Contest Preperation For Jr. Nationals - 8 Weeks Out.

I will give you a little taste of my lifestyle including training, dieting, fat and weight composition... Follow me here as I prepare for the Jr. Nat. where I hope to earn a pro card!

8 Weeks Out | 4 Weeks Out | Contest Day has given me the opportunity to let their customers follow me through my contest preparation for this year's NPC Jr. National Championships held June 15th and 16th in Chicago Illinois.

I will give you the viewers, a little taste of my lifestyle including training, dieting, fat and weight composition, and things that I have done to give me that extra edge to shine on stage. Hopefully all my hard work will pay off in the end with the coveted prize of earning Pro status for Figure.

Ginger Redeker
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Ginger Redeker - 8 Weeks Out.

Competing is not a guessing game for me. I am serious and passionate about the sport of figure which is why I train and work with the best trainer in the industry Mike Davies. I have been working with him for about 5 years now.

I weight train with him five days a week and I also attend his twice weekly bootcamps. Mike does all of my diet and cardio plans to help bring me into my contests in the best condition possible. Again if you are serious about competing, it is important to hire the best in your sport to help you to achieve success.

Along with working with Mike Davies, I also do Pilates two to three times a week to help with my flexibility, strengthen and elongate my core muscles and I also use it as therapy for my shoulder pain that is a result of riding to many green horses and the accidents of being bitten, stepped on and falling off that I have been through with the horses.

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Every other week, I incorporate deep tissue massages done by the best massage therapist in Columbus, Kathleen Printz. I am also known to sit in a sauna and hot tub to help loosen and relax tight, fatigued muscles. Along with massages, I get chiropractic adjustments several times a week to keep my ribs, spine, neck and tailbone in place. I am a little spoiled in this aspect because my boyfriend happens to be a chiropractor.

I practice posing and go through my quarter turns several times a week. On Saturday I attend Mike Davies posing class which is run kind of like a simulated figure show. He has his girls go through mandatory presentations and then has them stand in line ups and he takes us through our quarter turns all the while giving us tips and advice on our posing.

At eight weeks out, I teamed up with Eve Ann Buxton at Baseline Fitness, a Human Performance Center where you can get your weight, body fat measured in the bod pod, resting metabolism, VO2 max/ sub max, and polar heart rate training assessments.

Measuring Body Fat:

You can check them out at I have always gone to Eve Ann at Baseline fitness to help make sure that I am on the right track for preparing for my shows, again this is not a guessing game. I get the facts and hire professional experienced individuals to help me achieve the optimal physique for competition.

Here are the results of my starting point at eight weeks out from Jr. Nationals.

  • Weight: 132 lbs
  • Lean mass: 113 lbs
  • Fat mass: 19 lbs
  • Body fat: 15%
Ginger Redeker Ginger Redeker Ginger Redeker
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Ginger Redeker - 8 Weeks Out.


Training Breakdown


  • Cardio 35-45 minutes of treadmill work
  • Weight train
  • Cross training
  • Pilates 45 minutes each


  • Cardio 40-45 minutes of bike, elliptical or stair running
Ginger Redeker Ginger Redeker
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Ginger Redeker - 8 Weeks Out.

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