Almanac Of Men's Bodybuilding, S-Z.

The most complete information of bodybuilder's profiles available, listings S-Z. All help is welcomed! The Almanac is always updated whenever possible.

Almanac of
Men's Bodybuilding
by Ron Avidan

The most complete information of bodybuilder's profiles available. All help is welcomed! The Almanac is always updated whenever possible.



  • Saba, LeeRoy
    1963 Mr. California Short 1st;

  • Sadak, Esmet
    From Egypt. 1993 French Pro 16th;

  • Safdie, Marcelo
    From Argentina. 1997 Night of Champions 16th;

  • Salz, Clive
    From Germany. Contests include 1998 Grand Prix Germany 11th;

  • Sanchez, Billy
    1983 NPC USA 1st LW;

  • Sanow, Chuck
    1998 NPC Nationals HW 2nd;

  • Sansone, Tom
    1955 Mr. Metropolitan 1st; 1958 AAU Mr. America 1st; 1963 NABBA Amateur Mr. Universe Pro 1st;

  • Santiago, Elmo
    1953 Mr. Gotham 1st; 1953 Mr. Metropolitan 1st;

  • Santiago, Ernie
    1983 NPC USA 1st MW & Overall;

  • Santoriello, Franco
    Born Nov 2, 1965. Contests include the 1991 Ironman Pro 8th
    1993 Ironman Pro 7th

  • Santoro, Maurizio
    Italian. 1991 Italian Grand Prix 15th.

  • Sarcev, Milos
    Born January 17, 1964 in Novi Sad, Yugoslavia. Nicknamed "Mishko". Height 5'11". Divorced from Ursula. Married Milamar Flores on 7/31/97. Daughter Alexandra Flores Sarcev was born 4/25/98. Milos loves soccer, and played the sport when he lived in Europe. He also likes to play Basketball.

    Contests include the 1987 Yugoslavian Championships 1st; 1991 San Jose Pro 3rd; 1991 Niagara Falls Pro 4th; 1991 Danish Grand Prix 5th; 1991 Italian Grand Prix 7th; 1991 Spanish Grand Prix 7th; 1991 English Grand Prix 9th; 1991 Swiss Grand Prix 6th; 1991 Finnish Grand Prix 4th; 1992 Ironman Pro 6th; 1992 Niagara Falls Pro 4th; 1992 Pittsburgh Pro 4th; 1992 Chicago Pro 5th; 1993 Night of Champions 5th; 1993 Niagara Falls Pro 3rd; 1993 Mr. Olympia 11th; 1994 Mr. Olympia 13th; 1994 Grand Prix France 6th; 1994 Grand Prix Germany 4th; 1994 Grand Prix Spain 4th; 1994 Grand Prix England 8th; 1994 Grand Prix Italy 4th; 1995 Houston Pro 5th; 1995 Night of Champions 6th; 1995 Canada Montreal Pro 3rd; 1995 Niagara Falls Pro 4th; 1996 Night of Champions 4th; 1996 Canada Pro Classic 3rd; 1996 Florida Cup Pro 3rd; 1997 Canada Pro 1st; 1997 Night of Champions 2nd; 1997 Mr. Olympia 10th; 1997 Grand Prix Hungary 7th; 1997 Grand Prix Spain 9th; 1997 Grand Prix Germany 7th; 1997 Grand Prix England 8th; 1997 Grand Prix Czech 8th; 1997 Grand Prix Finland 8th; 1997 Grand Prix Russia 7th; 1998 San Francisco Pro 5th; 1998 Toronto Pro 7th; 1998 Night of Champions 11th; 1998 Mr. Olympia 11th; 1998 Grand Prix Germany 5th; 1998 Grand Prix Finland 5th; 1999 Ironman 2nd; 1999 Arnold Classic 5th; 1999 Toronto Pro 2nd; 1999 Night of Champions 5th; 1999 Mr. Olympia 10th; 1999 Pro World 5th; 1999 Grand Prix England 5th; 2001 Toronto Pro 7th; 2001 Night of Champions 10th; 2003 Night of Champions 9th; 2003 Grand Prix Hungary 6th;

  • Sarni, Luigi
    Italian. 1999 Pro World 11th;

  • Sarni, Mauro
    Italian. 1993 Night of Champions 7th; 1993 Niagara Falls Pro 1st; 1994 Grand Prix Italy 9th; 1995 Niagara Falls Pro 10th; 1994 Grand Prix Spain 9th; 1994 Grand Prix England 12th; 1994 Grand Prix Germany 10th; 1997 Canada Pro 10th; 1998 San Francisco Pro 19th; 1998 Toronto Pro withdrew; 1999 Pro World 11th;

  • Saunders, Jim
    1953 Mr. S.E. Britain 1st;

  • Savolainen, Marko
    Finnish. Heigh 5'9". Contests include the 1993 Finnish Championships HW 1st & overall; 1997 Grand Prix Finland 7th; 1998 Night of Champions 18th; 1998 Grand Prix Finland 9th; 2001 Ironman Pro 12th; 2001 San Francisco Pro 8th;

  • Schaefer, Ray
    Wrestled under the nickname 'Samson'. Contests include the 1955 Mr. Indiana 1st; 1956 Mr. America 1st; 1956 Mr. Universe 1st;

  • Schlierkamp, Gunter
    Height 6'1", (weight between 285 to 320 pounds). Born February 2, 1970 in Olfen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany. Eye color is blue; hair color is blond. Nickname is the 'Gentle Giant'. Religion is Catholic. Has two older brothers, one younger sister. Grew up on a farm. Married Carmen Jost on September 20, 1996. Resided in Kearny, New Jersey, currently lives in Venice, California. Had a 1997 endorsement contract with Univeral Nutrition, and has a 1998-2000 endorsement contract with Weider. In 1999, starting doing some commercials, including a DirecTV, and Powertel Phone Company commercials.

    I was born on February 2, 1970, in Olfen, Germany, which is close to Düsseldorf. My parents were farmers, and like many children of farmers, I was brought up in a conservative environment. My parents motto was, "Work as soon as possible to earn your own money." Sports were considered unproductive, a waste of time. From an early age, I had to help out by working on the family farm. To have some pocket money, and to buy new clothes instead of wearing my brothers hand-me-downs, I started working at a neighbor's farm for 50 cents an hour. Of course, at that rate it took forever for me to save enough money to buy new clothes. That was hard-earned money, and I wasn't always happy about having to work so hard for the things I wanted, but looking back I realize that it taught me some valuable lessons for my life. I have two older brothers and a younger sister. You may wonder from whom I received my genetics. This may come as a surprise to many of you, but I have my mom to thank for much of my bodybuilding genetics. I actually look very much like her. She is a large-framed, sturdily built German farm woman.

    My First Contact with Bodybuilding was when I was 13 I saw my first Arnold Schwarzenegger film. I think it was "Pumping Iron." I wanted to have muscles just like him; I wanted to be big and strong. I was amazed to see how a person could sculpt his body through weight training. It seems like a natural human instinct to admire muscles. Back when people were still running through the woods with cudgels, muscles must have been a sign for health, strength and good genetic stock. This instinct seems to be still alive. Today, I can see how children -- who seem to show their admiration more freely than adults -- react to my muscles. They see me as some kind of a hero. My little nephews, for example, are very impressed with me. They actually eat better because their parents tell them that they'll get big and strong like me if they eat their meals properly. One of them actually hit a double-biceps pose on the baby's changing table. It was the same sort of enthusiasm that inspired me to buy dumbbells and start training once I had seen Arnold in "Pumping Iron." I mostly trained my arms, since that was the most important muscle group to me. Sometimes I threw in a couple of push-ups, but that was the extent of my workout. I didn't know anything about training principles or nutrition. At 16, in 1986, I started to work as a mechanic below the surface. That same year, I began to train in a gym for the first time.

    Me, at age 6 The owner of the gym told me he thought I had good genetics. My weight was already 170 pounds, and I wasn't full grown yet. After two years of training I began preparing for my first competition. During most of my competition preparations as an amateur, I was totally over trained. It took me years to develop the self-confidence to be able to train less frequently with a clear conscience. Back then, one workout lasted three hours. I only had one day off each week. That was crazy! But I was young and ambitious, and I figured the harder I worked, the better I'd get. Like everything in life, it is not through extremes that we reach our goals; it is through optimum balance. The teaching of Yin and Yang is something I believe strongly in. I am not an expert in Asian philosophy, but as I understand it, Yin and Yang teaches that opposites must be in balance with one another. Just like in bodybuilding -- you need the perfect balance of training and rest.

    My First Competition was competing as a Junior. In the autumn of 1988 was my first competition. I was competing as a junior ( 16-21 years) in the heavyweight division. This one and the following five competitions were all triumphs. I won every single competition except of the international German Championship, where I placed second with the same score as the winner. In the spring of 1990 I won the junior German championship. In the autumn of the same year I achieved the Junior World Champion Title. A difficult venture laying in front of me was the change to the men heavyweight division. This change is a big step, because the level the men are competing at is much higher than that of the juniors. Some juniors take years until they reach the men's level, or they never reach it because they don't have enough potential left to improve their physique. Bodybuilding is one of the very few sports where you reach your potential usually around your mid thirties. I was working very hard to make a smooth switch to the men's heavyweight division. Indeed, I have to say I was very successful in achieving that. After two years without competing I won in 1992 at my first attempt the European Championship in the men heavyweight division. In this year the German Championship was held two month after the European Championship.

