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Kris Gethin's 2008 Olympia Review: Jay Doesn't Make The Cut!

Leading into the 2008 Mr. Olympia, it was thought that the outcome would be as predictable as a Steven Siegel movie. Today couldn't have been more different because the birth of a new era in our beloved sport arrived.

Jay Doesn't Make the Cut

A new light has dawned upon a world where muscle has been the forefront of evolution, sometimes at the expense of symmetry, balance and beauty.

Maybe this light will now shine upon our youngsters to once again introduce our dying teenage division with the inspiration of attainable size and shape.

A fresh breeze now wafts the air, but who knows where it will take us. Only time knows the answer to this common question, so be patient my Iron Warriors, be patient.

The Blade Dominates & Cuts Out Cutler

Leading into the 2008 Mr. Olympia, it was thought that the outcome would be as predictable as a Steven Siegel movie - explosions, action but pretty much the same conclusion. Today couldn't have been more different because the birth of a new era in our beloved sport arrived.

Cutler had to prove a point in 2008 after his controversial win in 2007 to convince us that he has the formula to get in winning condition which had been MIA as of late.

The Olympia line up had more depth than the Titanic and showed all signs of a battle of placement but unfortunately for some there was simply not enough real estate for the amount of residents.

The Mr. Olympia Top 10

dot 10th: Gustavo Badell dot

    The "Freakin Rican" wasn't anywhere near his previous bests, and paid the penalty with a result similar to a night out when the last song is announced and you still haven't managed to pull a chick - disappointed, desperate and rejected but you take what handed to you.

    10th place was Gustavo's date with destiny as soon as he stepped on stage. He was all over soft in comparison to the sharp shards of sinew we have come to expect from Badell.

    It was apparent that he had sharpened his tools by the Saturday night finals but by this time the fat lady had already sung, and that was "good night sweetheart, its time to go." A professional he is, Gustavo will be back better and badder next year.

dot 9th: Mo El Moussawi dot

    Although his name sounds like a dish that is cooked underground, his physique rose above many veterans and stood several pegs up the Mount Olympus ladder looking down on the likes of Badell and Johnnie Jackson. Moe's tan was a shade pale at the prejudging but that couldn't wash out the fact that this guy was as sliced as a peeled apple mixed in a blender with shards of glass.

    I will be picky (because I can) and mention that his clavicles are rather short which is as useful in bodybuilding as a one legged man in an @ss kicking contest.

    They slightly hinder the flow away from his waist and thigh sweep, but when you watch the twitch of his thin skinned muscle fibers wave distractive signs in your direction; you tend to forget the bad memories for the good. Great Olympia debut from the New Zealander.

dot 8th: Dennis James dot

    His placing may not have reflected Dennis James physique as this was the best he had looked in recent memory. His weight was down, the gut was down but he looked just as big everywhere else. His shoulder width was apparent when I looked at my pictures and noticed that his delts had spilt onto my 9th and 7th place images.

    James's upper body muscle protruded thick slices and cuts, but unfortunately it was nestled onto a pair of legs resembling a monster truck with wheels borrowed from a Paralympic football player.

    OK, I am by exaggerating slightly here, but his thigh definitely needs more sweep to fully carry the width of his shoulders and lats to justify their monstrosity.

dot 7th: Silvio Samuel dot

    If I had a fetish for ripped glutes and pecs then I would've orgasmed on the instant that Silvio Samuel removed his sweats backstage. Upon this monumental occasion I became aware that it wasn't normal to feel this way and the vibration in my pants was my blackberry reminding me that I had a wife who was asking for my competitor listing.

    Back to reality, Silvio was so peeled he appeared to have less on him than a nudist. His increased leg size and separation almost took the attention away from his impressive upper body, particularly in the front double bicep pose where his lats look as straight as a piece of celery. Apart from this pose his only downfall is his size which I am sure will continue to improve in time.

dot 6th: Melvin Anthony dot

    Melvin Anthony's body evolution is the equivalent to using a rusty saw and leeches for brain surgery when the requirement is a laser. Don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking Melvin, quite the contrary, I really admire Melvin's physique and his shape, I only wish he would train more like he was put together by men with hammers and bad body odor rather than a computer on a production line.

