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Get Swole: Cory Gregory's 16-Week Muscle Building Trainer - Day 34

Keep your gains clean and lean by knocking out a short, high-intensity cardio session. This little workout also serves as active recovery to keep you growing strong.

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It's no secret that rest is crucial for growth. In the gym, you damage your muscle fibers and accumulate metabolic stress; outside the gym, through rest and proper nutrition, you repair those damaged fibers and synthesize new muscle. If you cheat your rest, you cheat your overall growth.

The Foundation Phase of Get Swole has three full rest days so you can maximize your potential for muscle gain. Use your rest days to prepare meals for the week, spend time with family and friends, prepare for the next week of workouts, and recover your energy. Stick to the nutrition plan, check out the supplement schedule below, and get swole outside the gym.


To support recovery, spur growth, and help prepare your body for the upcoming week, take the following supplements on your rest days.

It might seem strange to have a dedicated cardio day on a bulking program, but today's short session won't interfere with your gains and could even help you grow. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) can spur muscle growth and serve as active recovery, moving nutrients and oxygen-rich blood through your hungry muscles.

Hit today's cardio session hard, stretch and foam roll at will, and then focus on recovery for the rest of the day. Remember, proper rest is just as important as intense training. You need rest to get swole.


Perform 20-30 minutes of HIIT cardio on the equipment of your choice. Alternate 1 minute of high-intensity work with 1 minute of low-intensity work until you reach 20-30 minutes.

With Breakfast
MusclePharm Recon

MusclePharm Recon 1/2 scoop w/ 8-12 oz of water upon waking

MusclePharm Armor-V

With Lunch
MusclePharm Recon

MusclePharm Recon 1/2 scoop w/ 8-12 oz of water

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