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Best Of The Forums - March 5th, 2006.

Get the best threads and posts on the forum this week. The discussion this time ranges from how well Diesel Test works to some low fat recipes for that boring diet. Check it out!

Supplement Thread Of The Week

Your Arginine Ethyl Ester Opinions!

Ethyl-Ester forms of compounds are getting more and more popular. First there was creatine monohydrate, then creatine ethyl ester, and now even L-arginine is being sold as an ethyl ester. There are a lot of creatine monohydrate 'non-responders' that claim to have responded to the ethyl ester creatine.

Clayton's Health Facts: Arginine Ethyl Ester Clayton's Health Facts: Arginine Ethyl Ester.
Today We Will Discuss: Arginine Ethyl Ester - Better Absorption, For Better Pumps!
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Does this mean that an arginine ethyl ester (AEE) will work better than the alpha-ketoglutarate version? In this thread, 'merp' asks the question for everyone to respond to.

If you've used both forms of arginine, check out the thread and tell us what you think. Was there a difference? If so, which was better? With chemistry advancing, it'd be great to know if the science behind the change can in fact be seen.

Question Of The Week

Want To Get Involved In The Supp Business? How?

I think it's fairly accurate to say that most of the people on the supplement boards would be more than willing to start their own supplement company. I, for one, would love to be the head of a new company and I'm sure you would, too. So, how do you get started in the business?

Well, if your dad happens to own an
animal feed store, I've got an idea...

Knowledge is a must, but how do you actually get into it? 'Laxman11' has the same ambitions as many of us and wants to know how he should go about his endeavor. Check out the thread that he started here and see what other members think is needed in order to pursue such a career.

Argument Of The Week

How Long Does Diesel Test Take To Work?

As we all know, testosterone is what makes men. We also know that testosterone is very important in muscle recovery and protein synthesis.

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There are a lot of products out there that promise an increase in testosterone levels in the body, which should theoretically lead to better and leaner gains. Get Diesel's "Diesel Test" has been getting lots of attention lately and from what I've heard, it seems to be a solid and effective product.

I came across this thread by 'PaulS' today and it really made we wonder. The argument of the week is regarding the effectiveness of Diesel Test. Check it out here - and if you've tried it, let everyone know whether or not it worked for you.

Poll Of The Week

Your Dream Stack: Rated 10 Out Of 10

As I said last week, summer is approaching fast and most people are in denial. I love the summer, but my body isn't quite ready for the beach. A lot of members will soon, if not already, be resorting to a cutting stack to shed the fat that they put on while bulking. This week's poll is about a cutting stack.

Are You Ready For The Beaches?
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With the criteria listed by 'Liverpool', he wants you all to come up with the most effective cutting stack. This is a great thread for anyone looking for a new stack or some ideas as to what to add to their current one. Check it out - good stuff.

Workout Log Of The Week

Aqua's Strength-Tastic Crusade

This week I have selected the journal of 'aqua-beowulf' to showcase. It's nice to see someone that has built their own gym and take such pride in it. Not to mention the detail that he goes into for his workout program.

He has also included his diet, which is excellent. For those of you that are looking to start a journal of your own, this is a great template.

Being detailed (like Aqua) will help others in critiquing and improvement. Check it out and follow along - there are some great tips and suggestions from other members that I'm sure everyone could take to heart.

Nutrition Thread Of The Week

Need Recipe...

Okay, so I'm going to give you guys a nice treat today. If you're getting bored of your diet and feel limited to what you can eat, check this thread out. It has a recipe for some delicious high protein, low fat, good carbohydrate recipes, including the all mighty pancake!

Great Transformation Recipes! Great Transformation Recipes!
Here are some great transformation recipes for those of you looking for better ways to eat healthy and inexpensive. These are some of the creations I have made. Try them out!
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Let's face it, bodybuilding diets can be very, very bland. This thread will help you look forward to waking up in the morning when all you eat everyday are oats and whey (not to say I really mind those that much). A big thanks goes out to 'a_sower' for starting this thread and the other members who have been awesome and shared their secrets with us!