    I am very fond of Melvin and his physique (personally and professionally); I just get frustrated to see the amount of potential sitting upon his flawless frame only to be thrown to 6th place. Given, Melvin was harder, throughout his legs in particular but added hardness to those pesky glutes and fullness to his chest and delts would benefit his impact immensely.

dot 5th: Toney Freeman dot

    Toney Freeman is such a nice guy, but watching him have to accept with 5th place was as much fun as driving a punctured wheelbarrow full of shopping whilst experiencing an asthma attack. It was heartfelt to watch because Toney was in such great condition, and the improvements he made from Atlantic City were leaps and bounds but the competition in front of him had all hit their peaks also.

    He was dry all over and the muscles in his back ran deep and full from the insertions in his neck to the origins in his lumbar, the only thing that could've held him back was the fullness presented in his upper body.

    I spoke with Toney in the early hours of the after party only to find that he is still without a supplement contract. So, any companies out there looking for a pro to sponsor, how can you look any further?

dot 4th: Dennis Wolf dot

    The big bad wolf didn't blow the house down as we expected although he did have more mass clinging to his frame than last year. He didn't show the condition of what we had seen in pictures leading up to the show, and his lower back is still in need of some muscle to filter out towards his growing upper back.

    Wolf's gut had started to relax a little in certain poses onstage showing signs of desperation on improving on last years 5th place finish. I hope he doesn't relegate to so much toxicity that the mosquito that bites him has to check into the Betty Ford clinic.

    His symmetry and tiny waist is still quite unique for a Caucasian bodybuilder, however I am not sure he should follow up in 2009 with anymore size, only refinement.

dot 3rd: Phil Heath dot

    He melts barbells on contact; he has acid as blood, can strip Pro Tan with his tong in 10 seconds, he can smell front double biceps and after eating a Met-rx protein bar he has the ability to fly, he is Phil Heath. What a transformation since the Arnold.

    Another 5 lbs heavier in weight but dryer than's food budget (I eat a lot OK). It seems ironic that Cutler introduced Heath to bodybuilding, and later his Weider contract only now find him breathing down his neck vying for that Olympia crown.

    To Cutler it must've been like owning a bear for a pet, I mean it would be cool, until it pulls your head off. From the side Heath muscles hanging from his legs like a horny Labrador and his arms have to be the largest in the world at this moment.

    The only slight downfall I see is his chest width and thickness but this could well be of the fact that everything else has cartoon characteristics and dimension. This appearance alone has to put Heath on top of the favorite list the 2009 Mr. Olympia.

dot 2nd: Jay Cutler dot

    Enjoying the life of being married to Mr. Olympia, following attempts to climb the alter, again Jay found himself wearing the bridesmaid dress.

    Cutler repeated 2007 by arriving so big that if you hitched a trailer from him, you would have to apply for a freight train license upon requesting a piggy back, only repeated his condition along the way. He may have been a couple of hairs leaner on the Friday, and maybe three hairs leaner on the Saturday, it wasn't convincing enough to avoid another controversial decision.

    Maybe this relegation will be enough to bring back the best of Cutler in 2009, especially with Coleman speaking the words of his Olympia return.

dot 1st: Dexter Jackson dot

    The blade sharpened his best tools making sure that Jay didn't make the cut for a third consecutive win. Jackson mentioned on Pro Bodybuilding Weekly earlier in the year that he felt if he could repeat the shape he displayed for his recent Arnold Classic win, it would be enough to topple anyone vying for an Olympia victory, including Cutler.

    How right he was. Jackson's crystal ball was as reliable as a Volvo in a head on collision. His fullness and condition replicated the shape of the 2008's Arnold Classic and snatched the Sandow from the hands of Cutler.

    The lightest and most symmetrical bodybuilder in over 20 years is now our bodybuilding champion. Is this a new dawn for our beloved sport? If so, where will this place the mass monsters of the past? Will they become extinct? And will this open our window of opportunity to reach out to the younger generation, the outside public and our diehard followers. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

2008 Olympia Posing Routines