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Georges St-Pierre Can Kick Your Ass. But Can You Outdo Him In Gym? Find Out At!

Yep, Georges St-Pierre can kick your ass. But can you outdo him in the gym? Find out as brings you exclusive access to RUSHFIT - GSP's new workout DVD series.

Yep, Georges St-Pierre Can Kick Your Ass

Do you like a good challenge when it comes time to workout? Like to see what you're made of before the other guy tries to knock the stuffing out of you?

Then the new 8-week at-home fitness program, developed by UFC welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre and elite trainer Erik Owings, might be just what you need to build your best body ever.

"I train hard and I train smart," says GSP, and this innovative program, called GSP RUSHFIT, combines brains and brawn. Built on circuit-training workouts, RUSHFIT help you gain strength, lose weight and build endurance all at once. "In fighting, in evolution, and in life, efficiency is the key," says the fighter.

Hmm, maybe that's what Darwin meant by "survival of the fittest."

GSP RUSHFIT, is built on circuit-training workouts that can help you gain strength, lose weight, and build endurance

Through an exclusive arrangement with the producers of RUSHFIT, Bodybuilding is bringing you two of the videos for free:


GSP Physical Assessment
GSP Physical Assessment A physical assessment, allowing you to see how you stack up against GSP, a legend in MMA at age 29. Step up and see if you're ready to handle this ...

GSP Strength-And-Conditioning Circuit
GSP Strength-And-Conditioning Circuit The "RUSHFIT Finisher" from the "Strength and Endurance" DVD is a 5-minute full-body that leaves even GSP gassed. So you know it's tough!

Are the workouts effective? If you've seen GSP fight ... well, then you've already banished that question from your mind. And if you haven't, tune in when he takes on Jake Shields in UFC 129 in Ontario, Canada, April 30.

The workouts help build muscle and burn fat, combining metabolic conditioning, body-leverage training, and MMA moves into one nonstop workout. Each DVD is divided into five separate, 5-minute rounds that are geared to imitate the feel of an actual MMA fight.

This five-minute round is geared to imitate the feel of an actual MMA fight

When all is said and done, you'll know what it feels like to go the distance in the octagon. The circuit style of training in RUSHFIT will take your conditioning to the next level. As for your physique, the calorie-burn and fat loss from these sessions will continue long after the workout.

Equipment-wise, all you need are dumbbells that could range from 3-to-25 pounds.

The whole set can be purchased for $89.99 on the GSP RUSHFIT website: This includes six DVDs, as well as training and nutrition guides.