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The Best Of The Forums: June 26, 2005.

The best threads from the forum in one place updated each week. Read below to catch the latest from our forum members.
Welcome back, devoted readers. It's been another awesome week with more awesome threads. This week's Best of the Forums is pretty much all over the place with lots of different topics from totally different aspects of body building, and as you will see, life as well.

I thank you again for making the BOF so successful and I can't thank you enough for reading each week. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to email me - I do not bite and am anxious to hear what you have to say! Without further adieu, here are the best threads of the week.

Funniest Thread Of The Week

Any Guys Ever Snuck Into A Girls Bathroom?

    A lot of people do a lot of weird things. Some admit to them, while others always deny taking part in such an activity. What about someone that does something weird, completely willingly, and then asks others if they do it too? Is it to see if others have equally weird 'fetishes'? I'm not sure.

    This week's funniest thread is by sword chucks. He is curious if there are any other guys that have or have considered sneaking into the girl's bathroom. To be honest, I haven't, and don't really have the urge to either. That's just me though, and obviously there are other's who have done it and others who would like to try it. If you'd like to see who has done it and find out whether or not it was as awesome as you may (or may not) think, check out the thread here.

Most Inspirational Thread Of The Week

What Motivates You!! What Keeps You Going?

    Each week we feature a thread that is inspiring to read and that provides the reader with motivation to keep on doing what he's/she's doing. Sometimes, it gets hard to get your ass in the gym, and we all know that. Sometimes these threads are about people's life changing stories, and other times, these threads are a collection of tips and tricks from other members.

    How do others get motivated? Mr Gastric's thread has a couple dozen sure-fire ways to get you back in the gym right now! Read here and get ready to get back into gear!

Picture Thread Of The Week

Shoulders! Post Your Shoulders!

    There are several muscles on the human body that people pay the most attention to: biceps, triceps, lats, pecs, and quads, to name a few. However, there are a lot of muscles that don't get the respect that they deserve - muscles that, when trained hard, can add enormous size to any bodybuilder.

    Click To Enlarge.

    This week, that muscle group is the shoulders. I see too many people in the gym hitting their arms 3 times a week while completely neglecting their shoulders. This week's picture thread is all about showing off your shoulders.

    The people that have them know why and can vouch for their importance in bodybuilding any day of the week. BigBoy05 started this thread, and he for one is obsessed with shoulders. Check out the thread here to find great pics, tips, and workout routines to sculpt big shoulders of your very own!

Workout Log Of The Week

CHUCK'S Max Out Workout Journal

    Like I mentioned last week, selecting the best workout log each week is brutal. It's great to see so many people sticking to their plans and so many people starting new ones. I wish you all the best of luck. Anyway, this week's best workout log goes to 'bdybuilderchuck'.

    Click To Enlarge.

    With very detailed lifting and eating schedules, this very detailed workout log will surely be of aid to anyone that might be looking for a new routine. Check it out here - there are lots of great tips good for any builder.

Supplement Thread Of The Week

Ephedra 500mg

    It's been over a year since ephedra has been banned. However, it is still accessible to those who look hard enough. With less and less talk about it though, it is harder for those who do have some so attain information about proper dosing, given their current age, weight, general health, etc. So where is someone to turn for reliable information?

Ephedra Is Back? Yes, No, Maybe So...
Nutraceutical Corp. and Solaray, Inc. have fought long and hard against an FDA ruling that they may now have finally overthrown...
[ Click here to learn more. ]

    The boards are always chock full of information and this is no exception. If you're recently acquired some ephedra or bought some before the ban, and now would like to use it, here is the thread, started by antaero, which you should check out for health and well-being information.

Post Of The Week

Almonds, Cashews, Or Peanuts

NOW Presents: Almonds
Natural Health!
    Snacking is a difficult thing as a bodybuilder. It's hard finding snacks that are good for you without sacrificing taste and texture. There's nothing like a handful of something crunchy while watching the big game. Chips are out of the question and pretzels have more salt than we'd like.

    What about nuts? There are so many different types of nuts available to us, but which ones are best? If you're having a hard time deciding which to snack on, check out the post by melon (post #4) here for some great nutritional information on the most popular and tastiest nuts.

    Some have more protein than others, and some have more carbs and fats than others.

    With this information, you'll know which nut is best for you. Enough said.

Nutritional Thread Of The Week


    As body builders, we know that sugar is a bad thing and it should be avoided at all costs. What about naturally occurring sugars, such as the sugar found in fruit? Are we supposed to stay away from that too? The answer is no - absolutely not. Fruit contain vitamins, mineral, and antioxidants that we just can't mimic in pill form.

    So how much fruit is enough fruit? BUCK6 was just as curious as you, so his thread, which can be found here, is a list of how much fruit, and what kind, other members eat. Fruit is the fruit of life - go on, eat away!

Argument Of The Week

Butts Or Boobs?

    Boys will be boys and men will be men. There are a lot of difficult decisions in life to make as a boy and as a man. There is one question which both boys will think about as they grow older and become men and which men will think about until the day they die.

    Which is more important: Nice boobs or a nice ass?

    Quick! What Color Are Her Eyes?
    Click To Enlarge.

    Each man has his preference and chances are, you won't change a man's mind once it's made up. Check out the thread here and let others know which you prefer.

    Butts Or Boobs?


    Hell, there are even some photos posted by other members that you can check out while you're there.