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The Best Of The Forums: May 29, 2005!

The best threads from the forum in one place updated each week. Read below to catch the latest from our forum members.

This is the first of a new weekly segment at entitled "The Best of the Forums." Each week, we will select the best threads and/or posts from the forum boards and feature them here.

These threads/posts can be about anything. If they are eye catching, informative, helpful, thought provoking, or just outrageous, they will be selected for this segment. There will be different categories each week with special categories as well. Tune in each week and see what your fellow members are discussing that you should be a part of!

Funniest Thread Of The Week

Ever wonder what kind of underwear other members wear? I know I don't. This week's winner of the funniest thread goes to Blown00Mustang who seems to be very interested in knowing what kind of underpants fellow members wear when working out. Sound like something that interests you?

Read more here. Hopefully you'll get the answers that you need; otherwise, you're looking in the wrong place!

Best Supplement Thread Of The Week

In late 2004, early 2005, CEE (creatine ethyl ester) has become an increasingly popular supplement. Users of the supplement say it gives you all the benefits of regular creatine monohydrate without the bloat and with less than half the daily dosage as well as no 'loading phase' requirements/suggestions.

This weeks 'Supplement of the Week' thread goes to Iceman00 who challenges members to rate their CEE products and to discuss the effects with fellow members.

If you're interested in taking CEE but aren't quite sure which one works best, why not read up on how effective it has been for other forum members here. If you have tried a CEE product, post some feedback on it in this thread - it will be very helpful to those getting started!

Best Picture Thread Of The Week

There are a lot of members of who have to, or choose to, work out at home. A lot of people, however, don't have the most expensive equipment or the most complicated set ups in their garage or basements. Are you ever curious how your home gym compares to others on the forums? Big Stuart was and his thread is the picture thread of the week.

Click To Enlarge.

Take a look at the pictures posted by other members here and maybe you'll get an idea or two to improve your home gym and give others a run for their money!

Most Inspirational Thread Of The Week

Onto a more serious note: this is my favorite thread of the week and was started by drunken bastard. He asks any members who were once very skinny or even anorexic to post before and after pictures of themselves just as he did.

It's really very inspiring to see how people can change for the better and beat anorexia. It is also great to see how members of the forums encourage each other to become better people in a world of turmoil and hate.

Anorexia: Food Is The Enemy!
Over a year ago I was hospitalized for an eating disorder. The following article explains exactly what anorexia is and following afterwards is the story of my experience with it.
[ Click here to learn more. ]

If you'd like to share your story or commend those who have, go here. You will be shocked at the transformations. I guarantee it.

Workout Log Of The Week

It's great to see how other members on the message boards are doing and how close they really are to attaining the goals that they set out to reach.

This week's winner for the 'Workout Log of the Week' goes to Brego, hands down. Let's face it; with over 3,000 replies to this thread, it is without a doubt the top log. There are hundreds of great tips for not only Brego in his quest, but tips that anyone reading it can take to heart.

Many members have contributed to the thread and have done an incredible job. If you'd like to see Brego's progress, or if you'd like to compare your goals with Brego's and use the tips given by others, just visit here - I guarantee that you'll learn something reading this thread!

Nutrition Thread Of The Week

Shopping can be a real pain in the gluteus maximus, especially with all of the so-called 'fat free,' 'low-carb,' and 'no calorie' options.

For those of you that are having a hard time piecing together and coming up with a solid list of healthy foods to fuel your body, the thread has a couple excellent shipping lists for you.

Food Nutrient Database.
Find out how many grams of protein, carbs and fat are in the foods you eat, along with the full vitamin and mineral profile.
[ Click here to learn more. ]

Check the things you like, make sure you're getting all of the carbs, proteins, fats, fiber, vitamins, minerals, etc. that you need, and go nuts!

With the help of Bodybuilder J's thread, you can have a fresh new shopping list in no time full of the essentials for building a lean, muscular body.

Financial Thread Of The Week

We all know that supplementation is a key element in bodybuilding. Deciding which supplements are best for you is one thing, but deciding which supplements are best for your wallet is completely different!

You know how much you spend each week/month on your supplements that you use; ever wonder how much others are forking over for the goods?

Ever wonder if you're paying more for supplements compared to what others are paying? Find out here and see how your supplement budget stacks up against other members'.

Best Post Of The Week

I'm going to finish this week's "The Best of the Forums" with the best post of the week.

As bodybuilders, we all know the importance of diet. Sometimes, we all miss the food that we used to be able to eat and there's no denying that at times, we wish we could eat whatever we wanted.

It's very important to spruce things up, to make things more interesting, and to make eating healthy a little more enjoyable.

With that, I give you the top post of the week by BackInTheJox; a simple recipe for high protein ice cream with all the taste but none of the guilt of regular ice cream.

Just visit here for the delicious recipe (post #2). Just to let you know, I made it 2 days ago and don't know how I've gone this long without it!

Bon Appetit!

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