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Kris Gethin's 2009 Arnold Classic Women's Prejudging Review!

Now that the women have gone through the prejudging rounds, find out what Kris thinks of the competition and how each girl stacks up. Read on to learn more!

Fitness Prejudging

Crowd favorite, Jen Hendershott came in hard with a visual craving for another Ms. International title. Her sometimes questionable condition was tight, dry and stood out in a very good line-up. Not wanting to be left on the perimeters of the stage were the equally competitive fitness competitors - Tracey Greenwood, Julie Palmer, Nicole Wilkins Lee.

The most detailed of the bunch was Greenwood and Hendershott but sometimes it can be a time where the judges want someone a little softer, but we will have to watch the finals to await their preference.

Julie Palmer was in condition but her short clavicles take away what is otherwise a symmetrical physique, and her tan was distracting in the sense it looked like it was painted to make her look sharper than what she actually was. Branch Warrens wife Trish Warren was called out in the second round of both one and two piece comparisons which must've been a boost of confidence as this was her first appearance upon the big Arnold stage. She was deserving-so due to her improved symmetry and fullness. If she could tighten the belt on her lower body conditioning, she may well find herself in the first comparison in the very near future.

It certainly seems that the judges favor the physiques of Greenwood, Palmer, Tina Durkin and Hendershott. This should prove motivational for Jen because she normally gains ground during the routine rounds what she misses out in the physique categories. It appears that she hasn't got much ground to gain at all to take home the honors.

Figure Prejudging

As usual, the figure class filled the entire stage with very different but equally pleasing physiques. Those that gave positive first impressions were Gina Aliotti, Kristal Richardson, Amy Fry and Zivile Raudoniene Gina and Zivile were the most impressive of the first call-out.

Although Gina may seem a little too muscular, she carries it surprisingly well and has focused her efforts on making this muscle flow in a pleasing way. Kristal Richardson's balance was near perfect and her presentation was second to none, and when a class is this tight, sometimes all it takes is an aura of confidence to gain the attention of the judges.

Amy Fry was quite sharp throughout the legs and overall looked very good but she needs more caps to her delts and her lats to complete her physique. This is especially so when stood next to the likes of Gina who seems to have a talent of pointing out other competitors faults when compared to them.

Zivile carried a good balance through her physique but she lacked the muscularity of the girls standing next to her. This is something that she can manifest quite easily with more time spent in the gym instead of the kitchen. Although that may seem the case pointed out by me personally, we may see a different perspective from the judges when the finals roll around.

Female Bodybuilding Prejudging

Debie Laszewski carried much more size in her upper body with equally improved condition. This was her hardest condition she has ever graced on a pro stage. Her thigh sweep could do with being a little larger to take away the appearance of her slightly wide waist.

Iris Kyle seemed slightly bigger and fuller than her past showings but a little softer which didn't seem to hurt her appearance to be threatened. The unsightly bump on her butt had gone and the only thing that was distracting was the huge amount of muscle that was sat upon her small frame. Not being as dry as we become to expect, this looked like a much better look for Iris.

Heather Armbrust's waist was smaller and her overall physique looked much better than her Olympia showing. She has been receiving a little help from Hany Rhambod as of late and it definitely showed. Her width was astounding and held her own when standing with Yaxeni. She needs more thickness and detail through her back to make a more convincing threat against the top three who I would see as Yaxeni, Debbie and Iris.

The waist of Dayana Cadeau was also deflated than past appearances but unfortunately so was her muscles. For a woman of her size she needs to be full to give her the three dimensional look to impress, and today that wasn't so. Another woman who seemed to suffer the fate of flat muscles was Cathy Le-Francois. The condition that she displayed in recent pics was a shadow of the former self. Her trademark striations and fullness that was clinging onto her in recent weeks had gone AWOL and thus was her chance of an expected decent placing.