    Despite the fact that the European Title ranks higher than the German Title, I decided to continue my diet after the European Championship in order to win the title of my home country. This wasn't an easy decision to make -- if I failed to win the German Championship, my European Champion Title wouldn't be worth much of anything. My mentor and later training partner Walter Klock motivated me to stay on my diet for two more month. He said, "You have to be German Champion once in your life." In May of 1992 I won the German Championship.

    In the autumn of 1993, I prepared for the World Championships in Walter Klock's gym. I rented a small place close to the gym, and to make extra money, I worked at the counter in between training sessions. Walter trained with me, which I found astonishing, since he was already older than 64 at that time. To train with a champion with that much experience in contest preparation was a true privilege. In November 1993, I won the heavyweight division at the World Championships, which earned me the title "Mr. Universe." This competition was held in Seoul, South Korea, and it left me with many great memories. As I was handed the trophy as World Champion, I sank to my knees and said, "Thank you, God, thank you." With this trophy I earned my professional status. I also would like to add that I was drug-tested at all of my amateur shows.

    Thus began my life as a professional bodybuilder: no money, lots of work and bad placings! You start at the back of a long line of pro bodybuilders who are desperately trying to gain some recognition from the judges. I had to learn to lose, which is something I wasn't used to at all. There were no more trophies for me; they wouldn't come for quite some time. To get a pro card and to become a real pro are two different things.

    I had to think about my financial situation and my future. The truth is, even professionals who place well don't make enough profit to build up a future for themselves. Why is that? Well, bodybuilding is not as popular as many other sports. In my opinion, one reason is the pro bodybuilders themselves. They are often disrespectful to their fans, and many of the promoters and companies don't have a lot of nice things to say about most professionals, either. I started to understand that I had to be different in order to be successful in this sport.

    The Woman of My Life. I met her in 1994 as I prepared for the Mr. Olympia in Walter Klock's gym. I knew immediately that she was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. Today I have to say that she was the best thing that has ever happened to me. In front of me stood the most difficult times of my life, and I don't hesitate to say that I wouldn't be where I am today if she hadn't stood my side. My success was only possible because of her support and strength to pull through difficult times with me. She showed me that I don't have to be discouraged by bad placings, that I can be successful and do great things in bodybuilding without trophies. And she was right. There is much more to succeeding in the sport than simply winning shows.

    My first Mr. Olympia I prepared for my first Mr. Olympia in Giessen in a small hard-core gym owned by Walter Klock. Walter was determined to train with me for my up coming Pro debut. Albert Buseck (Sport Revue) supported me financially in this preparation. The competition it self was a big disappointment. I stood in the line up and was granted only one comparison. This was very frustrating for me considering all the hard work I had put in to this diet. But I gained a host of impressions at my first Mr. Olympia. It was the first time I stood on-stage with athletes that I admired not long ago only in magazines.

    Now I was one of them on the Olympia stage. There was something else that was impressed me quite a bit: Joe Weider. He was standing backstage and when one of the athletes needed more oil, he rolled up the sleeves of his suit and helped him to get ready for the stage. I thought, "This man devoted his life to bodybuilding and he has kept his enthusiasm all these years." Back in Germany I had to learn what it means to fall deep after skyrocketing success. People who always believed in me during the times of success in my amateur career lost their interest in me. Suddenly nobody believed in me anymore, except Carmen. One week after the Mr. Olympia was the German Grand Prix in Duisburg. I was able to place 8th. We Become U.S. Immigrants! In July 1996, Carmen and I flew to New Jersey, where we stayed for three months. We wanted to see if we could manage to live in the United States.

    Why New Jersey ? Well, we met someone at the Night of Champions who invited us to stay with him. That's a long story, but to make it short, we were conned out of pretty much all the money we had. Despite those difficult times, we decided to stay in the United States. We had to sleep on the floor for the first couple of months, and sometimes we didn't know how we would survive through the next month. But this experience made us stronger, and it proved to us how good and true our friendship and love for each other was and is. We had been through good times and bad times -- actually, more bad than good. So we decided to get married.

    In the beginning of September 1996, we went back to Germany to getmarried, after which we left Germany for good. We had to give up our lives and say good-bye to our friends and family. Carmen had only one more year remaining to get her master's degree in nutrition, but she decided to give it up for me. She said, "I think you have a great talent, and bodybuilding is your dream. Being a nutritionist is not my dream, so it doesn't bother me to give it up. Yes, I will have not finished my education, and that is risky, but driving a car is probably riskier than that."

    On September the 20th, 1996, Carmen and I were married. It was a beautiful wedding in a small castle in Buseck. Saying good-bye wasn't easy, and tears were running down some cheeks. We arrived back in New Jersey in October. In December 1996, I signed my first sponsor contract with Universal Nutrition. This contract wasn't particularly lucrative, but it helped me to pull through my first year in America. And I was very thankful for it.

    The first show I did in 1997 was the Ironman. It was the first time had I paid a trainer to prepare me for a competition. This individual had successfully prepared some amateurs, but they were only lightweights. The diet he put me basically starved me. By contest time, I was 40 pounds lighter than I had been in my previous competitions. Since that time, I haven't believed in using personal trainers. I think everybody is different, and you have to find out for yourself how your body reacts to different diets. The funny thing is, I placed the same as I always did, even though I looked flat and not as hard as I had been at my previous shows. Don't ask me why -- I don't know. In May 1997, I competed in the Night of Champions in New York City. I was surprised that I was able to regain my previous competition weight while managing to keep my definition. I finished ninth, as well as sixth at the Canada Pro Cup and ninth at the San Jose Pro Invitational. As I was standing in the lineup at the Night of Champions, Joe Weider came on stage to take a group photo with all the athletes. He came up to me and said, "You look really good. When your contract with Universal is over, come talk to me. "

    In July 1997, we decided to move to Los Angeles. It was Ed Connors of Gold's Gym Enterprises who advised us to do so. He told me that I had the looks of a movie star, and that I should continue my career in Los Angeles. That same day, two people asked me on the street and asked, "Are you a movie star? Don't I know you from somewhere?" Ed said: "Why don't you take that as a sign? If people on the street mistake you for a movie star, maybe you are meant to be one." Because I had nothing to lose, I took his advice and moved to Los Angeles.

    This move opened up a lot of opportunities for me. I began to go to auditions for TV commercials and films. Whenever I had the time, I took voice and acting lessons. I received a couple of offers, but nothing concrete. Hollywood is very capricious. Today they plan a project, and tomorrow they decide not to go through with it. I will definitely pursue this career opportunity further, but bodybuilding is still my priority. I love my sport, I am very good at it, and it pays my bills. The Weider Contract: In December 1997, I signed my contract with Weider. It turned out to be one of the best decisions I've made in my bodybuilding career.

    The support I've enjoyed from Joe Weider and his company and the publicity I've received from his magazines have helped my career tremendously. But I've also tried to do my job as well as possible. I've made sure to always stay in good shape, I've made my guest posings of the highest quality, and that I treat my fans as well as my business associates with the utmost respect. I've received a lot of positive responses from fans as well as promoters. They've told me that I've brought a fresh wind into bodybuilding. Today, I am very thankful that I am no longer financially dependent on the placings I receive. Sure, I want to win the Mr. Olympia one day, and I'm working very hard to achieve that goal. But it is and will always be a subjective sport, a matter of opinion, so I decided to give bodybuilding and my fans the best in the areas I could influence.

    Contests include the 1988 Newcomer Competition Jr. HW 1st & overall; 1990 Junior German Championships - overall; 1990 Junior World Championships - overall;1992 Men's German Championships - overall; 1992 Men's European Championships - overall; 1993 Men's World Championships - overall; 1994 Mr. Olympia 16th; 1994 Grand Prix Germany 8th; 1994 Grand Prix England 9th; 1995 Grand Prix Ukraine 10th; 1995 Canada Pro 2nd; 1996 Arnold Classic 11th; 1996 San Jose Pro 9th; 1996 Night of Champions 11th; 1997 Ironman Pro 11th (disqualified); 1997 San Jose Pro 11th; 1997 Canada Pro 6th; 1997 Night of Champions 9th; 1998 San Francisco Pro 9th; 1998 Toronto Pro 6th; 1998 Night of Champions 10th; 1998 Mr. Olympia 15th; 1998 Grand Prix Germany 6th; 1998 Grand Prix Finland 6th; 1999 Ironman 5th; 1999 Arnold 9th; 2000 Ironman Pro 4th; 2000 Arnold Classic 6th; 2000 Mr. Olympia 12th; 2001 Toronto Pro 6th; 2001 Night of Champions 9th; 2001 Mr. Olympia 15th; 2001 Grand Prix England 10th; 2002 Mr. Olympia 5th; 2002 Show of Strength 1st; 2003 Olympia 5th; 2003 Grand Prix Holland 4th; 2003 Grand Prix England 3rd; 2003 Show of Strength 5th;

  • Schmidt, Sonny
    Australian. Contests include the 1991 San Jose Pro 2nd; 1991 Niagara Falls Pro 2nd; 1991 Night of Champions 2nd; 1991 Danish Grand Prix 2nd; 1991 Italian Grand Prix 3rd; 1991 Spanish Grand Prix 3rd; 1991 English Grand Prix 5th; 1991 Swiss Grand Prix 5th; 1991 Finnish Grand Prix 6th; 1992 Pittsburgh Pro 2nd; 1993 Mr. Olympia 8th; 1994 Grand Prix Spain 7th; 1994 Grand Prix Germany 8th; 1994 Grand Prix England 11th; 1994 Grand Prix France 10th; 1994 Ironman Pro 6th; 1994 Arnold Classic 10th; 1994 Mr. Olympia 10th; 1994 Grand Prix Italy 8th; 1995 Mr. Olympia 13th; 1995 Masters Olympia 1st; 1995 Grand Prix England 7th; 1995 Grand Prix Ukraine 7th; 1995 Grand Prix France 7th; 1995 Grand Prix Germany 5th; 1995 Grand Prix Russia 7th; 1995 Grand Prix Spain 7th; 1996 Masters Olympia 2nd; 1997 Masters Olympia 2nd (40+); 1998 Arnold Masters 2nd; 1999 Masters Olympia 3rd;

  • Schosek, Al
    1965 Mr. Niagara District 1st;

  • Schubert, John
    1955 Mr. Northeast Ohio 1st;

  • Schwartzer, Jeff
    Contests include the 1999 NPC Nationals LH 6th; 2000 NPC Nationals HW 7th; 2001 NPC Nationals HW 15th;

  • Schwarzenegger, Arnold
    Born July 30, 1947 in the city of Thal, in the province of Styria, in Austria. Father's name is Gustav, who was the chief of poliice for the local area, who passed away in 1972. Mother's name is Aurelia, who died on August 2, 1998. Arnold had an older brother, Meinhard, born July 17, 1946, who died in a car crash in May 1971.

