Full-Body Training: Twinlab Militia 30-Minute Workout

This Twinlab Muscle Militia workout may only last 30 minutes, but it's a full-body bomb that will challenge each of your major muscle groups to grow. Give it a shot today!

Full-Body Training: Twinlab Militia 30-Minute Workout
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This 30-minute Fuel Team Muscle Militia workout is heavy, intense, and will totally kick your ass. It will push you to utter failure on every major body part, and I'm not talking about mental failure. I'm talking about true physical failure—the point at which you can't perform one more rep. This level of intensity will spark your muscles to grow while torching calories throughout.

This is the only workout I do. I've been on it for five months and I train almost every single day. It's my cardio and my strength work. This workout has put me in my best-ever shape. At 45 years old, that's where I want to be.

Meet the Muscle Militia

Ronnie Milo

Sales rep, Twinlab
Athletic Goal:
Competitive bodybuilder

"I want to be proportionate, work on my weak spots, and make sure I give 100 percent in the gym."

Jason Wheat

Firefighter, Florida
Athletic Goal:
Powerlifter, coming back from pec injury

"My goal is to compete in powerlifting again."

Chris Thompson

VP of Sports Nutrition, Twinlab
Athletic Goal:
Ripped physique

"I just want to be as strong, hard, and lean as I can be."

Because it's so versatile, I know this workout can improve any body type. You're about to watch three different Muscle Militia athletes perform it: Ronnie Milo, a competitive bodybuilder; Jason Wheat, a powerlifter; and me, a physique athlete. We're going to hit this workout together at the same rep range with different levels of resistance to show you exactly what I mean.

Total-Body Muscle Militia Training
Watch The Video - 11:11

Battle Breakdown

For this 30-minute workout, you'll do approximately 2 sets of each exercise. You'll do a quick warm-up set to prepare the muscle group, and then a high-intensity set to utter failure in the 8-15 rep range. Make sure to take the second set to total failure to get the absolute best results.

You'll start the workout by hitting smaller muscle groups first. The exercise selection may seem strange, but we do this to safely prepare the body and joints for the heavier, compound exercises that come later.

As you begin, you may think this workout is easy, but trust me, it'll get a lot harder as you go along. Those compound lifts will hit hard!