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An Interview With George Farah, Just Days Before The 2006 Europa Super Show!

Here is a brief and to the point interview with George Farah just before the 2006 Europa Super Show. Learn more as I ask him about how he will do in the Europa and his plans after. Check it out!

[ Q ] How is your training going for the Europa Pro Show? Any highlights or problems?

    Things are (for the first time) on schedule!

[ Q ] What improvements have you made to your physique this year?

    I'm one of my own worst critics! Improvements have always been my game when I enter any show.

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George Farah.

[ Q ] How do you feel going into this show?

    Top 2!

[ Q ] What are your goals for this show?

    To place ahead of many people who always seem to talk trash but have never backed it up!

[ Q ] How do you feel you will do in this show and why?

    I think I'm going to fair well. The improvements that I keep on making to my physique and the condition I'm going to be in hopefully will not be deniable!

[ Q ] Who do you think the Top 5 will be at the Europa?

    I know I'm one of them!

Who Will Win The 2006 IFBB Europa Men's Bodybuilding Championship?

Darrem Charles.
Johnnie Jackson.
Quincy Taylor.
Toney Freeman.
Dennis Wolf.

George Farah.
Joel Stubbs.
King Kamali.
Frank Roberson.
Nathan Wonsley.

[ Q ] What are your plans after the show? What's next?

[ Q ] Will your fans see you at the 2006 Olympia?

    This is my plan!

[ Q ] How's it been training Heather Mae French?

    Heather is one of the best clients that I have because she has never doubted anything I say and the trust she has for me is a great feeling!   =)

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