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Personal Trainer Transformation Guide: Steps To Success!

As mentioned earlier, we will be using the Parilloiii method to test your body fat. It is a fairly easy process, but you will need another person to help you take the measurements and you will have to do a little math.

Step 1:
Body Statistics.

As mentioned earlier, we will be using the Parilloiii method to test your body fat. It is a fairly easy process, but you will need another person to help you take the measurements and you will have to do a little math. So lets get started, below are the nine-points on your body that we will be testing.

Using a body-fat pincher, follow these instructions for each of the nine points pictured below.

Step 1:

    While standing, firmly pinch the skinfold between your left thumb and forefinger, see figures 1 and 2. Place the jaws of the Personal Body Fat Tester over the skinfold, while continuing to hold the skinfold with the left hand, see figure 3.

    Click Image To Enlarge.
    Body-Fat Pinching.

    Important Tip: Make Sure To Slide The Plastic Measuring Piece
    All The Way Over Before Every Measurement.

Step 2:

    Press with the thumb where indicated on the Personal Body Fat Tester until you feel a slight click. The slide member will automatically stop at the correct measurement, see figure 4. After reading your measurement, return the slide member to the far right starting position. Repeat three times and use the average as your measurement. Refer to the body fat interpretation chart to determine your body fat percentage and what it means.

Step 3:

    Repeat for the nine measuring sites.

Step 4:

    Make sure to use your right bicep, tricep, thigh, calf, etc. This will ensure that you measurements are all accurate with each other.

Upper Chest
(vertical fold)
Right Bicep
(horizontal fold)
Right Tricep
(horizontal fold)

(vertical fold)
(horizontal fold)
(vertical fold)

(horizontal fold)
Right Thigh
(vertical fold)
Right Calf
(vertical fold)

    Measure each site 3 times, take the average of the three and enter that number into the calculator below. Do this for each of the nine measuring points.


To use the Parilloiii Method to determine your body fat percentage, enter your nine skin fold measurements (in millimeters) plus your weight, then press "Calculate".

Enter Your Skin Fold
Measurements Below:
Body Weight:
Chest: mm Units:
Right Tricep: mm

Right Bicep: mm
Suprailiac: mm
Lower Back: mm Results:
Subscapular: mm

Body Fat =

Pounds Of Fat =

Lean Body Mass =



Stomach: mm
Right Calf: mm
Thigh mm

    So what do these numbers mean? Lets take a look at some averages and see where you fall in:

    Click Image To Enlarge. Body Fat Interpretation.

    To read this chart simply find your age in the far left column and the numbers to the right of that age will apply to you. If you fall in the white, you are fairly lean. If you fall in the ideal shade, then you have an ideal amount of body fat. If you fall in the average shade, it means that you are about where everyone else is. Anything beyond that is considered obese. Women naturally have more body fat than men so their chart is adjusted accordingly.

    You can take your measurements as much as you want. I recommend taking them once every 1-2 weeks. I take mine every week but some people don't like to take their measurements that much. It is a reward to see the progress you have made.

Step 2:

Take a few minutes now and think about why you purchased this book. Think back to this site, everything you read and what it was that finally talked you into purchasing this system. Try to remember reading the information on the website, if you can't remember go back to the website and read it again.

There was a reason you bought this system, and whatever that reason was could probably be turned into a goal. If this book was a gift, there was a reason it was given to you. Maybe you're interested in the subject or you would like to lose some weight. Whatever your reason is, you are here right now. So take out a pen and write down three things that related to fitness that you would like to see happen in the next twelve weeks. What do you want to do with your body? Lose weight? Tone up? Get Stronger? Write these down in the space provided on the next page.

Now go get some scissors and cut this page out of the book. Make it neat because you will be looking at it every day. After you have cut it out, hang it up in your bathroom. Now you will see it everyday right when you get up in the morning and right before you go to bed.

You will constantly be reminded of your fitness goals all day and all night. Your subconscious mind will take these thoughts and it will process them until they become real. This is very important if you want to accomplish this twelve-week test of mental and physical strength.

My Fitness Goals:

1. ____________________________________________________________
2. ____________________________________________________________
3. ____________________________________________________________

Click here For A Printable Goal Keeping List!

Step 3:

To ensure that we stick to the diet, we must plan for success. You will not see results unless you follow this diet and the exercise schedule. Just to refresh your memory, here is a list of the foods you will eat:

Your Food Index
Proteins Complex Carbohydrates Fruit
Chicken Breast
Cottage Cheese**
Lean Ground Beef
Lean Meat
EAS Myoplex
Turkey Breast
Whey Protein
Baked Potato
Baked beans
Cereals- Whole Grain
Corn Tortilla
Cream of wheat
Flour Tortilla- 8 inch
Low fat chips
Low fat blueberry muffins
Pasta- cooked
Small Pancake
Plain Popcorn**
Quaker Instant Oatmeal
Rice (not minute rice)
Rice Cakes**
Rye Bread**
Waffles- Prepared from mix
Whole wheat bread**
Alfalfa Sprouts
Brussel Sprouts
Green Peas
Leaf Lettuce
Honeydew melon

From these foods you will need to eat six meals a day and as you probably remember, you will eat *one portion of protein and one portion of carbohydrates with each meal. If you have a hard time thinking of meals you can make, I have provided about 75 different meal options in Appendix A. Fill in each day and each meal in the table on the next page and then go to the grocery store and buy the necessary foods:

*Remember that a portion is about as big as your fist.