    Arnold is probably the most famous bodybuilder of all time, the man who brought bodybuilding into the national spotlight, and mass recognition. In January 1999, he was inducted into the Joe Weider's Bodybuilders Hall of Fame. Arnold also headed the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sport.

    Arnold served one year in the Austrian army as a tank driver. Married Maria Shriver on April 26, 1986. Has four children; a son named Patrick, and two daughters Katherine and Christina. Currently lives in Pacific Palisades, California. Co-owns a restaurant in Santa Monica callled 'Schatzi on Main'. His production offices, called Oak Productions, are located in the same building as his restaurant. Outside his office, Arnold has two statues, one of Eugene Sandow; the other the metallic skeleton of the Terminator. In his office, he has busts of John Wayne and John F. Kennedy. Jim Lorimer and Arnold are responsible for the Arnold Classic Pro Bodybuilding & Fitness shows, which has been held for the last 10 years in Columbus, Ohio, usually in March. In 1997, Arnold has heart surgery, repairing a heart valve.

    Contests include 1964 Jr. Mr. Austria 1st; 1964 Mr. Austria 3rd; 1965 Mr. Styria 1st; 1965 Jr. Mr. Europe 1st, 1966 Mr. Europe Amateur 1st, 1966 Best Built Man of Europe 1st, 1966 Mr. Universe Amateur Tall 2nd; 1967 NABBA Mr. Universe Amateur 1st, 1968 NABBA Mr. Universe Professional, 1968 IFBB Mr. Universe tall 1st, 2nd overall; 1968 IFBB Mr. International 1st; 1969 IFBB Mr. Universe Pro 1st; 1969 Mr. Olympia 2nd; 1969 NABBA Mr. Universe Pro 1st; 1969 Mr. Europe Professional 1st; 1970 NABBA Mr. Universe Professional 1st; 1970 AAU Mr. World Professional 1st; 1970 Mr. Olympia 1st; 1971 Mr. Olympia 1st; 1972 Mr. Olympia 1st; 1973 Mr. Olympia 1st , 1974 Mr. Olympia 1st , 1975 Mr. Olympia 1st , 1980 Mr. Olympia 1st .

    At the Arnold Classic 1997, he received the IFBB Gold Order Award, proclaiming him the greatest bodybuilder of the 20th century. Movies include Hercules in New York (1970); The Long Goodbye (1973), Stay Hungry (1976), Pumping Iron (1977), The Villain (1979), Scanvenger Hunt (1979), Conan the Barbarian (1982), Conan the Destroyet (1984), Terminator (1984), Red Sonja (1985), Commando (1985), Raw Deal (1986), Predator (1987), The Running Man (1987), Red Heat (1988), Twins (1988), Total Recall (1990), Kindergarton Cop (1990), Terminator II (1991), Last Action Hero (1993), Junior (1994), True Lies (1994), Eraser (1996), Jingle All The Way (1996), Batman & Robin (1997), End of Days (1999), True Lies II (2000), Terminator 3 (2000),

  • Schweyher, Ronny
    Born Jan 8, 1965. Contests include the 1987 NPC Collegiate National Overall; the 1988 NPC USA 2nd HW; 1988 NPC Nationals 3rd HW; 1995 NPC Lone Star Classic Overall.

  • Scott, Don
    1961 AAU Mr. Venice Beach 1st; 1961 AAU Mr. Southern California 1st; 1963 Mr. Arizona 1st; 1970 WBBG Pro Mr. America Over 40 1st;

  • Scott, Jeffrey
    1997 NPC USA MW 4th; 1998 NPC Nationals MW 12th;

  • Scott, Larry
    Born October 12, 1938 in Blackfoot, Idaho. Larry is a devouted Mormon, and currently lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. Raised in Pocatello, Idaho. Enrolled in California Air College, and studied electronics. First magazine photo's were in a magazine called 'Tommorow's Man'. Larry had a small part in the 1964 movie 'Muscle Beach Party'. On October 29, 1966, Larry married Rachel Ichikawa. Has five kids, four boys and 1 girl. (Derek, Michael, Nathan). Son Derek died in a motorcycle accident at age 23. Son Michael took his own life at age 19. Has published a book called 'Loaded Guns' in 1991.

    Lary Scott established and personified bodybuilding's beach Adonis image, and became the sport's Golden Boy after winning the IFBB Mr. America title in 1962. Larry won the first two Mr. Olympia contests, establishing his name in glory forever. Larry was inducted into the Joe Weider Bodybuilding Hall of Fame in January 1999.

    Contests include the 1959 Mr. Idaho 1st; 1960 Mr. Los Angeles 3rd; 1960 Mr. California 1st; 1961 Mr. Pacific Coast 1st; 1962 IFBB Mr. America 1st; 1963 IFBB Mr. Universe Medium 1st; 1964 IFBB Mr. Universe Medium 1st & Overall; 1965 Mr. Olympia 1st (he won a crown), 1966 Mr. Olympia 1st (he won $1,000); 1979 IFBB Diamon Cup 9th;

  • Sealy, Bernard
    1994 Masters Olympia 6th

  • Segers, Steven
    Nicknamed Siggi. Born June 27, 1972, in Turnhout, Belgium. Siggi is a gym owner and a personal trainer. Girlfriend is Carin. Contests includes 1991 Belgium New Faces 3rd; 1993 New Faces 1st; 1993 Belgium Junior FedCup 1st; 1993 GP of the Kempen 1st; 1995 Belgium Championships 3rd; 1997 Grand Prix Holland 1st; 1997 Ironman Holland 1st; 1999 Belgium Championships 1st; 1999 Grand Prix Belgium 2nd; 1999 Grand Prix Charleroi 3rd; 2000 Grand Prix Brussels 2nd; 2000 Grand Prix Lexumberg 1st; 2000 Grand Prix Charleroi 3rd; 2001 Grand Prix Belgium Int 2nd; 2001 Grand Prix FedCup 3rd; 2002 Grand Prix Supercup 1st; 2002 FedCup Doornik 4th;

  • Seipke, Vic
    Born April 23, 1932. Contests include the 1951 Mr. Michigan (Detroit) 1st; 1952 Mr. America 7th; 1954 Mr. Mid America 1st; 1955 Mr. Jr. America 1st; 1955 Mr. America 3rd; 1962 Mr.America 5th; 1976 Mr. America 40+ 1st; 1977 Master Mr. Universe 2nd;

  • Sepe, Frank
    Height 6'2". Has been on over 20 bodybuilding magazine covers, and on several television shows, including ESPN's American Muscle Magazine, Hard Copy, Late Show with David Letterman. Father: Thomas Sepe, narcotics officer for NYPD. Grew up in Rosedale, Queens, New York; went to high school in Springfield Gardens in Queens. Ex-fiancee is Glenann Radzai; wife is Lisa Grunewald (2001). Has a dog named Kasper. Currently has a contract with Met-Rx (1999). Contests include the 1995 New York Metro 1st HW & Overall; 1996 North American HW 5th;

  • Seno, Bill
    1963 Mr. Illinois 1st; 1963 Mr. Chicago Park 1st; 1963 Jr. Mr. America most muscular 1st;

  • Serrano, Ben
    1963 Mr. Keystone 1st;

  • Serrano, Eusebio
    From Spain. 1997 Grand Prix Spain 11th;

  • Shamaya, Max
    Israel. 1997 Ironman Pro disqualified; 1998 San Francisco Pro 19th;

  • Shambourger, Yohnnie
    Born September 9, 1953 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and lived there until he has 18. Height 5'7" Has a brother who is eight years older. Once had a nickname called 'Little Scoot'. Yohnnie was a competitive swimmer in junior and high school. Yohnnie also ran track. Yohnnie recieved a swim scholarship to Howard University, but first went to Cheyney State College, then transferred there. Yohnnie received a Master's Degree in Education. After he graduated, he went back to Howard University, and became the head swim coach for 11 years. Yohnnie also received a degree in Computer Science, and became a computer programmer at Howard University. Yohnnie was a triathlete from 1985 to 1989. In 1988, Yohnnie became interested in bodybuilding. Currently Yohnnie works as a database administrator at Fannie Mae. He also co-hosts a cable television show called 'Sports Talk with Glen Harris.' Yohhine is married to Starla, and has two children Semya and Yohnei.

