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Best Of The Forums - May 7th, 2006.

This week, from the forum billboards of, our members share more great topics. Find out how much others bench, alcohol worries, banana bread and much more. Check it out!

Funny Thread Of The Week

Quick Tutorial For Everyone

You know how there's always that one person on the forums that is just a complete tool and couldn't give you a straight answer if his life depended on it? Well, with this thread, you can be free of that person.

Right-Click On Video, "Zoom In" To Enlarge. Use Mouse To Grab And Pan.
CREATED BY A FORUM MEMBER: How To Block An Idiot In The Forums.

It's kind of hard to explain exactly what the thread is, but I definitely LOL'd (Laughed Out Loud) and I'm sure you will, too. Just check it out and give 'cakedonkey' a round of applause for this one!

Poll Of The Week

How Much Can You Bench Press?

To be completely honest, I am very surprised that I didn't come across a poll like this ages ago. But, lo and behold, it has arrived. This week's poll, asked by 'Joel', is "How much can you bench press?" - the question that everyone asks to judge how strong someone else is.

Click Image To Go Vote In The Forum Poll.
Have You Voted Yet?

A typical conversation might look something like this: "Do you work out?" "Yeah, I do." "Yeah? How much do you bench?" We've all heard it a million times, and now... it's just in poll form.

How Much Can You Flat Bench Press (1 Rep Max, Proper Form, Freeweights, Unassisted, Be Honest)?

More Than 500 Lbs. - Yeah!
450-500 Lbs.
400-449 Lbs.
350-399 Lbs.
300-349 Lbs.
250-299 Lbs.
200-249 Lbs.
Less Than 200 Lbs. - Sigh.
Don't Know.
Who Cares? I Wouldn't Be Caught Dead Doing Bench Presses!

If you feel like battling with the big boys, check out the thread and see how you compare to others on the board. Mind you, God only knows how many people are actually honest in these kinds of polls, but we'll have to give humanity the benefit of the doubt on this one.

Nutritional Thread Of The Week

Least Harmful Alcohol

alcohol Like most others, you probably enjoy an occasional night to drink some alcohol and forget all of your worries.

However, like most others, you probably know how bad alcohol is for the bodybuilding and/or fitness lifestyles. Like it or not, there comes a time when you just have to go out and celebrate something.

So, if you absolutely must drink alcohol for one reason or another, what is the best kind to drink without completely compromising your body?

Bodybuilding & Alcohol: Do They Mix? Bodybuilding & Alcohol: Do They Mix?
This article is not intended to dissuade people from using alcohol moderately, for recreational purposes, but will point out, from an athlete and a researchers point of view, its significant shortcomings.
[ Click here to learn more. ]

Check out this thread and see the answers for 'midwesttester'.

Recipe Of The Week

Low-Fat Banana Bread Protein Squares

Wow, I just realized how much I love food! Not just that, but I also just realized how much I love homemade food that's fit for a bodybuilder! This week, I offer you (well, actually 'lp4life' offers you) a delicious recipe for banana bread squares.

banana Oh, that's not all - these are high protein, low fat banana bread squares and they sound phenomenal. I am going to cut right to the chase and give you the link to the recipe. If anyone decides to make them, please email me and let me know how they taste!

Question Of The Week

Why Bodybuild?

This week's question is a bit different than previous ones. This one is a bit more serious and a bit more thought-provoking. Bodybuilding takes a lot of time, patience, dedication, and heart. People get into the sport for many different reasons.

How Did You Begin Bodybuilding? How Did You Begin Bodybuilding?
How did you begin bodybuilding? Find out how other bodybuilders got started...
[ Click here to learn more. ]

This thread made me look back a few years and really make me think - why did I ever start lifting weights and did I have any idea how much of my life it would take up? The answer is absolutely not, but I wouldn't trade it for the world.

What's your reason? Check out what others had to say on the subject here and tell everyone why you got started. Thanks to 'DanielBloomberg' for this one.

Workout Log Of The Week

J.L.C.'s Road To The Open Division

This week, I have selected the workout journal of 'J.L.C.' to be featured in the BOF. The thing that really drew me to this journal is that it's a prep journal for a contest. We haven't had many of those in the past, so I thought it'd be nice to feature one today.

Click Image To Enlarge.
J.L.C.: Before, During, And After.

This log is a great one to follow if you, too, are looking to enter a competition in the near future. There are great diet tips as well as workout tweaking recommendations to make sure you are ready for the big show. So, check out the journal here and see what it takes to get ready for the judges!