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Pack On Pounds By Training Your Mind!

Tired of the way you look? Embarrassed to take off your shirt in public? Don't let your mind hold you back from achieving the body you want.

Tired of the way you look? Embarrassed to take off your shirt in public? Good! Did I just say something mean? Not at all. If you are embarrassed then you might just be motivated enough to change your mind, which will in turn change your body and give you the pounds of muscle that you are looking for.

Between the skinny guy and the ripped guy, there's a small physical divide. But a large mental chasm. Don't let your mind hold you back from achieving the body you want.

Train Your Mind
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Tired Of The Way You Look?

Are You Training Perfectly, Or Are You Just Training?

The difference between the two is the key between looking okay, and reaching your fitness goals as fast as possible. It's easy to fool yourself into thinking you are doing everything right. Hey, at least you are working out, right? That's more than most people can say.

If you are like most people (including me), when you first started working out you saw some positive changes in your body - less body fat, some added muscle, more strength, more energy. But if you stuck with it, you may have noticed something else, too.

What's Your Goal? What Is Your Goal?

Is Your Goal Not Listed?
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After a while, the gains stopped coming. And you may have fooled yourself into not really noticing that your program wasn't bringing any more results. There are numerous reasons why this could be so, but two major reasons:

  1. You aren't training perfectly - What I mean is, your program is not designed well, you could be overtraining, under training, not using exercises that are appropriate, etc.
  2. You aren't training perfectly (I know, it looks like number one above) - What I mean here is that you've fallen into a rut or routine whereby you aren't making the most of what you are doing.

In A Rut? Don't Just Sit There!
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In A Rut? Don't Just Sit There!
Some folks don't even realize they're in a rut, as they religiously plod along, training day after day, convinced that everything is fine ...
Tim Wescott

You are putting in the time, but not the work. Or, not the work the way you used to. As the old saying goes, you are just going through the motions.

You may not be challenging yourself to do more reps or use more weight as often as possible. Maybe you are now eating only 5 meals per day instead of 6. You are drinking 6 glasses of water a day instead of 8 or 10.

Your protein intake has dropped significantly and been replaced by more cheat meals or snacks. Before, you were eating one cheat meal a week, now you are having a bowl of ice cream at night, 5-or-6 nights per week.

It's easy to fool ourselves into thinking each of these little things don't matter, but they slowly increase and add up over time to get us exactly where we don't want to be - NO PROGRESS!

It's important to constantly monitor where you are and where you are going. Review your short and long term goals daily. Go through your training and nutrition journals and see if you are really doing all you need to be doing to achieve those goals.

You may have heard the time worn saying, "Practice makes perfect." Well, I believe much more in the newer version of that saying, "Perfect practice makes perfect."

Train Your Mind
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Perfect Practice Makes Perfect.

Constantly review your progress, your goals, and why you want to achieve them to make sure you are getting the most out of your program.

Building your body and adding the muscle you want is more than just a physical process. It is a mental one as well, and if you don't develop the necessary mental tools and processes you will fail to achieve the body you want.