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Dan Gastelu's Awesome Muscles Series: Global Warming Podcast!

This week, Dan Gastelu speaks on the special topic of Global Warming. Want to know some of the scientific facts about global warming? Is the carbon dioxide you exhale from exercising the cause? Learn more here...

Global Warming

Welcome to Special Topic # 2 in the Awesome Muscles™ Online Podcast Seminar Series. This week, your host, Mr. Daniel Gastelu, discusses Global Warming.

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Global Warming. Want to know some of the scientific facts about global warming? Is the carbon dioxide you exhale causing it?

For several hundred thousand years, there have been natural cycles of global warming and cooling, and sea levels rising and falling by hundreds of feet. In fact, the past 18,000 years the Earth has been in a warming phase and the sea level has already risen over 300 feet from this natural cycle.

Global Warming Graph
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Global Warming Trends.

Based on these past warming and cooling cycles it is estimated that the during the past few hundred thousands years the earth has been in a cool phase more than a warm phase.

While humans contribute to atmospheric carbon dioxide levels from exhaling carbon dioxide and from burning fossil fuels, this is estimated to represent just under 0.03% of the total carbon dioxide emissions from all sources, such as plants and other animals and geological processes. So, keep exercising, even though you exhale more carbon dioxide!

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