    Contests include the 1990 NPC Junior USA MW 8th; 1990 NPC USA MD 2nd; 1991 NPC Nationals MW 6th; 1995 Pan An Bodybuilding Games Gold; 1995 Team Universe MW 1st; 1995 World Amateur MW 1st; 1996 Masters Olympia 3rd; 1997 Masters Olympia 5th (40+); 1998 Arnold Masters 4th; 1999 Ironman 18th; 1999 Masters Olympia 5th; 2001 Ironman Pro 17th; 2002 Southwest Pro 16th;

  • Shannon, Eric
    Contests include the 2000 NPC USA HW 5th; 2000 NPC Nationals HW 8th; 2001 NPC USA HW 7th; 2001 IFBB North American HW 7th;

  • Sheard, Colin
    1951 Mr. Britain.

  • Shelestov, Sergey
    From Russia. Grand Prix Russia 10th;

  • Shelmerdine, Gary
    1991 English Grand Prix 11th

  • Sheridan, Mike
    From England. Contests include the 1999 NABBA Universe Medium 3rd; 2001 Grand Prix Hungary 15th; 2001 Toronto Pro 14th; 2002 Grand Prix England 11th; 2002 Grand Prix Holland 9th; 2003 Night of Champions 25th; 2003 Grand Prix Holland 13th; 2003 Grand Prix England 11th;

  • Sherman, John
    Contests include the 1988 NPC Collegiate Nationals 1st; 1988 NPC USA MW 3rd; 1989 NPC USA MW 1st; 1990 NPC Nationals LHW 4th; 1991 NPC Nationals LHW 5th; 1992 NPC USA LHW 1st; 1992 NPC Nationals LHW 1st & Overall; 1993 Pitssburgh Pro 8th; 1993 Chicago Pro 2nd; 1993 Night of Champions 3rd; 1993 Mr. Olympia 18th; 1993 Grand Prix England 12th; 1993 Grand Prix Finaldn 9th; 1993 Grand Prix France 15th; 1993 Grand Prix Germany 12th; 1994 Chicago Pro 2nd; 1994 Niagara Fall Pro 2nd; 1994 Night of Champions 3rd; 1994 Mr. Olympia 16th; 1995 Houston Pro 4th; 2000 Toronto Pro 15th; 2000 Night of Champions 18th; 2001 Ironman Pro 9th; 2001 San Francisco Pro 7th; 2002 Southwest Pro Withdrew;

  • Shilko, Nicholas
    From Australia. Contests include the 2001 Grand Prix New Zealand 7th; 2002 Southwest Pro 16th;

  • Shoemaker, Scott
    1998 NPC Nationals LH 13th;

  • Shuey, Gene
    1955 Mr. Dallas 1st;

  • Shusterich, Ludwig
    1951 Mr. North America

  • Sinclair, Nicholas
    From England. Contests include the 2001 Masters Olympia 16th;

  • Siembida, John
    1989 North American Light HW 1st; 1997 Canada Pro 19th;

  • Sigmarsson, Jon Pall
    Born April 24, 1960. Was 4 Time World's Strongest Man winner and 4 time Power Champion wiiner. Died in 1993.

  • Simmons, John
    Born and raised in Georgia. Has an older brother Ron, who is a 3 time All American college football star, and was nominated for the Heisman Trophy. Ron is also a WCW World HW Champion, and is under contract with the WWF as bad guy character Farouk Asaad. John works for the Detriot Narcotics Division.

    Contests include the 1991 NPC Great Lakes 1st; 1991 NPC Junior USA 1st; 1993 NPC USA 1st light HW; 1996 North American HW 1st & Overall; 1997 Canada Pro 9th; 1997 Night of Champions disq; 1998 San Francisco Pro 19th; 1998 Toronto Pro 18th;

  • Simpson, Gary
    1965 Mr. Piedmost 1st;

  • Siverd, Mark
    1997 NPC USA LW 8th;

  • Smith, Dan
    1997 Canada Pro 19th; 1997 Night of Champions 16th; 1998 Night of Champions 18th;

  • Smith, Daniel
    1989 Arnold Classic 15th

  • Smith, Dave
    From New Zealand. Contests include the 1998 Grand Prix Germany 14th; 1998 Grand Prix Finland 13th;

  • Smith, Donald Burt
    From Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Contests include the 1987 Mr. America;

  • Smith, Harry
    1952 Mr. America 8th;

  • Smith, Jack
    Contests include the 1995 NPC Junior Nationals LW 4th; 1995 NPC Nationals LW 2nd; 1995 NPC Nationals LW 1st; 1997 Canada Pro 19th; 1998 Toronto Pro 18th; 2000 Night of Champions 18th;

  • Smith, Jim
    Contests include the 1948 Mr. Pacific Coast 2nd;

  • Smith, Van Walcott
    American. 1993 San Jose Pro 9th

  • Snowhill, Viggo
    1993 Niagara Falls Pro 11th

  • Snyder, Andrew
    Contests include the 2000 NPC Junior Nationals HW 3rd; 2001 NPC Nationals SHW 14th;

  • Snyder, Earl
    1998 NPC Nationals BW 1st;

  • Soika, Zvi
    From Israel. Contests include the 1999 Ironman 20th; 1999 Night of Champions 19th;

  • Solimon, Rudy
    From Canada. Contests include the 1999 Toronto Pro 18th; 2000 Toronto Pro 16th; 2001 Ironman Pro 13th; 2001 Toronto Pro 18th; 2001 Night of Champions 18th; 2003 Night of Champions 25th;

  • Solomon, Sylvester
    Born and raised in Tallahassee, Florida. Has lived in Naples, Florida for the past decade. Height 5'6". Operates a personal training business called 'Fit for Life'. Contests include the 1981 Teenage Tallahassee 1st; 1985 NPC Southern USA MW 1st; 1986 NPC Nationals MW 8th; 1987 NPC Nationals MW 8th; 1995 NPC Florida LH 1st & Overall; 1996 NPC USA LH 1st; 1996 NPC Nationals LH 5th; 1997 NPC Nationals LH 1st; 1998 Night of Champions 16th; 1999 Ironman 20th; 2000 Ironman Pro 20th; 2000 Night of Champions 18th;

  • Somengi, Renato
    From Sweden. Contests include the 2000 Masters Olympia 12th; 2001 Masters Olympia 12th;

  • Sorge, Robert H.
    1959 Mr. North America 1st;

  • Spinello, Joe
    Canadian. Born April 24, 1967. Contests include the 1995 Canada Pro 15th; 1993 Niagara Falls Pro 10th; 1997 Ironman Pro 16th; 1997 Canada Pro 14th;

  • St. Cloud, Rodney
    Contests include the 1993 NPC Teen Nationals MW 3rd; 1996 NPC Atlantic States LHW 3rd; 1996 Junior Nationals LHW 6th; 1997 NPC Atlantic States LHW 1st; 1997 NPC USA LHW 14th; 1998 Atlantic States HW 1st; 1998 NPC Junior Nationals HW 1st; 1998 NPC Nationals HW 5th; 1999 NPC USA LHW 1st; 1999 NPC Nationals LHW 1st; 2000 Toronto Pro 14th; 2000 Night of Champions 18th; 2001 Ironman Pro 10th; 2001 Toronto Pro 15th; 2001 Night of Champions 18th; 2003 Grand Prix Hungary 2nd; 2003 Night of Champions 10th; 2003 Olympia 12th; 2003 Grand Prix Russia 5th; 2003 Grand Prix Holland 9th; 2003 Grand Prix England 9th; 2003 Show of Strength 12;

  • Stach, Peter
    1977 IFBB European Championships MW 1st;

  • Stafford, Darryl
    1998 Ironman Pro 7th; 1998 San Francisco Pro 17th; 1998 Night of Champions 18th;

  • Stalling, Willie
    American. Born Jan 17, 1964. Originally from Fort Wayne, Indiana. Married to Nora; has a daughter name Katrina. Contests include the 1992 Eastern Seaboard 1st; 1995 Eastern Grand Prix HW 1st & overall; 1995 NPC Junior Nationals LH 1st & overall; 1996 NPC Nationals LH 1st & overall; 1997 Canada Pro 7th; 1997 Night of Champions 12th; 1999 Ironman 10th; 2002 Southwest Pro 5th; 2002 Night of Champions 11th;

  • Steenbeck, Appie
    From Holland. Contests include the 1983 IFBB European LW 1st; 1983 IFBB World Amateur LW 1st;

  • Steer, Noah
    Contests include the 2001 NPC Nationas SHW 5th;

  • Stelzen, Carl
    Contests include the 1953 Mr. New Jersey 1st;

  • Stephan, Alan
    Contests include the 1948 Mr. USA Pro 3rd; 1949 IFBB Mr. North America 2nd;

  • Stern, Leo
    Born February 8, 1921 in Gardner, Kansas. Father's name was William Stern (who died being gored by a steer when Leo was 1 1/2). Leo has one older brother and two older sisters. The family settled down in California in 1933. Leo wrestled in high school. Leo's life changed in 1940 when John Grimek came to a YMCA for an exhibition of lifting, hand balancing and posing. From that point one, Leo wanted to be a bodybuilder. In 1942, Leo signed for the Army Air Corps (Air Force), and became the physical training instructor at the Aerial Gunnery School on a base outside of Las Vegas. Leo became training partners with Clarence Ross, whom he met at the base. After World War II, many of the people who trainer settled in Los Angeles, including Joe Gold. Met his wife Bettye in 1950 when he went into the office supply store to buy some items. Married Bettye later on that year (1950). Leo and Bettye had four sons, but lost one to cancer. First son Michael was born in 1952. Leo was on the 1948 Olympic weightlifting team. Contests include the 1941 Mr. San Diego 1st; 1946 Mr. California Medium 1st & Overall; 1946 Pro Mr. America 4th; 1949 Mr. America 1st;

  • Stewart, Johnny
    Born 11/161. 1996 NPC Team Universe 1st MW & Overall; 1997 NPC USA MW 1st; 1998 NPC Nationals MW 4th;

  • Steward, Roger
    1998 NPC Nationals MW 7th;

  • Stewart, Zeb
    1998 NPC Teen LW 1st; 1999 NPC Teen MW 1st & Overall;

  • Stojmenovski, Cvetko
    From Macedonia. Contests include the 1999 Pro World 13th; 2001 European Pro 18th;

  • Stonewall, Rock
    1966 IFBB Mr. America Short 1st; 1967 IFBB Mr. America Short 1st; 1968 IFBB Mr. America Short 1st;

  • Strydom, Gary
    1987 Night of Champions 1st; 1988 Mr. Olympia 5th; 1989 Arnold Classic 3rd; 1990 Ironman Pro 4th; 1996 Night of Champions 12th

  • Sturt, Bill
    1955 Mr. Ohio 1st;

  • Swenson, Jeep
    Robert Alexander Swenson Jr., born 1/5/57, played Bane in the movie Batman & Robin. He was 6'4", close to 400 pounds. Got his nickname from his father, who was a military man and whose nickname was 'Tank'. He figured that every tank needed a jeep, and thus, Robert Jr. got his nickname at an early age. He died when he was 40 years old on 8/19/97. He was married to Erin, and had a daughter named Kayleigh.

