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Greg Plitt's MFT28: Training Overview

MFT28 training is built on a five-day body part split, with two hardcore workouts per day. Follow the plan and redefine your fitness level.

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Some people will say MFT28 is about total muscle confusion. I say that's ridiculous. Muscle confusion is a lukewarm phrase used to describe weak workouts. Muscle confusion is average; we want to be above average. MFT28 is a complete muscle beat-down. It's a shock-and-awe attack on your body.

You don't get stronger playing it safe. You don't get stronger sitting on the couch. You don't build muscle, destroy fat, or radically redefine your physique without anything less than your absolute best. You have to act. Every purpose has an action and every action begets results. If you can survive four weeks of MFT28, I guarantee great results.

MFT28 training overview
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Redefine Your Fitness

People train with many fitness goals in mind: power, speed, endurance, and strength. Who we are in life is a combination of these four fitness facets. In this program, we address each objective at different times. We shock you in every area. MFT28 is military-style training: You don't just show up to a fight; you show up in good enough shape to win the fight.

MFT28 may not be exactly how members of the military train, but it will radically improve your overall fitness level. You will build lean mass, gain strength, increase muscular endurance, lose fat, boost your power, and become faster and better at every exercise. You'll become a warrior, even if you're not a soldier.

MFT28 Marching Orders

MFT28 is built on a five-day body part split. You train a different major body part every day, plus abs. You perform two resistance workouts on every training day: a morning mass session, and an evening fat-burning session. Your morning lift is a lower-rep, heavier-weight, mass-building lift. Your evening lift, which is built on the same workout blueprint, is a fast-paced, low-weight, metabolic workout. You hit abs after your evening lifts.

After you crush it five days in a row, you do a "Shock and Awe" cardio session on Saturday. You perform this workout outside the gym to break up your routine and keep your body primed for growth. Sunday is totally devoted to rest and recovery.

People might worry that these two-a-day workouts will lead to overtraining. Remember, this is a hardcore four-week program, not a lifelong lifting style. Insanely tough training for a short period of time is known "strategic overreaching." The module ensures that you get maximum results and never under-train.

Combat Cardio

There is no "standard" cardio in this program. You are not going to get on a Stairmaster or treadmill or any of those torture tools. Instead, you're going to keep your heart-rate elevated during your evening weightlifting sessions with high reps and short rest periods. Your evening workouts can be considered metabolic resistance training (MRT), which will help you scorch fat and spur growth.

These MRT workouts are incredibly important. I believe they're the only way you can drop to single-digit body fat. If you get on a treadmill and walk at a steady pace, you burn calories at a pretty good rate. As soon as you get off that treadmill, you stop burning calories.

There is no standard cardio in this program. You are not going to get on a stairmaster or treadmill.

When you lift weights instead of spending that hour on the treadmill, you may not burn as many calories while training, but when you're done working out, your body continues to burn . Over a 24-hour period, you burn more calories from lifting than you would from strolling, and you support your lean mass gains.

MFT28 Training Philosophy

Seek the burn; find the burn; sustain the burn. MFT28 isn't all about reps. It's about hitting failure, then staying in the hot zone.

After your evening workouts, you will immediately attack your abs with one of my MFT28 abdominal sessions. Every training day features an abs workout video. During weeks one and three of MFT28, you will perform the Abdominal Assault; weeks two and four feature the Abdominal Power workout. Check out each page for the dirty details.

Bring the Heat

There's no doubt MFT28 is intense and advanced. With five two-a-day workouts per week, plus your weekly Shock and Awe sessions, you train 11 times each and every week. Remember, though, that MFT28 only lasts one month. You've got one month to sharpen your mind, chisel your body, and redefine your fitness level.

You will build muscle in the morning, burn blubber in the evening, strengthen your mental fortitude with each and every workout, and walk out of MFT28 completely changed. Remember who you are today; you'll never be that person again.

Remember who you are today; you'll never be that person again.

Customize the Mission

MFT28 is designed to deliver insane results in only four weeks. It's a complete and incredibly effective program, but it's not easy. Don't think of it as "all or nothing." If you're a beginner or don't have time to train twice per day, you can customize the program to your experience level and lifestyle. Try any of these options:

  • Reduce every evening workout by one set or exercise.
  • Remove or swap the bodyweight exercises in each workout.
  • Incorporate MFT28 exercises into your current workouts.
  • Perform three evening workouts per week, rather than five.
  • Alter the rest periods to your fitness level.

Try the above until you can perform MFT28 as prescribed. It's meant to challenge you. It's designed to whip you into shape. Even if you make training adjustments, check out the nutrition and supplement overviews. You need the entire arsenal to win this war. If you provide the heat, I'll provide the rest. It's your time to be more.

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