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Get Swole: Cory Gregory's 16-Week Muscle Building Trainer - Day 62

Cardio might now be your cup of tea, but it will speed up your metabolism and help you lean down. Get it done!

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The point of any good training regimen is to constantly improve. The same goes for your cardio training. If 20 minutes is starting to feel too easy, or your normal work speed is feeling less difficult, it's time to up the intensity. Add another set or increase the speed. You get at least one day of rest after today, so challenge yourself!

Hit today's cardio session hard, stretch and foam roll at will, and then focus on recovery for the rest of the day. Remember, proper rest is just as important as intense training. You need rest to get swole.


Perform 20-30 minutes of HIIT cardio on the equipment of your choice, or take your cardio outdoors! Alternate 1 minute of high-intensity work with 1 minute of low-intensity work until you reach 20-30 minutes.


To support recovery, spur growth, and help prepare your body for the upcoming week, take the following supplements.

With Breakfast
MusclePharm Recon

MusclePharm Recon 1/2 scoop w/ 8-12 oz of water upon waking

MusclePharm Armor-V

With Lunch
MusclePharm Recon

MusclePharm Recon 1/2 scoop w/ 8-12 oz of water

Before Bed

Helps pack on serious lean muscle size and build mass! Go Now!

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