  • Szkalak, Kal
    1976 Mr. America 1st; 1977 IFBB Mr. USA HW 1st; 1977 IFBB Mr. Universe HW 1st; 1978 Mr. Olympia 5th;

  • Suemitsu, Ken-Ichi
    1972 IFBB Mr. Universe 1st Short;

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  • Tanny, Armand
    Contests include the 1949 IFBB Mr. North America 4th; 1949 Pro Mr. USA 5th;

  • Tate, Ossie
    1965 Mr. Jr. Nortern California 1st;

  • Taylor, Ernie Wayne
    Born May 8, 1970 in Birmingham, England. Height 5'8". He is married to Nikki Hemmings, and has a daughter named Jessica. Ernie underwent rotator cuff surgery on both his shoulders in January 2000. He plans to compete again at the 2001 Arnold Classic.

    Contests include the 1993 NABBA Britain 2nd; 1995 EFBB British HW 1st; 1997 Night of Champions 3rd; 1998 Night of Champions 5th; 1998 Mr. Olympia 8th; 1999 Night of Champions 6th; 1999 Mr. Olympia 13th; 2001 Night of Champions 7th; 2001 Grand Prix England 5th; 2002 Ironman Pro 3rd; 2002 Arnold Classic 8th; 2002 San Francisco Pro 7th; 2002 Mr. Olympia 14th; 2002 Grand Prix England 4th; 2003 Oylmpia 10th; 2003 Grand Prix Holland 2nd; 2003 Grand Prix England 2nd;

  • Taylor, Quincy
    Contests include the 1999 IFBB North American Championships HW 3rd; 2000 NPC USA SHW 8th; 2000 NPC Nationals SHW 4th; 2001 NPC USA SHW 1st & Overall; 2002 Ironman Pro 5th; 2002 Arnold Classic 9th; 2002 San Francisco Pro 5th; 2002 Grand Prix Australia 8th; 2003 Ironman Pro 6th; 2003 Arnold Classic 9th; 2003 San Francisco Pro 7th;

  • Taylor, Vince Anthony
    American. Born August 25, 1956. Married to Veranda (Randy). Has two sons, Isaiah Bradley & Vince Jr, and a daughter Charnelle. Currently lives in Florida.

    Contests include the 1983 Mr. Berlin 1st HW; 1987 NPC Nationals LH 4th; 1988 NPC Nationals 1st LH & Overall; 1989 Night of Champions 1st; 1991 Ironman Pro 5th; 1991 Pittsburgh Pro 1st; 1991 Danish Grand Prix 1st; 1991 Italian Grand Prix 1st; 1991 Spanish Grand Prix 1st; 1991 English Grand Prix 2nd; 1991 Swiss Grand Prix 1st; 1991 Finnish Grand Prix 1st; 1992 Ironman Pro 1st; 1992 Pittsburgh Pro 1st; 1992 Arnold Classic 1st; 1993 Ironman Pro 3rd; 1993 San Jose Pro 1st; 1993 French Pro 2nd; 1993 German Pro 2nd; 1994 Ironman Pro 1st; 1994 Arnold Classic 2nd; 1995 Houston Pro 2nd; 1995 Night of Champions 2nd; 1995 Niagara Falls Pro 1st; 1995 Grand Prix Spain 2nd; 1995 Grand Prix Russia 2nd; 1995 Grand Prix Germany 2nd; 1995 Grand Prix Ukraine 1st; 1995 Grand Prix France 1st; 1995 Grand Prix England 1st; 1995 Mr. Olympia 5th; 1996 Arnold Classic 4th; 1996 San Jose Pro 3rd; 1996 Masters Olympia 1st; 1997 Arnold Classic 5th; 1997 Masters Olympia 1st (40+) & overall; 1997 Grand Prix Hungary 9th; 1997 Grand Prix Spain 8th; 1997 Grand Prix Germany 9th; 1997 Grand Prix England 7th; 1997 Grand Prix Czech 7th; 1997 Grand Prix Finland 6th; 1997 Grand Prix Russia 6th; 1998 Arnold Classic 3rd; 1998 Arnold Masters 1st; 1999 Arnold Classic 6th; 1999 Masters Olympia 1st; 2000 Masters Olympia 1st; 2001 Masters Olympia 1st; 2001 Mr. Olympia 13th; 2002 Masters Olympia 2nd;

  • Taylor, Terry
    1998 NPC Nationals LW 14th;

  • Terilli, John
    Contests include the 1983 Grand Prix Caesars 2nd; 1989 Arnold Classic 13th; 1992 Ironman Pro 13th

  • Terrell, Darrell
    Contests include the 1995 NPC USA LH 12th; 1996 NPC Nationals HW 5th; 1998 NPC USA HW 7th; 1999 NPC USA HW 12th; 2001 NPC USA HW 9th; 2001 NPC Nationals HW 3rd;

  • Terwilliger, Tom
    American. 1991 Niagara Falls Pro 3rd; 1991 Danish Grand Prix 11th; 1991 Italian Grand Prix 10th; 1991 Spanish Grand Prix 10th; 1991 English Grand Prix 12th; 1991 Swiss Grand Prix 9th; 1991 Finnish Grand Prix 12th;

  • Teufel, Ron
    On December 22nd, 2002 Roland S. (Ron) Teufel died at the age of 45. A former Teenage Mr. America and Mr. USA titleholder, Ron was known for having one of the most massively dense physiques of the late 70's-early 80's. Contests include the 1976 Mr. Eastern Seaboard 1st;

  • Thamasian, Henrik
    1997 NPC USA LH 5th;

  • Thomas, Grant
    From England. Contests include the 1999 Night of Champions 19th;

  • Thomas, Paul
    From England. Contests include the 1990 NABBA Univer Short 6th; 1994 NABBA Universe Short 2nd; 1996 IFBB European Amateur MW 5th; 1999 IFBB World Amateur MW 10th; 2002 Grand Prix England 19th;

  • Thompson, Giovanny
    From Holland. Contests include the 2002 Grand Prix England 17th; 2002 Grand Prix Holland 13th;

  • Thompson, Noel
    1997 NPC USA LW 5th; 1998 NPC Nationals LW 7th;

  • Thompson, Ron
    1972 Jr. Mr. USA 1st; 1972 Mr. World 1st; 1974 AAU Mr. America 1st;

  • T'hooft, Pascal
    From France. Contests include the 1997 Grand Prix Germany 12th; 1997 Grand Prix Finland 11th; 1998 Night of Champions 18th;

  • Thorne, Henderson
    Canadian. Born 3/21/61. Contests include the 1991 Niagara Falls Pro 5th; 1992 Niagara Falls Pro 2nd; 1992 Chicago Pro 4th; 1993 Night of Champions 6th; 1993 Niagara Falls Pro 7th; 1994 Ironman Pro 8th; 1995 Houston Pro 8th; 1995 Arnold Classic 10th; 1995 San Jose Pro 6th; 1995 Montreal Pro 10th; 1995 Niagara Falls Pro 8th; 1996 Ironman Pro 9th; 1996 Canada Pro Classic 10th; 1997 Ironman Pro 8th; 1997 Canada Pro 5th; 1997 Night of Champions 8th; 1998 Toronto Pro 10th; 1999 Toronto Pro 6th; 2000 Toronto Pro 13th; 2002 Southwest Pro 12th;

  • Thorvildsen, Kai
    Brother of Tommi Thorvildsen. Contests include the 1997 Norwegian Junior Championships 1st;

  • Thorvildsen, Tommi
    From Norway. Born May 30, 1974 in Tvedestrand, a small town in southern Norway. Nicknamed 'The Hammer'. Also nicknamed 'Glutezilla'. Height 5'10". Tommy has three brothers, Jan, Kai and Geir. Father worked in municipal affairs; mother worked withthe elderly in a hospital. Tommi enjoyed sports, especially skiing, ski jumping, skateboarding and soccer. Tommi went to college for three years, and he also was in the Norwegian army for a year. Tommi worked as a security guard as one of his jobs. Tommi can do a backwards somersalt in his posing routine. Tommi currently lives in Turnout, Belgium, since 2000, where he trains with Steven 'Siggi' Segers, who owns the gym where he trains.

