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The Best Of The Forums: June 12, 2005.

The best threads from the forum in one place updated each week. Read below to catch the latest from our forum members.

Hello avid readers! Thanks again for being part of the Best of the Forums for the week ending June 12th, 2005. It's been a crazy week with literally hundreds of great threads and dozens of BOF worthy threads. You guys are really making it harder and harder to select the winners each week. Don't get me wrong: that is in no way a bad thing! Yeah, it's more work for me, but in the end, you, the reader, are getting more out of it.

Keep up the fantastic work! Remember, this is only volume 3 of the BOF with plenty more to come. So keep those muscles pumping, those brains functioning, and those fingers typing, because your threads or posts might very well be featured next week!

Workout Log Of The Week

Fat Man's Road To 10% BF

Everyone knows that summer is just around the corner. Just the same, everyone wants to have that picture perfect body just in time for the beach season.

It's cut time for many; has been for the last several weeks and will be for a few weeks more. However, some people are just doing it for the long run. Many won't be able to have it done by the time summer comes around, but they have decided that enough is enough and its time for a change. Not for tomorrow, not for next week, but for the rest of their lives.

This week, we follow the progress of Canucky on his journey from 33% body fat to 10%. As he says, he doesn't care how long it takes him, he is going to do it with an unhindered progress. Help him with any tips, hints, or motivation in this thread. If you're in the same boat as he is, join in the discussion and get some tips that others have left!

Supplement Thread Of The Week

Undecided! Thunder, Clout, Octane, CEE, BCAA? What A Choice!

Let's face it: the year 2005 has been full of ups and downs in the supplement world. Companies have come, and companies have gone. Some claim they are selling the real deal and then theirs is the only supplement you need to pack on hard muscle and lose body fat, all at the same time. There are literally hundreds and hundreds of products available to bodybuilders.

With all of this selection, how should you know what works best and what stuff is just a bogus hoax? And with all of these supplements, it'll be impossible to go over them all at once, so we'll start today.

This week's 'Supplement Thread Of The Week' is right here. It was started by Bernardo. It is basically a rundown of the latest and most recommended supplements. Take a read through the thread, and see whether or not some of the products mentioned in it are just what you're looking for.

Lot's of good info can be found here on several supplements - so read up!

Funniest Thread Of The Week

The "If I Was A Chick" Thread

We all know that each person is born unique and that as humans, we are who we are. To some, that's just plain BS and we can change anything about us. As bodybuilders, we all know that change is possible and very much attainable with time, patience, and dedication.

Changing out bodies is one thing. Changing your sex is completely different. Yeah, it's possible, and yeah, it's weird. But just take a moment to think: guys, if you were a girl, would you be hot or... well, not?

...I'd Never Leave The House.

Would you do you if you were not a guy 'you' but a girl 'you'? To be honest, I've never given thought to that, and now that I have read Majestak's thread, I think I'd be damn hot! Go ahead - wonder. Check out The "If I Was A Chick" Thread, see the members that too have wondered, and see whether or not a sex change might be in store.

Picture Thread Of The Week

Getting Wider

After looking through several threads with pictures, some old, some new, I finally came across this week's winner. I've seen this thread many times in the last several months, but more and more people are showing huge response to it, and on a daily basis!

This week's best picture thread goes to bigtiny. The pictures that he's posted amaze me every time I see them. He is one big dude! He lets us all in on some good secrets to maximize muscle growth and how to hit hard at the gym.

Getting Wider.
Click To Enlarge.

The pictures from the beginning of the thread are from 6 months ago, and later in the thread, he shows us his competition pictures. I honestly could not believe my eyes. Check out his pictures here and get ready to be amazed!

Post Of The Week

11 w@y$ 2 t3ll th@t u r3@d th3 supp bo@rd 2 much

Last week, our funniest thread of the week was about addictions and all the people that are addicted to the forums. This week's 'Post Of The Week' is geared towards self-evaluation and the realization that you actually do have a problem, though you may not even know it.

dbish77 creates a list for us with 11 criteria that prove you are addicted, like it or not. Read the entire list here and if anything matches, you are, in fact, a forum addict! After all: the first step to ridding yourself of an addiction is realizing that you have it. But then again, this is one of those addictions that is probably better to have than not. So go on; indulge!

What's With That Thread Title?
The title of this thread was written in Leet. Leet is the all-alpha translation of "l33t" (the "3" is represented as a backwards "E"), broken down as "l" and "33t," and thus "elite." Yeah, "leet" doesn't exactly become "elite" until you know how it breaks down. Anyway, l33t is an online culture or attitude sometimes identified by frequent use of leetspeak (l33t5p34k, l337 sp33k, 133t, 1337, or l33t).

Inspirational Thread Of The Week

Inspirational Quotes

Well all lose track of our goals at one point or another and everybody knows that. Last week, we had tips and suggestions of what you can do to keep yourself focused when times get tough.

This week we have a thread, which was started by GtaChris, that is jam packed with awesome quotes that will get you back into the gym! Need some motivation? Read some of the heart-felt quotes that others use to keep themselves going here.

Nutritional Thread Of The Week

Bananas In My PWO shake.

The banana is really a wonderful, as well as misunderstood, fruit. There are too many people that underestimate the power of a ripe banana as well as some people that even fear the banana due to its almighty stature.

Some people say 'Stay Away At All Costs!' while others indulge on several bananas each day. Who is right? Who is wrong? Are bananas actually good for you? And if they are, when should they be eaten to maximize bananian awesomeness? Find out everything you need to know about the infamous banana here and find out if you're getting the right fix!

Argument Thread Of The Week

Being A Bodybuilder Does Not Make A Person Tougher Than A Non Bodybuilder

Most people choose not to fight, and for obvious reasons. Most people also don't body build because they think it will make them a better fighter, although some do. In your opinion, does a body builder have the upper hand in a fight against someone who doesn't body build?

Flex Wheeler Fighting Richard Everage
@ The 2005 Arnold Classic.

In a thread started by my_name_is, the discussion is well under way and it seems as though no compromise has been reached. Think you know the answer, and with good logic? Give everyone your two cents on the topic here and we'll see how this argument will end.