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Best Of The Forums - Olympia Edition: October 2nd, 2007.

This week we have topics about the Olympia competition including result predictions, judges results, and much more... See what our forum members have to say about these topics and share your own opinion right here!

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Ms. Olympia Thread
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-> SNAC Athlete Iris Kyle Has The 3-peat As MS. Olympia:

The Ms. Olympia competition is quite often overlooked by many people interested in the men's competition because some people think that it's not as exciting or competitive as the men's is. This is in fact completely false! I watched this years, as well as past years, competition and let me tell you - the judging, fans, and physiques are just as impressive as the men's competitions.

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Iris Kyle At The 2007 Olympia.
View More Pics Of Iris Kyle Here.

This year's Ms. Olympia is Iris Kyle and this is a congratulatory thread for her. She has certainly done her sponsor 'SNAC' proud in winning this coveted award. Congratulations Iris!

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Gaspari At The Olympia
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-> GASPARI at the Olympia:

There were hundreds of representatives from dozens of supplement companies at the Olympia weekend and there were lots of giveaways, parties, and promoting of new and upcoming products in the various companies' lines.

Gaspari Nutrition Gaspari Nutrition.
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The reason that Gaspari's presence at the Olympia stood out was because of the charisma of their representatives and the super good looking women that came along with them. Not to mention, an after party to end all after parties with Gaspari fitness models, free supplements, the latest news on products, product promotions, and bikini-clad women. What else could you ask for?

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The Gaspari Girls.

For these reasons, Gaspari gets some of the spotlight for their participation at the Olympia weekend. Check it out here and see what you missed if you couldn't make it!

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Result Predictions
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-> USPLabs' Trail Of Treasures Contest:

So this next thread, though not initially Olympia-based, recently presented its readers with a task. Normally, this thread is an ongoing competition that included chin-ups, bench pressing, among others. Before the Olympia, the challenge for those involved in the thread was to predict the results of the Mr. Olympia competition.

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Who Do You Think Should Have Won?
View More Pics From The 2007 Olympia Here.

This really isn't as easy as it sounds as there are so many athletes at the peak of their performance and so many possibilities for an upset of a favoured bodybuilder. I'm not about to tell you who, if anyone at all, predicted the outcome correctly so take a look at the last few pages of this thread and see for yourself! Made prediction? Let everyone know if you can in fact tell the future!

It Was A Controversial Year.
Who Do You Think Should Have Won The 2007 Olympia?

Jay Cutler.
Victor Martinez.
Dexter Jackson.
Ronnie Coleman.
Dennis Wolf.
Melvin Anthony.
Silvio Samuel.
Gustavo Badell.
Johnnie Jackson.

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Official Judges' Results
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-> 2007 Olympia Scorecard:

Every time that I watch the Olympia competition, I always want to know how close the competition really is. Sometimes I think the difference in points between the top two guys is big while other times I know it has to be small. Unfortunately, I've never actually seen how an Olympia competition is scored and so I bring you this thread which actually has official round scoring for each of the male competitors.

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It's very interesting to see how the professionals scored the men and even more interesting to see by how much one man beat the other. Ever wonder if you should be getting paid for your judging? Check it out and see how your scores stack up with the real judges of the competition!

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Not The Best Olympia Ever?
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-> 2007, 80, Or 81 Olympia The Worst Ever?

So now that we've discussed the great parts of this year's Olympia, it's time to discuss some elements that viewers thought needed to be bettered. As with most sports competitions, there are years which are extremely memorable and years which people wish they could forget.

Actually managing to run a competition for several decades and making each year more impressive and exciting than the last is a VERY difficult task and some people just believe that it is not possible. In this thread, there are several people who were disappointed with this years' Olympia competition.

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Many People Were Disappointed.
View More Pics From The 2007 Olympia Here.

It's important for people to voice their opinions because the competition is for the people, after all. If you think that there are/were aspects that should be changed, let the community know what you think. There are always ways to better something and the Olympia competition is no exception.

Though an extremely exciting and entertaining weekend, there are certainly elements that viewers would like altered. This thread is where you can let others know what you thought about the competition and what you'd like done differently in the future.

Was The 2007 Olympia The Worst Ever?

Not Sure.