    Contests include the 1997 Norway National 1st; 1998 Norway National 1st; 1999 Belguim Grand Prix 1st; 2000 Toronto Pro 16th; 2001 Toronto Pro 4th; 2001 Night of Champions 6th; 2001 Grand Prix England 7th; 2001 Grand Prix New Zealand 4th; 2001 Toronto Pro 4th; 2001 Night of Champions 6th; 2002 Ironman Pro 6th; 2002 Arnold Classic 11th; 2002 San Francisco Pro 6th; 2002 Grand Prix Austria 3rd; 2002 Mr. Olympia 22nd; 2002 Grand Prix England 6th; 2002 Grand Prix Holland 8th; 2003 Ironman Pro 13th; 2003 Arnold Classic 12th; 2003 San Francisco 12th; 2003 Grand Prix Australia 5th; 2003 Night of Champions 19th; 2003 Grand Prix Hungary 13th;

  • Tinerino, Dennis
    American. Contests include the 1965 Mr. East coast 1st; 1965 Teen Mr. America 1st; 1965 Jr. Mr. USA 1st; 1965 Mr. North America 1st; 1972 NABBA Pro Mr. Universe 1st Over 5'9"; 1981 Mr. Olympia 7th.

  • Titus, Craig
    Born January 14, 1967 in Wyandotte, Michigan. Height 5'9". Craig was charged was a conspiracy charge in 1995, in which he introduced two parties that eventually led him to be charged with conspiracy to distribute 'X' or X-stacy (a popular recrational drug). He was not charged with steroid possesion. Since he did not provide the law officers with the people who were involved in actually distributing 'X', he was sentenced for 16 months 'house arrest' with an anklet to track his whereabouts. On July 25, 1997, Titus was sentenced to 21 months in jail for using steroids, which was a probation violation. He is appealing the decision, claing the drugs were lingering in his body's system, and he was not using them. Craig is called 'The Bull' in prison. In another controversial event, during the 1995 NPC USA contest, Craig walked off the stage after learning in disbelief that he was second, and not first, not taking his loss well at all. He was suspended from the NPC for a year.

    Craig grew up in Detroit, the eldest child of three. He has a sister and brother. Craig's father is named Michael; his mother, Sandy. Craig also has a daughter named Ashley Marie, and had a son, named Aaron, who passed away from crib death in 1989 at the age of nine months. He wears a gold necklace with a trinkey on it (the Egyptian God of Power) to remember his son. In June 2000, Craig Titus married Kelly Ryan

    Contests include the 1988 Houston Bodybuilding HW 1st & Overall; 1989 Houston Bodybuilding HW 1st & Overall; 1990 Western US Cup HW 1st & Overall; 1990 NPC Tournament of Champions HW 3rd; 1991 NPC Ironman HW 1st & Overall; 1993 NPC USA HW 4th; 1994 NPC USA HW 2nd; 1994 NPC Nationals HW 2nd; 1995 NPC USA HW 2nd; 1996 NPC USA HW 1st & overall; 2000 Ironman Pro 8th; 2000 Arnold Classic 10th; 2000 Toronto Pro 5th; 2000 Night of Champion 11th; 2001 Ironman Pro 5th; 2001 San Francisco Pro 2nd; 2001 Arnold Classic 6th; 2001 Mr. Olympia 12th; 2001 Grand Prix England 9th; 2002 Southwest Pro 7th; 2002 Night of Champions 5th; 2002 Mr. Olympia 11th; 2002 Show of Strength 7th; 2003 Night of Champions 3rd;

  • Tong, Joe
    1997 NPC USA LH 13th;

  • Torres, Clifton
    Contests include the 1997 NPC USA BW 5th; 1998 NPC Nationals BW 9th; 2003 Night of Champions 25th;

  • Torvinen, Len
    A wheelchair champion, now a bodybuilding trainer and coach in Oregon. Contests include the 1996 NPC National Wheelchair 4th - Masters HW, 1996 ABA Nationals 2nd, 1996 ABA World 5th, 1996 ABA USA 1st, 1996 ABA Western USA1st; 1996 ABA Forever Natural International 1st; 1996 ABA Mr California 1st;

  • Touchstone, Tom
    1985 NPC California LH 1st & overall

  • Triantafilidis, Angelo
    Contests include the 1998 NPC Nationals HW 10th;

  • Trubilla, Marty
    Contests include the 2000 NPC Nationals SHW 16th;

  • Tuor, Patrick
    From Switzerland. Contests include the WABBA 1999 World Championships Extra-Tall 1st; 2000 World Pro Championships 12th; 2001 European Pro 18th; 2002 Grand Prix Holland 14th; 2003 Grand Prix Holland 18th;

  • Turgeon, Arthur
    1960 Jr. Mr. Middle Atlantic 1st;

  • Turmon, George
    Contests include the 1988 NPC Nationals HW 8th; 1990 NPC Nationals HW 8th; 1991 NPC Junior USA HW 1st; 1996 NPC Nationals HW 7th; 1997 NPC Nationals HW 11th; 1998 NPC Nationals HW 12th; 2000 NPC Masters Nationals HW 10th; 2001 NPC Nationals HW 11th;

  • Turner III, Ivory Papoose
    American. He is half black, half Indian. Contests include the 1991 NPC Maryland State LW 1st; 1991 Musclemania LW 1st; 1993 NPC Junior Nationals LW 2nd; 1993 NPC Nationals LW 2nd; 1994 NPC Nationals LW 5th; 1995 NPC Nationals LW 1st; 1997 Canada Pro 19th; 1997 Night of Champions 16th; 1998 Night of Champions 18th; 1999 Night of Champions 19th; 2002 Ironman Pro 17th;

  • Tzinidis, Emmanuel
    From Greece. Contests include the 2002 Grand Prix England 18th;

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  • Ukpong, Innocent
    From Nigeria. 1998 Night of Champions 18th;

  • Vail, Ed
    1953 Jr. Mr. Northern California 1st; 1999 Night of Champions 19th;

  • Valentine, John
    1953 Mr. St. Nick 1st;

  • Van Amsterdam, Eduard
    From Holland. Contest include the 1991 NBBF Grand Prix Holland Junior 1st; 1996 NBBF Holland Nationals HW 2nd; 1997 Holland Nationals HW 1st; 1997 European Amateur HW 4th; 1998 NABBA World Tall 2nd; 1999 Night of Champions 19th; 2000 Ironman Pro 20th; 2000 Night of Champions 18th; 2001 European Pro 14th; 2001 Toronto Pro 18th; 2001 Night of Champions 18th; 2002 Grand Prix Holland 7th; 2003 Grand Prix Holland 10th; 2003 Grand Prix England 10th;

  • Van Beeck, Nick
    From South Africa. Contests include the 1996 San Jose Pro 11th; 1996 Canada Pro 20th; 1996 Florida Cup Pro 19th; 1998 San Francisco Pro 19th;

  • Vandensteen, Pierre
    1974 IFBB Mr. Universe Short 1st;

  • Varga, Tom
    American. 1994 Ironman Pro 9th; 1995 Ironman Pro 11th; 1995 South Beach Pro 10th

  • Vasilieff, Val
    1961 Mr. New Jersey 1st;

  • Vejic, Zoran
    From Yoguslavia. Contests include the 2001 European Pro 18th;

  • Vigliatura, Thomas
    Contests include the 1999 NPC Junior USA HW 2nd; 2001 IFBB North American SHW 7th; 2001 NPC Nationals SHW 11th;

  • Vinette, Larry
    Born March 2, 1971 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Height 5'7". Currently lives in Brossard, Quebec. Contests include the 1994 Vallee du Richelie 1st; 1996 Montreal Championships LHW 2nd; 1997 Quebec Provincial LHW 2nd; 1998 World Championships LHW 1st;

  • Vishnevsky, Alexander
    Contess include the 2003 Night of Champions 22nd; 2003 Grand Prix Hungary 11th;

  • Visocky, Aivars
    Born in Riga, Latvia on September 1957, in a blue-collar family. Actively involved in sports since primary school; played in the schools team. Educated as an auto mechanic at Riga Technical School Nr. 2. Finished in 1976. Took up boxing while serving in the Soviet Army in Kaliningrad from 1977 until 1978.

    In 1978 won third place in the Baltic Military District Boxing Championship, earning the nickname 'Reaktors'. After finishing obligatory military service, returned to Riga and worked as an auto mechanic while remaining actively involved in sports. In 1982 became aware of the sport of bodybuilding which at the time was little hard of and even prohibited in the Soviet Union. Together with like minded friends, Aivars began training intensively learning increasingly more about the sport from the experience of the best local bodybuilders who practiced the sport 'underground' during the 1960s. The training paid off. Already two years later earned third place in the Riga Bodybuilding Championship, and four years later became the All Latvia champion. Aivars continued to train relentlessly, resulting in the following achievements:

    11 times earned the title Latvian Bodybuilding Champion, 1997 Mister Universe finalist, 1998 Europe Bodybuilding Champion, 1999 IFBB World Championship 5th place, 2000 Master Olympia 2000 7th place, 2000 British Grand prix 2000 14th; 2000 Masters Olympia 7th; 2001 Masters Olympia 10th; 2001 Grand Prix England 17th;

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  • Wakefield, Bob
    1955 Mr. Massachusetts 1st;

  • Walker, Jim
    1987 NPC Jr. USA 1st LW;

  • Walker, Robert
    1955 Jr. Mr. Los Angeles 1st;

  • Walker, Roger
    Australian. 1972 Mr. Britain 3rd; 1976 IFBB Mr. Universe Tall Class 1st; 1981 Mr. Olympia 10th

  • Waller, Ken
    American. Contests include the 1965 Mr. Kentucky 1st; 1972 IFBB Mr. International 1st tall and overall; 1981 Mr. Olympia 16th

  • Ward-El, Idrise
    Contests include the 1998 NPC Nationals SHW 4th; 1999 NPC Nationals SHW 6th; 2000 NPC USA SHW 13th; 2001 NPC USA SHW 4th; 2001 IFBB North American SHW 2nd; 2003 Night of Champions 17th;

  • Ward, Marvin
    Born November 20, 1971 in Trenton, New Jersey. Height 5'2". Raised by his grandmother; mother Annie was extremely busy going to school to get a nurse's license, and working full time. Moved to Georgia for four years during his teenager years. Sports played include football, soccer and wrestling. Brothers name is Bernard; daughters name is Shasha. Works as an Enviromental Health Technician.

