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The One Key To Building Muscle And Burning Fat!

As a reader of, you already know it's not quick or easy, no matter what plan or equipment you use. I would like to share with you one ideal that will help you succeed. The choice will then be up to you!

If you're alive, and I assume you are since you're reading this, you've been bombarded with fitness related ads, from direct mail to magazines to infomercials. They are all telling you how their way is the way to quickly and easily build muscle, burn fat and completely reshape your body.

If their plan or equipment was all it took, we wouldn't have an obesity problem, would we? After all, fitness is a huge, multi-billion dollar per year industry. Clearly, something is missing, don't you think?

As a reader of, you already know it's not quick or easy, no matter what plan or equipment you use. It takes hard work, dedication and consistency, and it takes time. You may have a million reasons for embarking on a weight training program from hating how you look, to wanting to be healthy. That's what gets you started. But what keeps you going?

What Else Keeps You Going?!

No matter what else is involved in your program, without this one key, you can forget about building the body you want to build. Would I just get to it, already? Okay, okay, here it is.

« The Power of Discipline. »

I know, it's not sexy and it's hard to market. But without it, you will fail.

Discipline is an important key to succeeding with your health and fitness program. If you don't learn to become disciplined you will miss workouts, you won't stick to your nutrition plan, and the workouts you do make will be haphazard and not very productive.

Without discipline, you'll spin your wheels, instead of making fantastic progress toward your goals. This lack of progress will, in turn, cause you to give up out of frustration and you'll miss out on all the wonderful things being healthy and fit can do for you: More energy, higher self esteem, better relationships - the positive's are almost endless.

A Key Requirement

    The mental aspect of your training routine is crucial to your success. Discipline is a key requirement for success in your fitness program, whether you want to build muscle, lose fat or just get in shape.

    In addition, this discipline that you develop through your training will carry over into all other aspects of your life.

    A better disciplined individual will outperform his or her peers in most aspects of life, whether it's financial, career, relationships or weight training. I know that the discipline I've developed from lifting weights has had a positive carryover affect into the rest of my life.

Make Better Gains: Up Your Standards!
You would not work for your employer for nothing, so why would you settle for no results in the gym. Isn't it time to raise your standards in order to achieve those far off goals. Read on for a mind boost. Gains will come with effort!
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Goal Oriented

    A disciplined person is extremely goal oriented and is prepared to work for those goals until they are achieved.

    If you approach your workouts with a sense of discipline, each workout will become much more productive. You'll make faster progress and achieve your goals much sooner. Setting goals and having the discipline to go after them will increase your focus and intensity and keep you from training in a haphazard fashion or allow you to talk yourself out of training on the days you don't quite feel like going to the gym.

    You must be disciplined with program to reach your goals. Do I sound like a broken record already? That's because discipline truly is the key to your success.

    Without the discipline to stick to a plan, nothing else matters. You may have the world's best diet and exercise program but if you don't have the discipline to implement that plan until you reach your goals, the plan is worthless.

What Are Your Goals?
>Lose Fat
>Build Muscle
>Improve Energy

All Aspects Of Life

    And this is true in all aspects of your life, not just fitness. We all get tired from time to time. We all want to throw in the proverbial towel every so often. Another big thing that keeps us from reaching our goals is just plain laziness. This is a big obstacle for almost everyone in everything they do in life.

Make Your Goals Stick!
The amazing thing about the future is that if you wait, it will always come to you. By reading this you should gain some insight to making goals and actually keeping them.
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    The key is to go ahead and focus on your goal and do what you need to do anyway. What do I do to combat laziness? I just go ahead and do what I need to do. Sounds a bit too simple, right? It is simple, but it takes determination and discipline to follow through. But it really doesn't take anymore than deciding to do what you need to do and then doing it.

Making The Choice

I have those days when my alarm goes off at 5 a.m. I know I have to get up for my bike ride or weight workout. I have two choices. I can hit snooze and rollover or I can just tell myself, 'It's time to get up.' And then get up. It's a choice.

You have all the power when it comes to making that choice, for better or for worse. We're all exactly where we should be right now based on all the choices we've made in the past. If you don't like the choices you've made, decide right now to make better choices in the future.

When it's heavy squat day in your weight lifting program and you are feeling a bit lazy, it's not at all easy to make yourself go through with your workout.

It's Not Easy To Make The Choice.
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But it is simple to decide to do it anyway. Simple. Not easy. But your mind is that powerful. You just have to decide.