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#FreakMode: Alex Savva's 12-Week Fitness Plan - Week 8, Day 55

You made it! With four weeks of brutal volume training behind you, you've earned a couple of rest days.

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Cardio 30-60 minutes

Today, I want you to do some cardio. What type of cardio you do is completely up to you. You can play soccer, do another HIIT circuit, or go for a run or bike ride. The point is to elevate your heart rate and get sweaty.

I like to use this day to get out of the gym and enjoy some time outside. If the weather is permitting, I encourage everyone to go outside. Even if there's snow on the ground, take the opportunity to go skiing, snowshoeing, or taking the kids sledding.

Try to make this cardio session at least 30 minutes. Your heart and lungs need a good workout!

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