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Women: Learn How To Do It OUR Way!

Do not be MISLEAD by MEN and especially don't be MISLEAD by WOMEN. Women Have Been Exercising Wrong! Learn the way to workout

Do not be MISLEAD by MEN and especially don't be MISLEAD by WOMEN.


Women Have Been Exercising Wrong!

FREESTYLE is taking the world by storm. Women have been exercising with enthusiasm for nearly 40 years… without achieving the results they want! In all this time the fitness community completely neglected women and just passed on to them programs designed for men and their goals!

Women have suffered from this gross injustice in many areas, such as:

  • Financial Loss - Monies wasted in clubs and personal training
  • Emotional Stress - Frustration and depression about appearance
  • Social Problems - Relationships suffer or don't exist
  • Careers - Appearance and opportunities go together
  • Physically - Not feeling good or looking good
  • TIME LOST - This is the Worst! Years are lost forever in the above areas

I am proud to be quickly becoming known as one of America's #1 fitness motivators of the year. Along with my unique training and motivational style, I am currently reaching and inspiring people across the country. As an innovator of fitness motivation, it is my vision to bring this concept in fitness programming for REAL RESULTS to REAL WOMAN! Freestyle features workouts designed to target your everyday women and the areas that challenge them most… while challenging their minds and energizing their spirit.

As an expert on the cutting edge of women's fitness, my personal success story is currently being published in many leading magazines. These magazines feature my own journey to discover perfection and gain love and acceptance through battles with bulimia, anorexia and drug abuse. It was through my courage to fight back against these odds, which resulted in a near death experience that enabled me to set a course to fulfill my own dreams and goals…and be given a second chance to begin again. There is a whole world just waiting for us to enjoy; now I am bringing this message to others, helping them believe in themselves. The solution is Freestyle. I am currently an exercise editor for Excel Magazine, Director of Freestyle Fitness for women, author, actress, professional fitness competitor and motivational speaker. I am here to say that women can now achieve the body they have always wanted and get results quickly. I did it and so can you!

Not everyone who steps foot into a gym has any idea how to train; let alone train like a woman, nor do they realize the benefits of working their lower bodies daily. Why? Because they are being trained by men or women who originally were trained through the protocols of men's exercise. This is a gross injustice to us as women. How do I know this? I spent many years trying to pursue my dream... that dream was to have a slim, toned, well rounded figure - especially in my waist, hips and thighs.

I recently read an article that talked about the benefits of extremely high reps, even as high as 100 for a leaner, firmer body. This may work (somewhat), if you had previously been in great shape... BUT this will not work for most women. This type of training is primarily aerobic; you are not building lean muscle tissue. The main goal of most women is to slim the waist, hips, thighs and buttocks. If you are aware or heard of FREESTYLE FITNESS... then you know that the key that George Snyder has tried to get across for years is that the only way to change a woman's lower body is to work the waist, hips, thighs and buttocks everyday. It is bad enough that men have been misdirecting us... but women are misdirecting us also. I must say that I have worked with many of these experts and know from first hand experience what type of training created my own body... It was Freestyle!

Why Freestyle Works

Women do not train for maximal size - or as women I talk to everyday say, "We don't want "bulking" muscles." Ladies, I can tell you that this will happen if you are doing - conventional "men's" exercise with high weight, and low rep training for a long period. For a sure-fire way of reducing the hips thighs and buttocks to the shape you want. The Freestyle Lunging cycle always works.

How does Freestyle shake up your routine for a leaner, firmer body?


Here's a sample routine and can be varied depending on the individual. Remember with every routine the body eventually adapts. So create variety and most of all have fun! I always choose 5 lower body movements to two - three upper body compound movements. But, in the beginning, Beginners should choose 3 lunging exercises; Intermediate should choose 4 and advanced 5.

Example: Once you have decided on the 5 lower body movements or the number for your level, now determine the amount of repetitions per set.

Body type: Weight Goal: Bodyfat Goal: Repetitions:
Thin at goal weight +/-2-3% 8-10 reps
Average lose 5-9 lbs decrease 4-8% 10-12 reps
Pudgy lose 10-19 lbs. decrease 9-14% 12-15 reps
Overweight lose 20+ lbs. decrease 15+% 20-30 reps

Note: Rules of lunging-Always keep your head up, shoulders back, chest out and back straight. Never allow the knee to touch the floor.

Stay in line: you're striding thigh and knee should always line up with your foot.

"This high intensity lunge workout is excellent for cardiovascular conditioning and it's a super calorie burner." Best of All... It's both "aerobic" and "anaerobic".

Here are my favorite movements:

Front Lunge, two different angles.

1. Front Lunge: Begin with your feet 6-8 inches apart, torso erect. Take a large step forward. Lower your hips and allow your trailing knee to lower to a point just before it touches the floor. Keep your head up and torso erect. Push off your forward leg to return to start, then repeat for the opposite leg. A complete lunge for the right leg, then the left leg constitutes 1 rep.

Reverse Lunge

2. Reverse Lunge: Begin with your feet 6-8 inches apart, torso erect. Take a slow controlled step backward with one leg, lowering your hips so that your forward thigh becomes parallel with the floor. Your knee should be positioned directly over your ankle and foot. Your front foot should be pointed straight ahead, and you're trailing knee extended to stretch your hip flexor muscles. The exertion phase of the exercise occurs when you push off your rear foot to return to the starting position in one fluid motion.

Freestyle Crossover

3. Freestyle Crossover: Begin by crossing your right leg across your left leg so your foot is in a 10:00 position, bending your knees as far as your flexibility allows. Follow the movement of the right leg with your hands or Freestyle poles. Return to the start; repeat for the left leg, crossing the right to the 2:00 position.

Inner Thigh Lunge

4. Inner Thigh Lunge: Begin with your feet nearly shoulder width apart, torso erect. Take a slow, controlled step forward and out to the side with the right leg, pointing your toes slightly outward (as though they were in the two o'clock position on a clock). Your thigh should not drop further than parallel to the floor, with your knee positioned over your ankle and foot. Your trailing knee should be relatively extended to stretch your hip flexor muscles. The exertion phase of the exercise occurs when you push off your front foot and step back to return to the starting position. With a little practice you be able to perform it in one fluid motion. Repeat for the left leg (to ten o'clock position) to complete one repetition.

Ballet Squats

5. Ballet Squats: Start by standing with your legs apart, feet flat on the floor, slightly wider than your shoulders with your toes pointed out in the 10 and 2 o'clock positions. Keeping your head up and your torso as erect as possible, initiate the movement by bending your knees while keeping your torso upright holing your hands to your waist or in front of you. Your knees should travel in lines with your toes, descending as though performing a ballet plie. Try to lower your as far as your flexibility allows. Using your legs and resisting the temptation to lean forward push out of the bottom position to return to the start.


6. Squats: Begin with feet toegther or shoulder width apart, begin to sit as if you were going to sit into a chair, push off by squeezing your butt cheeks and come back into a standing position.