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Taking FST-7 Training Program For A Test Drive - Part 1: Chest

FST-7 is an intense and productive program created by Hany Rambod. It is also used by many top Pro bodybuilders. Take it for a test drive.

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It is known throughout the world as the training program for 2009. Everyone in the bodybuilding and fitness industry is buzzing about it. People can't stop talking about it and it is being adapted into training routines across the globe.

It is FST-7, created by "The Pro Creator" Hany Rambod, and it is intense as well as productive. It has to be. 3 Time and 2009 Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler, 202 Mr. O Kevin English, and Mr. Olympia top contender Phil Heath was doing it in preparation for the O. Mark Alvisi won the NPC USA overall title this year on Hany's program. If I ran down everyone who has asked for Hany's help and has incorporated FST-7, it would read like a Who's Who of bodybuilding.

According to Hany, FST-7 stands for:

  1. Fascia: pl. fas·ci·ae : Anatomy - A sheet or band of fibrous connective tissue enveloping, separating, or binding together muscles, organs, and other soft structures of the body.
  2. Stretch: v. stretched, stretching, stretches - To lengthen, widen, or enlarge
  3. Training: the process of bringing a person to an agreed standard of proficiency by practice and instruction.
  4. Seven: The seventh in a set or sequence.

I am going to document my chest workout I did at Greenbrier Valley Fitness on August 13, 2009 and go over each section of my workout.


I had a protein smoothie that contained vanilla protein powder, V8 Fusion, strawberries, and bananas in it one hour before I hit the gym. I was definitely fueled. About 30 minutes before leaving the house, I took my NO product, multi, and 1000mg of Vitamin C. Let's go do this!

Light Stretching and warming up before the first exercise.

F Portion Incline Barbell Bench Press

The first exercise is supposed to be a compound lift and I need incline work, so I started on the incline bench. You are supposed to do 3-or-4 sets of a minimum of eight and a max of 12 reps. You are supposed to go heavy with these. I play the weights and gauge as I go along what was enough resistance.

  • First set: 135 lbs. for 12 reps.
  • 45 seconds rest.
  • Second Set: 185 lbs. for 12 reps.
  • 1 minute rest.
  • Third Set: 225 lbs. for 8 reps.
  • 1 minute rest.
  • Fourth Set: 225 pounds for 7 reps.

It takes about 90 seconds to transition to the next exercise. I am already getting a decent pump. I like it so far, but it is only the beginning. We'll see where this goes.

S Portion Incline Dumbbell Flyes

Exercise number two is an isolation exercise, incline dumbbell flyes. The premise is to stretch the muscle from the inside out while going for volume. I like incline flyes and decided to give these a try for this portion. Again, you want 3-to-4 sets of eight to twelve reps. You go heavy.

  • First Set: 40 lbs. for 12 reps.
  • 1 minute rest.
  • Second Set: 40 lbs. for 12 reps.
  • 1 minute rest.
  • Third Set: 50 lbs. for 10 reps.
  • 1 minute rest.

This is pretty intense. By now my pump is pretty good. I am still feeling strong too. At this point, my buddy Chris Amos (dukeamos22 on BodySpace) joined me for the second half of the workout. We are now moving on to the 'T' part of the workout. By the way, Hany recommends water, water and more water during this. I know why. I was sweating bullets and the gym is air conditioned. Stay hydrated if you try this.

T Portion Dumbbell Bench Press

This portion requires another compound lift. I like dumbbells and a lot of the programs I read on FST-7 include dumbbells so dumbbell press seemed like a perfect fit. Like the previous two sessions, three to four sets of 8-to-12 reps and these are also heavy.

  • First Set: 70 pound dumbbells for 12 reps.
  • Rest long enough for Chris to go.
  • Second Set: 80 pound dumbbells for 12 reps.
  • Rest long enough for Chris to go. He got 8.
  • Third Set: 100 pound dumbbells for 8 reps. (I would have went heavier, but the 100's are as heavy as the gym goes.)
  • Rest long enough for Chris to go. He did the 90's for 5.

Oh my God! This is intense. I haven't felt a pump like this in a long time. Chris is ecstatic too. Now we get to the "fun" part of the training session. If you think the sevens is nothing special, I challenge you to try this.

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7 Portion Cable Crossover

The last one needs to be an isolation exercise. It is too taxing to do a compound exercise for the sevens. Plus, the sevens are meant to target a certain muscle only and isolate it. He also suggests machine because you follow a fixed motion.

We set up the cable station and go with 55 pounds and decide if we need to, we can adjust. We definitely didn't need to go heavier. This was freaking crazy. You are supposed to rest 30-45 seconds between sets. To be safe, as soon as I was done, Chris started, then as soon as he finished, I went, and so on. It turned out to be about 30 seconds rest for both of us.

  • First Set: 55 Pounds - Roger 12 reps. Chris 12 reps.
  • 30 Seconds Rest.
  • Second Set: 55 Pounds - Roger 12 reps. Chris 12 reps.
  • 30 Seconds Rest.
  • Third Set: 55 Pounds - Roger 12 reps. Chris 12 reps.
  • 30 Seconds Rest.

At this point, I am thinking that I can get all 7 sets for 12 reps. Then I keep going.

  • Fourth Set: 55 Pounds - Roger 12 reps. Chris 12 reps.
  • 30 Seconds Rest.
  • Fifth Set: 55 Pounds - Roger 10 reps. Chris 9 reps.
  • 30 Seconds Rest.

At this point, I am aware that 7 sets of 12 isn't happening.

  • Sixth Set: 55 Pounds - Roger 10 reps. Chris 10 reps.
  • 30 Seconds Rest.
  • Seventh Set: 55 Pounds - Roger 8 reps. Chris 8 reps.

Done. Definitely done. Chris and I are both spent.

FST-7 Test Drive: Chest
Barbell Incline Bench Press - Medium Grip Barbell Incline Bench Press - Medium Grip


Incline Dumbbell Flyes

3-4 sets of 8-12 reps
Incline Dumbbell Flyes Incline Dumbbell Flyes


Dumbbell Bench Press

3-4 sets of 8-12 reps
Dumbbell Bench Press Dumbbell Bench Press


Cable Crossover

7 sets of 8-12 reps
Cable Crossover Cable Crossover

After The Workout

The workout took 33 minutes total. I never had a pump like this. The sevens are intense and Chris and I both felt them. We both decided that FST-7 is great and I personally am going to implement it into my permanent routine. I had two protein bars as soon as I finished and I took some BCAA's and 1000mg more of Vitamin C. Recovery is crucial with this program because you can overtrain easily and need the nutrition.


There is no doubt in my mind that FST-7 is a program that everyone should try. If you are a beginner, be careful, go for only three sets and stay light for the sevens. If you are more advanced, do not take this program lightly! This is quick and intense. It is an awesome program and I know why everyone is jumping on the Pro Creator bandwagon.

To find out more about FST-7, go to

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