It may seem like a task to fill this all in, but it actually makes grocery shopping so much quicker that you end up saving quite a bit of time at the grocery store. You get what you need from the grocery store and you get back to doing things that you want to do.

Step 4:

Now you need to plan out the days you want to exercise and what you would like to do on each day. The following chart is how I suggest you structure your exercise schedule.

7-Day Exercise Schedule:
Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7
Weight Training Aerobic Training Weight Training Aerobic Training Weight Training Aerobic Training Free Day

Workout #1
Exercises Warm-up Set - 15 Reps Work Set - 15 Work Set - 15 Work Set - 15
Bench Press 100 lbs 135 lbs 135 lbs 135 lbs
Shoulder Press 50 lbs 65 lbs 65 lbs 65 lbs
Tricep BB Extensions 25 lbs 50 lbs 50 lbs 50 lbs
Decline Crunches 21 20 22
print Click Here For A Printable Log Of Workout 1.

Workout #3
Exercises Warm-up Set- 15 Reps Work Set- 15 Work Set- 15 Work Set- 15
Leg Press 100 lbs 225 lbs 225 lbs 225 lbs
Deadlift 50 lbs 140 lbs 140 lbs 140 lbs
Leg Extension 25 lbs 55 lbs 55 lbs 55 lbs
Calf Raise 50 lbs 100 lbs 100 lbs 100 lbs
print Click Here For A Printable Log Of Workout 3.

Workout #5
Exercises Warm-up Set- 15 Reps Work Set- 15 Work Set- 15 Work Set- 15
Bicep Barbell Curl 100 lbs 135 lbs 135 lbs 135 lbs
Upright Row 50 lbs 65 lbs 65 lbs 65 lbs
*Lat Pulldowns 25 lbs 50 lbs 50 lbs 50 lbs
Side Crunch 26 25 25
print Click Here For A Printable Log Of Workout 5.


    • *Reverse grip on lat pulldowns
    • Use the stairclimber for your cardio exercise.
    • Take a one minute rest between sets
    • Workout #2 - 20 Minutes of Cardio Interval Training
    • Workout #4 - 20 Minutes of Cardio Interval Training
    • Workout #6 - 20 Minutes of Cardio Interval Training

This is the 12-week schedule that most people use. If for some reason this doesn't work for you, it is all right to move things around. If you want your free day on Monday instead of Sunday, that is fine.

If this plan conflicts with something in your personal or business life, write a new schedule in the table by Clicking here!

That's it, now you should have everything scheduled in a time that works for you.

Step 5:
Order Supplements.

Now that you are almost ready to begin the program, I highly recommend that you order supplements. Supplements will make dieting easier and will help enhance your results. I am not big on the hype that supplements get, but these supplements have helped my clients and myself in the past. I give them my highest recommendation:

You can order these supplements from this website or go to a store. Every health and supplement store will carry these products. Click here to see the stores!

Step 6:
Announce Your Goals.

If you really want this program to work, you must make a public commitment by telling three people your goals. Think of three people that you see once a day or a few times a week. These people will be very helpful through the 12-weeks. Write down the names and phone number of the three people you are going to call:

Name:_______________________ Phone #:__________________________

Name:_______________________ Phone #:__________________________

Name:_______________________ Phone #:__________________________

These people can be anyone, your mom or dad, a neighbor, a friend. Just someone that you talk with or see on a regular basis. Tell the guy at the front desk at your gym. It doesn't have to be a long drawn out conversation. It could be "Hey Bob, in 12 weeks I am going to be 15 pounds lighter," or "Hey Bob, I am going to lose 5% of my body fat in the next 12 weeks."

Step 7:
Recognize Possible Obstacles.

With everything that we do in life, something always seems to come up. These "things" that come up interfere with who we want to be and where we want to go in life. I love to sleep in and it created obstacles for me in my life. So I had to recognize that it was getting in the way and change that behavior. So there are some obstacles in your fitness path otherwise you would already have the body you desire.

In order to achieve our goals we need to recognize these obstacles. Take a few minutes and think about what is getting in your way. Is it an eating habit, a sleeping habit, or maybe exercising just wasn't important to you in the past. Write down three possible obstacles on the following lines:

3 Possible Obstacles:




Now that you have recognized these obstacles, make a commitment to change these three behaviors so you can achieve your goals. If you have a bad eating habit, make an extra effort to fix it. If you can overcome obstacles it will be smooth sailing until you have a great looking physique.

Step 8:
Begin The Program.

That's it. You're done; this could be the end or the beginning. Its up to you now, if you want to take 12 weeks out of your life to accomplish your goals - do it now. Make a commitment to do the program and you will be glad that you did.

It is a test of physical and mental strength. Remember if you want to be average, you can do average things. If you want to set yourself apart from the majority, you have to do a little more than just average things.

A true challenge is never easy; otherwise it would not be a challenge. The hardest part will be getting started and sticking with it. If you are going to give up, you will most likely do it in the first few weeks. Be aware of that and focus as you begin the program. If you find that you are having a difficult time sticking to the diet or to the exercise schedule, please contact me and I will do my best to help you. You can email me at: Please also share your success stories with me, I will be publishing success stories and testimonials on the website.

Get started today and you will be very happy with your results in 12 weeks.


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