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Kris Gethin's 2009 Ms. International Finals Review.

Jen Hen was very confident and even added some moon walking into her groove. It was quite evident that Jen was going to be victor after the prejudging and that she was...

Fitness FInals

dot 1. Jen Hendershott dot

    She broke a wooden heart in front of the judges to the backdrop of the song "heart breaker". Jen was very confident and even added some moon walking into her groove. It was quite evident that Jen was going to be victor after the prejudging and that she was. A true legend in the making and a great champion was nominated, and rightfully so.

Jen Hendershott Jen Hendershott
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Jen Hendershott At The 2009 Arnold Classic.

dot 2. Julie Palmer dot

    This was a little surprising as in my opinion. Not because her physique lacked anything or because her routine was anything to be desired, but because her tan and overall presentation didn't fit on a podium finish. Sorry if I am harsh but this is a subjective sport and Im a subjective character.

dot 3. Tracey Greenwood dot

    Her condition made a strong point for her placing as did her routine which was smooth and dynamic but could've been a little more precise. The comparison rounds at this show proved to be in her favor but I am sure she will work on her posing routine a little harder next time to make a winning combination.

dot 4. Regiana Da Silva dot

    The German resident looked great and made leaps and bounds in her preparation, presentation and routine. She is sure to continue with this success if she keeps the look that the judges are obviously leaning towards.

dot 5. Tina Derkin dot

    It was very close between Tina and Regiana. It could've gone either way and the crowd would've been satisfied. Only relatively new to the pro ranks she seemed to be surprised by her result. We weren't so much, she was a crowd pleaser and went down like a house on fire.

Figure Finals

dot 1. Zivile Raudoniene dot

    Zivile had a perfect tan and presentation. She also proved that figure competition maybe heading in a different direction. Zivile was the smallest of the top tier and showed us that size isn't everything but beauty is everything.

Zivile Raudoniene Zivile Raudoniene
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Zivile Raudoniene At The 2009 Arnold Classic.

dot 2. Gina Alioti dot

    I had expected Gina to win this show based on the fact that she had brought a similar package than past winning formulas. Her package was obviously too muscular for the spoils and thus finished runner up. It will be interesting to see if she turns up at the Olympia with usual full muscular frame or a new slender look that will turn the tables on Zivile.

dot 3. Amy Fry dot

    For a taller competitor, Amy carried her symmetry so much better when she posed. She seemed a little narrow standing straight on but as soon as she posed, her body came alive and pulsated into the top three.

dot 4. Krystal Richardson dot

    Many thought that Krystal would've received a top three placing but today it wasn't so. This was still a good result but her rounder muscle bellies and overall beauty would've looked great in the top three.

dot 5. Felicia Romero dot

    The personal trainer form Arizona needs to bring her legs up to par to move further herself into the top 5. The former FLEX cover girl would do good to add muscle to her frame to look more competitive against the bigger girls

Bodybuilding FInals

dot 1. Iris Kyle dot

    The fullness to Iris Kyles muscle bellies and her sheer size carried the Texan to another win without the need of her trademark crazy condition. Dont get me wrong, she was hard, just not her grainy self. A great athlete and true warrior was the victor yet again.

Iris Kyle Iris Kyle
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Iris Kyle At The 2009 Arnold Classic.

dot 2. Debbie Laszewski dot

    By far the best condition and presentation we have seen from Debbie. Her tan and striated?..everything got the attention of the panel before her and her competition. She may need to increase her thigh sweep and keep an eye on her waist to increase her pleasant flow of body parts.

dot 3. Yaxeni Garcia dot

    Time and time again Yaxeni had brought her best package to the Arnold and today was no different. She had size, symmetry and condition??from the front. She was a little soft when she turned around which may have hurt her chances of moving up.

dot 4. Heather Armbrust dot

    The only girl in the line up that can go mass-for-mass with Yaxini and possibly inch above her from the front was Heather. Her back will need more refinement in the mass and detail department to make a bigger impact at the Olympia. With the improvements she has made so far this early in her career, I can see that as a strong possibility.

dot 5. Dayana Cadeau dot

    Appearing a little fuller in the finals but it was all too little too late to make a bigger bite out of the top tier. Her muscle bellies were certainly fuller as was her stomach from her carb loading attempt. Another top 5 placing is nothing to be sneezed at and she continues to be one of the most consistent women on the Pro circuit.

dot 6. Betty Atkins dot

    Her structure definitely provided a helping hand into this line-up as she was a little flat during prejudge. She was slightly fuller this evening but probably not enough to make the impact that she hoped. Her tanning and posing ability was noted though and I see this as a place she well deserves.