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2006 NPC AXIS Labs Natural Colorado Open Bodybuilding, Fitness, & Figure Championships Review.

As soon as I arrived at the check-in line at the Fairfield Inn for the 2006 NPC Colorado Natural, I knew this was going to be a huge show. The line was out the door and this only 10 minutes after check-in had begun...

As soon as I arrived at the check-in line at the Fairfield Inn for the 2006 NPC Colorado Natural, held on November 4th in Denver, Colorado, I knew this was going to be a huge show. The line was out the door, and this only 10 minutes after check-in had begun!

Rocky Mountain NPC Chairman Jeff Taylor was shaking hands, and selling tickets - welcoming returning athletes as well as new ones. Immediately apparent was a large and impressive team from Amarillo, Texas all sporting t-shirts with the slogan "Naturally Rockhard." I noticed people were coming from Texas, California, and Nevada to compete in the Colorado Natural Open.

One impressive physique after another stripped down and weighed-in at the front of the line. Super fit bodies were everywhere, not to mention the guest poser was IFBB Pro Kai Greene, who happened to also have won the $10,000 Best Poser Award at the 2006 Shawn Ray Colorado Pro/Am this last summer.

Kai Greene Kai Greene
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IFBB Pro & Entertaining Poser, Kai Greene.
Photos courtesy of Eathan's Photography. Used by permission.

Every competitor onstage had passed through a polygraph examination by one of the finest in the United States, Thomas Hoff; as well as meeting all drug testing standards as mandated.

The sponsors were great and they included our title sponsor Axis Labs, the host sponsor, and the co-sponsors Body Photage, CytoCharge, J.Anthony Wear, Christine Marsh Designs, Bally Total Fitness, and iSatori.

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The pre-judging meeting was packed, and competitors were filing in continually - we found out early that the show was slightly askew to norm - with the fitness athletes going on first, and the figure athletes going on dead last, some of us had carbed up all off-schedule!

Kai Greene
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The Fitness Routines Were Impressive!
Photo courtesy of Eathan's Photography. Used by permission.

A lot of people, including the majority of bodybuilders were surprised as to the line-up, but the show went on. Numbers were handed out and our director for this competition (Adam) mentioned this being one of the biggest Natural Shows here in Colorado, competitor-wise.

I have included the name of every competitor as I feel they should all be recognized for the sheer courage it takes to get up onstage at all, and for the weeks of discipline and hard work it took to get them there.

competitor list
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2006 NPC Colorado Natural
Full Competitor List.

The pre-judging audience was abnormally large, giving a clue to the size of the audience come the night show. No photos were taken at the pre-judging and already some competitors had complained of minor technical issues with sound and music.

Other than those normal minor issues, however, the morning show went very well. All the male competitors, it seemed, had really prepared for this show, and the number of female bodybuilders was at an all-time high. For this being a Natural show, the number of figure athletes was very high as well, with B Class being one of the biggest figure classes in recent shows.

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Evening Show

Some people liken natural shows to looking like a 'swim meet,' with small, cut competitors lacking in the monstrosity-like size that non-natural shows provide. I beg to differ, as I was astonished at the sheer size and symmetry of some of the all-natural male competitors here at the Colorado 2006 NPC Natural Open.

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The Natural Men Were Huge!
Photo on left courtesy of Eathan's Photography. Used by permission.

The house was beyond packed with a sold-out crowd, some competitors even complained that their kids, friends and family couldn't get in due to the event selling out shortly after the doors opened. Observers lined the stairs and aisles, and every seat was full. It was impossible to hear anything in the halls and the pump-up room as we all waited for our chance to hit the stage - the crowd was so loud and so hyped!

Due to the number of competitors, some of the routines were cut short, and some of the posing for Figure had to be cut down to only one pose and straight to the line-up. As the winners were chosen - only cheers and roars from the crowds - it seemed the crowd didn't disagree with the judges in the night's awards.

Jaime Girard Jaime Girard
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'BiologyBabe' Jaime Girard On-Stage.
Photos courtesy of Eathan's Photography. Used by permission.

The intermission was great with IFBB Pro, Kai Green hitting the stage in a red cape, mask and shoes for a showstopping performance that the crowd loved; and let me just add that standing next to Kai Green in the pump-up room made me feel very small. This man's thigh was bigger around than my entire body!

Kai Green was very friendly and offered advice over and over to eager fans and hopefuls that approached him, asking his advice on routines, music selection, creativity and of course, training. He looked great and massive to say the least!

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The figure competitors walked right after intermission - being so many, they were reduced down to "pretty pose" or "model pose" and then straight to the line. In the morning show, we were onstage about ten minutes, and at the evening show, probably less than a minute total (it was really rushed). We all did it without breaking a sweat... well, without showing it anyway!

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Figure Judging Was Really Rushed.


The ladies were all beautiful (no polite courtesy here either), but the competition was fierce, and these girls had done their homework. It seemed everyone had chiseled physiques and hit those poses like it was nothing. In the end, it was obvious why the winners won.

Having placed 7th in my class, I was anything but bitter (glad to have gotten through it). I was proud that I was walking on that stage because I had worked hard to get here. I also took advice from the judges to refine, condition, and do it again. Now I am eager to compete again in March 2007.

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Team Jaime Girard!

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