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Greg Plitt's MFT28: Day 28, Trust Yourself

Today may be the end of MFT28, but it's the beginning of your next journey. Prepare for the road ahead with the final mental training session.

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Today is the last day of MFT28. It's a day to celebrate your success and rest before walking the road ahead. Before you pat yourself on the back, watch the final mental training session. Today's lesson: Trust yourself.

MFT28 may be over, but your next journey is just beginning. Take the MFT28 fitness test again. Record your reps and celebrate your success. Post your reps to the Comments section below. Take new progress pictures and prepare for a new adventure. You are more than you were before, but you can become more than you are now.

MFT28 Trust yourself
Watch The Video - 5:40

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