    Contests include the 1990 Mr. Teenage Mr. Tenton 1st; 1998 ANBC Gene Johnson Classic MW 1st; 1998 NPC Nationals BW 3rd; 1999 NPC Nationals BW 1st; 1999 NPC Team Universe Championships BW 1st; 1999 NPC Tournament of Champions East Coast BW 1st; 1999 IFBB World Amateur Championships BW 3rd; 2000 NPC Team Universe BW 1st & Overall;; 2000 IFBB World Amateur Championships BW 4th; 2001 Team Universe Championships BW 1st; 2001 IFBB World Games BW 3rd;

  • Warren, Branch
    Contests include the 1992 AAU Teen Mr. America Overall; 1993 NPC Teen Nationals LH 1st & Overall; 1999 NPC Junior Nationals HW 4th; 2000 NPC USA HW 3rd; 2001 NPC Nationals HW 1st;

  • Washington, Doyle
    1987 NPC Jr. USA 1st LH;

  • Washington, Robert
    Fron San Antonio, Texas. Height 5'10". Contests include the 1995 NPC Team Universe 2nd HW; 1996 NPC Team Universe 1st HW; 1997 NPC Team Universe 1st HW & Overall; 2001 Night of Champions 17th;

  • Wasky, Melvin
    1960 Mr. Maryland 1st;

  • Watson, David
    Contests include the 1999 NPC Nationals HW 12th; 2000 NPC Nationals HW 5th; 2001 NPC Nationals HW 5th;

  • Watson, Randy
    Contests include the 1963 AAU Jr. Mr. America 1st; 1963 AAU Mr. America 7th; 1964 AAU Mr. USA 2nd; 1964 AAU Mr. America 3rd; 1965 AAU Mr. America 3rd; 1966 AAU Mr. America 4th;

  • Weatherall, Bob
    Canadian. Contests include the 1995 Niagara Falls Pro 16th; 1997 Canada Pro 18th; 1998 San Francisco Pro 19th; 1998 Toronto Pro 16th; 2000 Ironman Pro 20th; 2000 Toronto Pro 16th; 2002 Southwest Pro 11th; 2002 Toronto Pro 5th;

  • Weaver, Vern
    1963 AAU Mr. America 1st;

  • Weider, Joe
    1951 Nabba Universe 5th tall;

  • Weill, Emmanuel
    French. 1995 Grand Prix France 10th; 1996 Canada Pro Classic 18th; 1996 Florida Cup Pro 17th

  • Wellings, Ricky
    From England. Contests include the 2002 Grand Prix England 15th;

  • Wells, Melvin
    Contests include the 1949 Mr. America 2nd;

  • Wentz, Douglas
    Contests include the 1998 NPC Nationals HW 6th;

  • Wesneski, Al
    Contests include the 1953 Jr. Mr. Cleveland 1st;

  • Wheeler, Ken 'Flex'
    Born Kenneth Martin Wheeler on August 23, 1965 in Fresno, California. Raised by his grandmother in Fresno. Nicknamed 'The Sultan of Symmetry'. Height 5'9". Ken has two children from previous relationships (daughter Brandy and and son Kennen), and two from his current marriage (son Darius '9/23/98' and daughter Nia Elizabeth 'born 2/9/2000'). Ken married Madeline Love on 6/28/97. Flex is also a karate expert who has been doing that for over 20 years. During the 1999 Mr. Olympia, Flex caused quite a comotion when he turned his back on stage after being announced #2, and then pushed his finger into the air proclaiming #1 as if in claiming the judges made a mistake.

    Contests include the 1993 Ironman Pro 1st; 1993 Arnold Classic 1st; 1993 Mr. Olympia 2nd; 1993 French Pro 1st; 1993 German Pro 1st; 1995 Ironman Pro 1st; 1995 Arnold Classic 2nd; 1995 South Beach Pro 1st; 1995 Mr. Olympia 8th; 1995 Grand Prix Spain 5th; 1996 Ironman Pro 1st; 1996 Arnold Classic 2nd; 1996 Night of Champions 1st; 1996 Canada Pro Classic 2nd; 1996 Florida Cup Pro 1st; 1996 Mr. Olympia 4th; 1997 Ironman Pro 1st; 1997 Arnold Classic 1st; 1997 San Jose Pro 1st; 1997 Mr. Olympia withdrew; 1998 Ironman Pro 1st; 1998 Arnold Classic 1st; 1998 Mr. Olympia 2nd; 1999 Mr. Olympia 2nd; 1999 Pro World 2nd; 1999 Grand Prix England 2nd; 2000 Ironman Pro 2nd; 2000 Arnold Classic 1st; 2000 Mr. Olympia 3rd; 2002 Mr. Olympia 7th; 2003 Ironman Pro 3rd;

  • Whitaker, Will
    1965 Mr. New Orleans 1st;

  • Wilkosz, Jusup
    From Germany. Contests include the 1979 Mr. Universe 1st; 1981 Mr. Olympia 6th; 1983 Mr. Olympia 6th; 1983 Grand Prix Switzerland 4th; 1983 Grand Prix Sweden 3rd; 1983 Grand Prix World 3rd;

  • Williams, Anthony
    Nicknamed 'Wolf' ... Born Sept 16, 1967 on the island of Tobago at his house, delivered by his grandmother ... Raised in Tobago ... Played on the Tobago soccer team and went to the Nationals ... Moved to Canada after high school ... Started to work out in a gym at age 23, as an actibity to use for stress release ... At one time, Anthony wanted to become a preacher, actually studying theology ...

    Contests include the 1991 Toronto Championships 2nd; 1992 Central Ontario MW 1st & Overall; 1993 Ontario LW 1st & Overall; 1994 Canadian HW 1st; 1995 North American HW 5th; 1996 Canada Cup HW 1st & Overall; 1997 Canada Cup Pro 19th; 1998 Ironman Pro 4th; 1998 Toronto Pro 8th; 1999 Ironman 11th; 1999 Toronto Pro 10th; 2000 Ironman Pro 12th; 2000 Toronto Pro 12th;

  • Williams, Chuck
    1983 NPC Nationals LH 1st; 1983 IFBB World Amateur LH 1st;

  • Williams, Don
    1965 Mr. Regional 1st;

  • Williams, Ed
    1955 Mr. Southwest 1st;

  • Williams, Phil
    American. 1996 Ironman Pro 10th; 1996 San Jose Pro 15th

  • Williams, Ray
    1995 Niagara Falls Pro 19th; 1995 Canada Montreal Pro 12th; 1996 Canada Pro 12th; 1997 Grand Prix Germany 15th;

  • Williams, Winston
    Contests include the 1993 NPC Junior Nationals LHW 6th; 1994 NPC USA LHW 5th; 1998 NPC Nationals 7th; 2001 NPC USA LHW 15th;

  • Williamson, Millard 'Mel'
    Born in Oakland, California on May 16, 1936. Married Nancy on January 31, 1959. Has a son Doug, and a daughter Jill. Height 5'8". Mel was a pharcy student at UC Berkely, and later became a chemist. Mel was the president of MLO Products in Fairfield, California. Contests include the 1951 Junior Mr. Oakland 3rd; 1945 Junior Mr. Oakland 1st; 1955 Mr. Berkely 1st; 1955 Junior Mr. Northern California 2nd; 1956 Mr. Olympics 2nd; 1956 Mr. Muscle Beach 1st; 1957 Mr. American Health Studios 1st; 1956 Mr. USA 4th; 1962 Mr. Twin Cities 1st; 1962 Mr. Western America 1st; 1965 Mr. America 26th;

  • Wilmore, William (Bill)
    Contests include the 1995 NPC Junior Nationals HW 2nd; 1995 NPC USA HW 11th; 1996 NPC Nationals HW 13th; 1999 NPC Nationals SHW 8th; 2000 NPC USA SHW 3rd; 2001 NPC USA SHW 6th;

  • Wilson, Scott
    Contests include the 1983 Pro World 5th; 1983 Grand Prix Portland 1st; 1983 Grand Prix Colorado 6th; 1994 Masters Olympia 11th; 1999 Masters Olympia 10th; 2000 Masters Olympia 8th;

  • Wilson, Troy
    1998 NPC Nationals LW 11th

  • Wingett, Anthony
    From Australia. Contests include the 1998 San Francisco Pro 19th; 2001 Grand Prix Australia 14th;

  • Whitehead, Craig
    1963 Mr. Gulf Coast 1st; 1963 Mr. America 3rd;

  • Whitsett, Derrick
    1994 NPC Nationals 1st light-HWs; 1995 Houston Pro 9th; 1995 Niagara Falls Pro 7th; 1996 Night of Champions 6th; 1996 Florida Cup Pro 5th; 1997 Night of Champions 10th;

  • Wood, Luke
    From Sydney, Australia. Contests include the 1994 Teenage Australian Championships 1st; 1996 Junior Teenage Australian Championships 1st; 1998 Australian HW 1st; 2001 Grand Prix Australia 10th; 2002 Grand Prix Australia 7th; 2003 Grand Prix Australia 6th;

  • Write, Colin
    From England. Contests include the 1999 Grand Prix England 9th;

  • Wyatt, Michael
    1972 Sr. Mr. Britain 1st;

  • Wynn, James
    Contests include the 2000 NPC National HW 16th; 2001 NPC Nationals HW 14th; 2001 IFBB North American HW 2nd;

  • Wynter, Paul
    1960 NABBA Universe Pro 1st;

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  • Yamashita, Eric
    1998 NPC Nationals BW 8th;

  • Yates, Dorian
    Dorian was born on April 19, 1962 in a small village called Hurley in Staffordshire, just outside of Birmingham, England. His full name is Dorian Andrew Mientjez Yates, and his height is 5'10". Dorian grew up on a farm, or 'small holdings', as they call it in England. His mother was a horse riding instructor. Dorian has a sister named Lisa (five years younger) who is a teacher, and buys and sells horses, and competes on horses (which she qualified once for the National Championships in England). At the age of 13, Dorian lost his father (from a heart attack, at 42 years old). Growing up, Dorian was not involved in any sports. He moved back to the city of Birmingham from the farm at age 14 with his mother and sister after his mother met another man (who also died before they married).

