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Best Of The Forums: November 5th, 2006.

This week we have topics about BCAA's & EAA's, Canadian orders from, soy milk, and much more... See what our forum members have to say about these topics and share your own opinion right here!

Supplement Thread Of The Week

Bcaa Or Eaa

BCAA and EAA supplementation has hit an all time high recently. Studies have shown how effective these products are in muscle recovery and rebuilding. A lot of people, however, have been asking about the difference between the 2 (well, aside from the name).

To be completely honest, I wasn't sure so I had to do some research myself. Anyway, this week's supplement thread is about BCAA's and EAA's. 'RONNY_ZZR' wanted to find out the difference so he came to the boards.

This thread has lots of great information about the two supplements and how they differ and relate in terms of bodybuilding. This is a very interesting topic so I highly advise that you check this one out.

Informational Thread Of The Week Supp Shipping To Canada

In the past, there have been some problem with getting orders shipped to Canada - not because they never got here, but because they took long and those bastards at the border taxed the hell out of the packages. So what's a boy to do? Well, has been kind enough to change their shipping method to Canada. Sure, it does cost a little more now, but it's faster and no more customs fees!

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Oh, Canada.

My fellow Ontarionian '_superdave' wants to know how long it has taken other Canadian orders to arrive because he's getting anxious. I'm always interested in these kinds of threads because I like to look for patterns in shipping so that I know for myself.

    Check Your Order Status Here.

Check it out here if you're a first time (or return) buyer here at - it'll give you a good idea as to how long you're looking to wait for your package.

Canadian Customs
Il Faut Que Tu Aimes
L'Agence Des Douanes Du Canada.

Question Of The Week

Normally I like to save the question of the week for the supplement boards. However, this week I think it's important to move it over to the nutrition boards. I have come across a surprising amount of people on the boards that drink soy milk instead of regular, good ol' cows milk. I've never really thought twice about it until I read an article about soy milk a few months back.

Is The Dairy Cow On The Way Out?

This thread is a great summary of how soy milk compares to the standard kind and why one should be chosen over the other. I think it's very important that everyone who drinks milk (either kind) check the thread out.

There is a lot of great info and it's a great indicator of why one is better than the other. Thank you to 'Someguy150' for starting this thread and allowing others to shed some light on the subject.

Nutritional Thread Of The Week

Pizza, Pizza, Pizza

Alright, so on to the nutritional thread of the week. I love Pizza. Do you love Pizza? Yes, you probably do. I mean, who doesn't love pizza? It's delicious and fun and you can load it with just about anything! Problem is, all those pizza places make pizza's that have a terrible nutritional profile. Solution? Make your own!

'rake922' wanted to know if pizza was good for bulking. The answer that most gave was that it was, but at the cost of valuable nutrition. Making your own pizza solves that problem. Whole wheat dough or pita bread would make a great base for a wonderful home made pizza.

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Who Doesn't Love Pizza?

Add a sauce of choice, low/fat free cheese and lots of veggies and chicken and you have a pizza fit for a king (or at least a bodybuilder). Check out the thread here and see that it's not all that hard!

Poll Of The Week

Which Is The Better Anti-E?

For any members that have used a hormonal product, anti-estrogens are an important part in returning the body to natural levels. 'DefensorFortis' started this poll in hopes of finding the best anti-estrogen product available.

If you've ever used any of these products, whether following a hormonal product cycle or simply giving yourself a boost, vote in this poll. There are also lots of great comments, opinions, and tips that are shared in this thread. If are also looking to use an anti-estrogen product, this thread would be a great start to narrow down your selection in a sea of possibilities.

    View Anti-Estrogen Products Sorted By Top Sellers Here.

    • Gaspari Nutrition Presents: Novedex XT
    • ErgoPharm Presents: 6-OXO
    • Goliath Labs Presents: Tribuloid

'Nothing To Do With Bodybuilding' Thread Of The Week

The *Official* Final Fantasy XII Thread.

I'd like apologize in advance to anyone who doesn't like videogames. Alright, so now that t hat's out of the way, this week's 'Nothing to do with body building' thread is all about Final Fantasy XII. I have been a huge Final Fantasy fan for a decade and a half and as nerdy as this may sound, I think that the games have changed my life.

Are You A Fan Of Final Fantasy?

Yes, It's Awesome!
No, It's Overrated.
What The Heck Is Final Fantasy?

The evolution of the games is astounding and though the earlier ones are the best ones, the new ones are revolutionary. Anyone who has never played a Final Fantasy game is really missing out.

So anyhoo, I give you 'The *Official* Final Fantasy XII' thread. It contains, hints, tips, as well as what others have to say about the game in the week that it's been out. Check it out, even if you haven't been following the dynasty since day one. Again, sorry to those who don't like games but I had to do this for myself.