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Best Of The Forums - March 12th, 2006.

This week we have a wide range of topics ranging from stupidest, which said something about adding an ester to water, to a workout log that will help get you ready for summer.

Nutrition Thread Of The Week

Cottage Cheese:  4%, 2%, 0%?

If you haven't added cottage cheese to your daily diet, then you are missing out on a stable bodybuilding food. Besides being jam packed with slow-digesting protein, it is low in fat and can be added to just about anything - fruit, lasagna, or as a topping on waffles with yogurt (my personal favorite!). Instead of buying tubs of casein protein, have a cup of cottage cheese to keep your body fed at night.

bowl of cottage cheese
A Tasty Bowl Of Fat-Free
Cottage Cheese.

Now onto the thread... 'gators53' is wondering if eating 4% cottage cheese is really that much worse than 2%. In a nutshell, there is so little fat in cottage cheese that it doesn't really matter. Unless you're really watching your fat intake, then go nuts. Check it out here and jump on the bandwagon if you haven't yet.

Stupidest Thread Of The Week

Water Ethyl Ester

For the last few weeks, it has come to my attention that it has become easier than ever to find stupid threads. For every one good thread, there are 3 or 4 that are useless. This week, 'Mynameis?????' was wondering if adding an ester group to water will, and I quote, "make your muscles take in more water."

7 Reasons Why Bodybuilders Need More Water 7 Reasons Why Bodybuilders Need More Water
Water is needed for every single metabolic process, including protein synthesis. So if your training intensity is high, one of the simplest things you can do for your body is to drink more water.
[ Click here to learn more. ]

I can see why he might think that, what with all these supplements being esterified for better uptake. However, I think he's failed to see that he's talking about water... Water. Our bodies are something like 70% water as is - what the h*ll more do you want? Wow... sorry about that. Anyways, here's a good laugh. Thanks, buddy.

Picture Threads Of The Week

Arnold Classic: Pics & Experiences

As you are probably already aware, the 2006 Arnold Classic was a few weeks ago. From what I have read and the footage I have seen, it seemed like an absolute success. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend, due to the location - but would love to go at some point in the next few years.

Click Image To Visit Arnold 2006 Special Feature.
Arnold Classic 2006 Coverage And Results.

This week's best picture thread is actually comprised of 2 separate threads with the same goal - a place to post pictures that you took while at the Arnold Classic 2006 in Ohio.

Hot Xenadrine Chicks
Click Image To Enlarge.
Arnold Hotties!

These two threads (here, and here) were started by 'sawastea' and 'italionstallion', respectively. There are some great pictures here that everyone should check out, especially if you couldn't make it to the show.

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Question Of The Week

Absolute Worst Supplement Investment You've Ever Made?

Whether you want to admit it or not, we have all bought a supplement that we regret forking over the money for. This thread is pretty much just board members telling us what they regret buying, or what the worst supplement investment they ever made was.

"I hope no one comes in this thread
and lists 'The Strap'..."

Some of the responses that you'll see are quite funny which is why I wasn't sure if I should make this the Funniest Thread Of The Week or not. But here we are, and I am quite pleased with the amount of replies to the thread.

two cents Check it out, and be sure to add your own two cents to the mix. We can thank 'sjl25' for this one.

Poll Of The Week

Who Has Actually Used What They Recommend?

This is a good one. I've actually wondered about this for awhile, and now I can finally find the answer. How many of the board members are actually recommending products that they've never actually used? A silly question on the surface, I know, but you'll be surprised at the answer.

Click Image To Visit The Forum Poll.

I, personally, would never tell someone to use something that I can't vouch for, nor would I recommend a product that hasn't served me well. However, according to the poll, there is a good portion of board members that feel others are recommending products that they themselves have not tried.

Do You Think Most Forum Members Recommend Products That They Actually Use?

They Recommend Products They Would Try But Haven't Yet.

Interesting. Check out the thread here and see for yourself. Thanks 'deserusan'.

Workout Log Of The Week

Ronz0r's Cutting Thread

sun Is it just me, or is it getting warmer outside? Can't wait for the beach and the sun. This week's journal is a cutting one, and for obvious reasons. I'm really sorry if I'm scaring you with all of these "summer is approaching" threats, but it is (and fast)! Click here to check out the cutting journal of 'ronz0r'.

A pretty solid regimen to shed some fat. If you're looking for a template or just some motivation, check it out. He goes into a lot of detail with his diet, training, and college life situation - so if you've hit a plateau or just want something fresh, read up and see how his regimen is working for him.

What's A Plateau?
A level of attainment or achievement in weight loss or bodybuilding where one gets "stuck in a rut", barring further progress or noticable results. As obvious as it may seem, if you continue to do the same thing, you will continue to get the same results. Click here for tips on breaking through plateaus.