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Best Of The Forums: September 11th, 2005.

The best threads and posts from the forum right here once a week. Read below to catch the latest from our forum members.

Supplement Thread Of The Week

Rebound Xt

Even though prohormones have been banned, there are still many people that are using them, or other hormone products. However, with the hormone products come several side effects that need to be avoided.

So, there are products that help return hormone levels to normal, including testosterone and estrogen. This week, we talk about Rebound XT by Designer Supplements, a supplement designed to help control the levels of both testosterone and estrogen.

Check out the thread here, started by 'J-Crash.' If you're looking for a products that does just that, check the thread out to get some questions answered.

Poll Of The Week

Best Fat Burner Poll

With an increase in supplement companies comes an increase in duplicate products. There are lots and lots of fat burners and it's hard for one person to sift through all of the duds. This week, we ask our members what their favorite and most effective fat burner is.

The thread, started by 'bornkilla,' can help anyone find the best fat burner without spending a fortune on hyped up ones that don't live up to their promises. Check out the thread here.

Nutrition Thread Of The Week

What Are Some Really Calorie Rich Foods?

Bulking can be a difficult feat for many people. Some people can't eat enough calories throughout the day to put on serious mass while others' metabolism is just too fast to allow bulking to have an effect.

Getting sufficient calories during bulking is a must and some people need some help with that. In this week's nutritional thread, we list some foods that are calorie dense, for those of you that need those extra 500. Sound like you?

The thread can be found here. We can thank 'ol'matey' for such a useful thread.

Workout Log Of The Week

12 Week Commitment To MASS

This week, 'diffie6382's 12 week commitment to mass comes up on top as the best workout log. It is extremely detailed, easy to follow, and contains a lot of great info for people that are reading it.

Click To Enlarge.

A lot of people have contributed to his log and have given lots of tips to him that everyone can make great use of. The thread can be found here and when you check it out, you'll see why it's this week's best workout log.

Picture Thread Of The Week

Post Your Ideal Physique

Everyone has their idea of the perfect body. Some people like the Brad Pitt look, while others are looking for the Arnold look. Nevertheless, if you ask anyone to depict the perfect body, they will be able to do it for you. This week's best picture thread is devoted to everyone's favorite body physique.

Click To Enlarge.
Some Ideal Physiques.

This is a thread for everyone, so check it out and put up a picture too. 'Blindfaith' started this thread, and many, many people have added to it - so should you.

Question Of The Week

List Here: _________Your Favorite Healthy Snacking Food

I've said it before and I'll say it again: bodybuilding is 90% in the kitchen and 10% in the gym and anyone will tell you that. Without the proper diet and nutrition, lifting weights won't do anything for you.

Keeping on track is difficult and no one will deny that. However, it is important to have a snack every once in a while in order to stay completely sane.

In this thread, a lot of people have made a fantastic list of snacks that are healthier than most. Thank you to 'Second Skin Rep' for starting this great thread.

Check out this thread if you're looking to add some healthy snacks to your day.

Post Of The Week

Think Bodybuilding Is
Time Consuming, Too Hard, Too Costly & Worthless?

Most of the people on the message boards know that the commitment to bodybuilding and fitness is something that we all find worthwhile. As with everything in life, there will be people that find it useless, not worthwhile, and too costly.

We call those people Debbie Downers. The post of the week is for those people that look down upon people that devote their lives to being healthy. Those people can sit on the couch, eat potato chips, and drink excessive amounts of pop.

And for those people, this thread will help them realize that we aren't crazy and that fitness is worthwhile. Thank you 'Fresh_Jale' for such a great thread for all the haters.

Motivational Thread Of The Week

I Have A New Purpose For Working Out

Everyone has their own reason for bodybuilding or just fitness in general. Whether it be to get the women, to be more intimidating, to help prevent illness, to extend life, or to just live a healthier life. 'nitr0x2' however, has found a new reason to work out.

His reason is actually kind of inspirational and might even help us if we lose the motivation. Check out the thread, and his reason for lifting, here - there are even some pretty funny comments left by other members that you can check out if you're looking for a good laugh.