    After this second tragedy, his mom went back to the country side, but Dorian stayed in the city (at 16 years old). He was in a gang in which he was considered a skin head, with a shaven head, steel toed boots; a cultural statement, not a racist statement. Dorian's music scene during the early years was the Clash, the Sex Pistols, PIL, etc. and on the weekends, he would go to the clubs to hang out. Dorian has lots of interesting job to pay the bills, including working in a slaughterhouse. Dorian was arrested at age 19, after a riot in which he was swept up by the police. They had taken some women's clothing and were dressed up in them as a joke. Because of the arrest, and because England recognizes youth as being up to the age of 21, Dorian received 6 months detention in a facility. It was in here that Dorian started powerlifting and was noticed by a guard that he was very strong, and where Dorian got his new direction in life.

    He started training at a gym, a small dark gym In the cellar, and at age 21, competed in his first contest. In 1987, Dorian tore a muscle in his hip, had an operation and took a year off. In 1987, one year after he has won the British Championships Heavyweight Division, Dorian purchased Temple Gym, located in England.

    He currently lives in Wamey. Sutton Coldfield, England with his wife Debbie and his son Lewis. Debbie and Dorian were married on November 2, 1991. Dorian has two boxer dogs named Conan and Sampson.

    Dorian has a few nicknames, including the famous 'Shadow'. He is also called the 'British Bulldog', and the 'Beast of Britian'. His nickname 'Shadow' comes because Dorian would come to the shows, win the shows, then disappear back into his own world, them come back, compete, win, and disappear again. The Shadow comes and goes. This nickname came from Peter McGough, currently the editor of Flex Magazine, but was working for a British publication in 1988.

    Dorian is considered the #1 bodybuilder of the 1990's winning six Mr. Olympias before retiring from bodybuilding in 1998.

    Dorian likes wildlife and has been on several safaris. Dorian would like to work with kids, and combine that with work with wildlife once he is retired, perhaps a shelter with animals with a facility with kids. At home, the family has two boxer dogs names Conan and Samson. In 1998, Dorian joined a company called Chemical Warefare (now Chemical Nutrition), and in 1999, launched his own line of supplements called 'Dorian Yates Approved'.

    Contests include 1984 Mr. Birmingham novice 1st; 1985 Novice West Coast (England) 1st; 1985 World Games 7th (London); 1986 EFBB British HW 1st (in London); 1988 British Championships 1st; 1990 Night of Champions 2nd; 1991 Night of Championships 1st; 1991 Mr. Olympia 2nd; 1991 English Grand Prix 1st; 1992 Mr. Olympia 1st; 1992 Grand Prix England; 1993 Mr. Olympia 1st; 1994 Grand Prix Germany 1st; 1994 Grand Prix Spain 1st; 1994 Grand Prix England 1st; 1994 Mr. Olympia 1st; 1995 Mr. Olympia 1st; 1996 Mr. Olympia 1st; 1996 Grand Prix Spain 1st; 1996 Grand Prix Germany 1st; 1996 Grand Prix England 1st; 1997 Mr. Olympia 1st;

  • Yazdani, Moshen
    From Iran. Contests include the 2002 Night of Champions 17th;

  • Yeung, David
    Heigh 5'8". David's father is Bolo Teung, who was in 'Enter the Dragon'. David has a black belt in karate. Contests include 2001 NPC Orange County Classic LH 2nd; 2001 NPC USA LH 6th;

  • Yorton, Chet
    1966 IFBB Mr. America Tall 1st& Overall;

  • Young, Jason
    1997 NPC USA MW 11th;

  • Youngblood, Don
    Contests include the 2001 Masters Olympia 2nd; 2002 Masters Olympia 1st; 2002 Mr. Olympia 25th;

  • Zale, Eddy
    1955 Mr. Heart of America 1st;

  • Zane, Frank
    Born June 28, 1942 in Kingston, Pennsylvania. Married Christine Harris in December 1967. Frank holds two bachelor's degrees and a master's in experimental psychology. Frank taught middle school math for 13 years before he and Christine established Zane Haven. In 1981, purchase Cary Grant's former estate in Palm Springs, and opened Zane Haven, which was a place where clients stayed, worked out, etc. In 1988, the format changed to the Zane Experience, where people came into town, and underwent an intensive three day program designed for their unique goals, and moved to La Mesa, California. Frank has written many books, including "Fabulously Fit Forever" , "Zane Way to a Beautiful Body" , "Super Bodies in 12 Weeks" , "Mind, Body, Spirit" , and "Frank Zane's Personal Diary" (1997). Has a musical group called Zane, which released their first CD in 1997, containing 25 bodybuilding oriented song, all written by Frank. In 1998, created a new TV show with Cie Allman titled 'The Infinite Power Workout'. Over the year, Frank has close to 60 magazine covers. In January 1999, Frank was inducted into the Joe Weider's Bodybuilding Hall of Fame.

    Contests include the 1961 Mr. Pennsylvania 17th; 1962 Mr. Keystone 1st; 1963 Mr. Keystone 2nd; 1965 Mr. Sunshine State 1st; 1965 IFBB Mr. Universe Medium 1st; 1966 IFBB Mr. America Medium 1st; 1967 IFBB Mr. America Medium 1st; 1967 IFBB Mr. Universe Tall 3rd;1968 IFBB Mr. America Medium 1st & Overall; 1968 Mr. Universe Short 1st & Overall; 1970 Nabba Amatuer Mr. Universe Medium 1st & Overall; 1971 Nabba Pro Mr. Universe Short 1st; 1972 NABBA Pro Mr. Universe Short 1st & Overall; 1972 Mr. Olympia 4th; 1974 Mr. Olympia 2nd; 1985 Mr. Olympia 4th; 1976 Mr. Olympia 2nd; 1977 Mr. Olympia 1st; 1978 Mr. Olympia 1st; 1979 Mr. Olympia 1st; 1980 Mr. Olympia 3rd; 1982 Mr. Olympia 2nd; 1983 Mr. Olympia 4th;

  • Zapfe, Roger
    From Sweden, height 6'6". Won the 1995 European Championships 1st HW;

  • Zarate, Roger
    1997 NPC USA MW 9th;

  • Zarco, Francis
    1965 Mr. illinois 1st;

  • Zechmeister, Thomas
    From Vienna, Austria. Tom started competing when he was 17 years old. He has been training at a gym in Vienna called 'Top Gym'. Besides bodybuilding Tom was also involved in gymnastics and boxing. Tom has worked for a cookie company, a bank, and has done some music videos. Contests include the 1995 World Championships 3rd; 1997 Night of Champions disq; 1997 Grand Prix Hungary 11th; 1997 Grand Prix Germany 13th; 1997 Grand Prix Czech 9th; 1998 San Francisco Pro 19th; 1998 Toronto Pro 18th; 2001 European Pro 18th;

  • Zeller, Artie
    Born December 17, 1930 in Manhattan, New York. Married in 1959 to Josie. Worked as a freelance photographer for the Weider Publications for 30 years, and he took many of the classic bodybuilding photo's. Died April 19, 1999. Contests include 1952 Mr. America 13th; 1955 Mr. Venice 3rd;

  • Zhur, Oleg
    From the Ukraine. Wife is Tatiana, a gymnastics coach, Contests include the 1998 San Francisco Pro 14th; 1998 Toronto Pro 12th; 1999 Ironman 14th; 1999 Pro World 9th; 1999 Grand Prix England 13th; 2000 Mr. Olympia 13th; 2001 Arnold Classic 11th; 2001 Grand Prix Australia 6th;

  • Zimmerman, Phil
    1953 Mr. Philadelphia 1st;

  • Zinkin, Harold
    Inventor of the Universal Gym Equipment line. Also competed in bodybuilding contests, include the 1945 Mr. America 2nd;

  • Zuccolotto, Troy
    Known as 'Zuke the Nuke', because he was a brash, blond bomber with a penchant for excitability. Currently runs his Youth Tech Wellness Center in San Clemente. Contests include the 1989 NPC Nationals 1st & Overall;

  • Zuri, Remi
    Canada. Contests include the 1992 Quebec Champiionships LW 1st & overall; 1993 Eastern Township Jr. LW 1st & overall; 1994 Junor Nationals 1st open div; 1994 Provincial Champsionshipds LH 3rd; 1995 Canada Cup LH 2nd; 1996 Canada Cup HW 1st;

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