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Move It Or Lose It: Get Fit Now With These Great Tips!

The first thing you must realize is you didn't put that extra weight on overnight, and you are not going to lose it overnight either. This is going to take some hard work on your part.

So you think you want to join a gym. You have good intentions. You have never exercised regularly before. You just turned forty and have put on about thirty pounds in the last decade. Your doctor has told you to eat better and exercise daily. You have no clue where to start.

The first thing you must realize is you didn't put that extra weight on overnight, and you are not going to lose it overnight either. This is going to take some hard work on your part.

You must burn more calories than you consume to lose weight. Sounds pretty simple right? The older we get, the more our resting metabolism slows down, hence weight gain. Regular exercise that involves both weight training and cardiovascular work has been proven to be the best avenue to get fit and stay that way.

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Regular Exercise Is The Best Way
To Get Fit And Stay That Way.

I would recommend finding a gym or health club close to your house that you will feel comfortable going to. Most places offer a few sessions of personal training to get you started.


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Try to work with someone you feel at ease with. You may have to workout with a couple of different people to find the right fit. Be honest with your trainer. Tell them your goals and don't lie about your eating habits. They cannot help you unless you are completely truthful.

Now its time to move it or lose it! Or should I say move it to lose it? What I mean by that expression is if you don't move your body, you will lose a lot of your endurance, muscle tone and range of motion. Humans were meant to move, not to be sedentary. Unfortunately, many of us have desk jobs and spend most of the day sitting... this is why exercise is so important.

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Humans Were Meant To Move,
Not To Be Sedentary.

Regular exercise is also a great stress reliever. I personally believe it is good for other reasons as well... It just plain makes you feel better. I guarantee, if you workout consistently, not only will you see results; it will change your life for the better.

I am helping a young lady now who has lost seven pounds in about three weeks. She is following the program I designed for her and exercises at least five times per week. She tells me how much better she feels and how she looks forward to her workouts.

How Do You Manage Stress?

Breathe Deeply
Go For A Walk
Listen To Music
Perform A Hobby

I wish I had a magic wand to get people in shape. It's not magic however, it's hard work on a consistent basis and time. Give yourself six months to one year to get some good and lasting results. You simply can't get in shape and then stop.

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This is a lifestyle, not a quick fix. Be patient. Life is going to pass you by whether or not you decide to exercise. Where do you want to be in six months? You can either get yourself started or continue to decline in your health and fitness. The choice is yours. Move it or lose it.