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Dare To Dream

How many missed opportunities for joy and fulfillment are waiting for you, right now as you read this?

The Power Of Trust ...

In the Indiana Jones movie, 'The quest for the Holy Grail, Indy finds himself at the precipice of a bottomless chasm. On the other side of the abyss stands the sacred temple in which the cup of Christ awaits him. Indy has searched the entire world for the Holy Grail, defied all kinds of rats, skeletons and villains, nearly lost his father, and risked death many times to come to this point.

Now he is so close and yet so far. Standing alone and looking into this endless gorge. He remembers the instructions that were foretold to help him when he reached this point in his journey. Faith! Indy takes a deep breath and steps out onto the chasm. He sees nothing to stand on, but he decides to follow the advice to * Trust. * As soon as he leans over the abyss, a bridge appears and he finds himself fully supported on a solid mass.

The entire chasm, which seemed impossible to mortal eyes, was but a test of faith. The bridge was there all along, but it could only be seen, by those who stepped onto it. Faith is the vision of things unseen. Only those who see the invisible can do the impossible. Jesus instructed, "Blessed are those who see and believe, and even more blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe."

How Many?

How many bridges have you not crossed because you couldn't see them? How can you view things differently this time and notice the hidden gold within every fear or obstacle? Will you give yourself the permission to leap across the chasm of your fears? knowing that when you do, you'll transform not only yourself, but your world as well?

How many missed opportunities for joy and fulfillment are waiting for you, right now as you read this? Can you see the possibilities of daring to dream a bigger Dream for yourself, your family, your community, and your world?

The possibilities are endless! As you become the co-creator of your world, you'll realize how incredible your power really is. As you share your Dream with others, you'll liberate them as well! You might be saying; Sherry here you go again with all this positivity, but I have to control my world and my outcomes! Friends, If any of you have read my own story? Then you will know that I had to take the leap myself. I had to let go! It is sad that a lot of us have to experience the opposite of an outcome to take that so needed step in our lives. When we do, we wonder what took us so long.

My Leap

I took this leap of faith in my own life after the recovery of a near death experience. What I am about to share with you may sound deep but, this is precisely the hope I am trying to offer you. You see, I was shown my life review within this experience. All that I had lived up until that point of my life. I relived all the sadness and the joy. I was then told that I had not yet finished my purpose here on this planet and that I was still being given the choice to come back and complete that purpose.

Obviously I made the choice to come back. Now, I know you may be thinking at this point. Is this possible? What I am asking you is to be open. Because this is exactly what I am saying happens in a lot of your lives. You want things to happen, you want your dreams today. But, you have judged or closed your mind off to the possibilities life has to offer you in the moment.

Now sharing my own story with confidence and lack of concern with what you may be thinking at this point. I dared to dream! Let me tell you; do you think the world listened to my message in the beginning? No way! They thought that something horrible had happened to me. This is exactly what I am saying may happen the moment you set your intention to pursue your own greatness. How many of you are so worried about what people think that you give up on your important dreams?

How I Felt

I will share with you exactly how I felt when suddenly I was all alone. At first I felt sad and lonely. But I had to try! What if all this I was shown in the light was real and possible? I was not really alone. The adversity I experienced was tuff, but the more I let go, the more help I received.

What happened in my own life was a treasure I did not recognize until later. You see; I lost everything. All my life's possessions and went on to walk the streets homeless with my children.

You now might be asking why I allowed this to happen? Long story short; I had made some mistakes in my life and was now living the effects of those mistakes. Yet for the first time in my life, I was awake! I was aware that I was capable of anything. It was a little scary.

But, the more I stepped through my fears. The more I realized it really was an illusion. My perception of reality stopped me and blocked me in my tracks. The more I made the choice to move through my fears. The more opened up in my life. Those hearts's desires and goals began to happen.

People's Opinion

A lot of times, it was people's opinion and their own fear that stooped me from even trying. Friends, "The moment you face your fears you truly find freedom." Each step is a moment to moment step into the unknown. I can tell you this; it is worth the step! Be open to all the signs and solutions that are speaking to you in your daily activities. Two weeks ago, I was at a grocery store parking lot with my son; I had just asked what next in my head when I noticed the car parked in front of me.

It's license plate read Hvefaith. I just smiled and said thank you! That's not all. I was having an emotional day last week when I was driving on the freeway. You know how you drive in this trance sometimes? This is how I was driving that afternoon. I was in the middle of a mental struggle. I wanted an event to happen in my life that was not happening quickly enough for me.

I started to cry and feel an enormous amount of pressure, when I screamed in the car, "How much longer? When is this going to happen? When suddenly I was aware of this mini-van driving in front of me. Guess what? Its license plate read, believe.

I realize today; how could I even be sharing this message with you, if I had not lived the story or walked in those shoes? Dare to Dream my friends, DARE to Dream! And you'll build a bridge to your Dreams and in ways you haven't imagined!

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