Equipment Accordingly.

[ Q ] How can people get in touch with you personally?

Visitors to can email to receive a 3 day free VIP pass. Just give us your name and a contact number plus when you would like to come visit!

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