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Personal Trainer Transformation Guide: Exercises!

The following is a list of exercises including pictures and instructions. It is important that you learn how to do the exercises correctly the first time.



The following is a list of exercises including pictures and instructions. It is important that you learn how to do the exercises correctly the first time. This will stop any bad habits before they start.

The following 38 exercises focus on developing the most important muscle groups in your body. As these muscle groups gain strength, you will start to notice results. Here is a list of the muscles we are focusing on:

For information and pictures of the exercises, click below!

Detailed descriptions of the exercises and pictures should provide thorough knowledge of how to perform all of the exercises. If for some reason you do not understand an exercise, please feel free to contact me via my personal email address:


To make this program work for you, it is going to take planning and dedication. No one said it was going to be easy, but if you have some sort of direction you will end up achieving your goals, whatever they may be.

Every week on Sunday I look in my refrigerator and see what foods I need. I go through the next seven days in my mind and write down the food I need in the chart I have created. HHHmmm, lets see what am I going to eat this week:

myoplex Monday for my first meal I am going to have an omelet so I need some eggs and vegetables. Then I am going to have a tuna sandwich for my next meal. For meal three I will have a grilled chicken sandwich. The meal after that is easy, I will drink a Myoplex shake.

When I get home I will cook some low fat burger and make a hamburger. Then before bed I will have some peaches and cottage cheese. So when I go shopping I will need to get these items:

  • Eggs & vegetables for my omelet
  • Tuna fish and whole grain bread for my sandwich
  • Fresh chicken for my sandwich
  • Box of Myoplex
  • Low fat hamburger meat (I will buy 8% lean ground beef)
  • Peaches and cottage cheese

Now when I go to the store I know what I am going to buy, well at least for the first day of the week. So I will have to plan for six more days (Five more days of dieting and my free day). Sundays are my favorite because I eat donuts and fried chicken all day, but that's just me, you can eat whatever you want on your free day.

Have your meals ready when you need them!

I have heard this same phrase from many people: "I just don't have time to do all of this, I work all day." That's fine; everybody has a job of some sort. We all have different breaks in our day or work different hours, but we have to plan ahead so we can make sure we get what our bodies need. If it were easy to eat six meals a day and exercise, then everyone would have a great body. But its not, so we must do more than the average person because we do not want to look average.

Almost every job in America has a break time now. I went to the post office today and I couldn't send out my mail because the line was so long. There was only one person working because the other two employees had to take a 15-minute break.

So take advantage of these breaks and eat your planned meals at these times. Here is an example of a 7-day meal chart that will help you plan what you need to eat:


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