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Best Of The Forums - June 11th, 2006.

This week, from the forum boards of, our members share more great topics. This week we hear about Hyperdrol, including pictures in a supplement log, company smack talk, and much more. Read on and discover the details.

Supplement Log Of The Week

50 Day X-Factor Cycle - Photos

Some of the best supplement logs that I have come across often lack a very important aspect - pictures. Sure, saying that you put on 15 pounds and your bench has gone up 30 pounds is possible, but the one thing that doesn't lie is a photo. This week's supplement log is from 'yodoso', who has compiled a fantastic 50-day log of supplementation with Molecular Nutrition X-Factor.

yodoso yodoso
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Yodoso, Before & After X-Factor.

Molecular Nutrition X-Factor Molecular Nutrition Presents: X-Factor
Arachidonic Acid!

Increases Muscle Mass In Humans - The "X-Factor" is how you grow!

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It's easy to keep track of his gains, not only because the log itself is detailed, but because he is including weekly pics. This is a great way for any subscribers or those interested in the product to actually see how the particular product has changed the user's appearance. So, if you're looking to start your own log, this is a fantastic template for you to follow.

Supplement Thread Of The Week

Anabolic Xtreme Hyperdrol FAQ

For those of you that have been on the boards for a few months or more, you would most likely have heard by now about a new product called Hyperdrol from Anabolic Xtreme. This product has been in the works for quite some time and has gotten a lot of attention, both good and bad, from a lot of people.

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Anabolic Xtreme Hyperdrol.

I've seen threads dedicated to being the first to buy the product as well as the record-breaking Hyperdrol Lottery, in which people posted to get a chance to win. Anabolic Xtreme has released some very impressive products, some of which are no longer available.

People are hoping that this product will be effective while not producing unwanted side effects like those that came with some of their other products. This week's supplement thread is the FAQ for this long-awaited product. There is some excellent information if you're looking to try it out. Check it out and see what the Hype is all about! Thanks to 'Scheizekopf' for this one.

Argument Thread Of The Week

CL Controversy

Lately there has been a lot of smack talk going on towards certain companies. More often than not, these are just haters who happen to dislike a company for any particular reason. There is even speculation that company representatives create other screen names just to bash other companies.

Controlled Labs
Controlled Labs Logo.

This has been happening more now than ever, and it's starting to get on a lot of peoples' nerves. This relates back to some threads asking people if reps should even be allowed on the boards. It seems that there is just so much bashing going on and it's really getting out of hand.

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This is really all just so childish and useless. I will not be the judge in this court. Instead, I will simply point you to this thread and let you decide the verdict. Thanks, 'beau_zo_brehm', for this controversial one.

Poll Of The Week

Quick Price Survey

In the world of bodybuilding, more specifically supplement marketing, it is very important for supplement manufacturers to understand the wants and needs of the consumer base. That being said, price is a very important aspect in understanding consumers. Obviously the consumer wants the best product for the least amount of money. In most cases, this just isn't possible.

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Quantity Vs. Quality?

How Do You Spend When Buying Supplements For Yourself?

Highest Price, Higher Quantity, Higher Quality.
High Price, Lower Quantity, Higher Quality.
Low Price, Higher Quantity, Lower Quality.
Lowest Price, Lower Quantity, Lower Quality.
Good Quality, Bottle Half-Used, Expired Date At Garage Sale.
Bum Supps Off Of Friends.

For this week's poll, I have chosen a poll by 'TheOMEGA' on this particular topic. Given the option of price per quantity, would you prefer the lower price, lower quantity option or the higher price, higher quantity option? Maybe it doesn't matter to you, as long as it's the best product? In any case, check out this thread and let others (especially supplement companies) know how you feel about price and quantity.

Nutrition Thread Of The Week

Carb Cycling 101

This is perhaps one of the most helpful threads I have come across all year. If you've having a hard time getting rid of that fat you've packed on, this is the thread for you. Carb cycling has become a favorite way to really cut down.

Carb Cycling Q & A Carb Cycling Q & A.
Here you will find what will hopefully be the 'be-all end-all Q & A' on Carbohydrate Cycling. From all of the questions I have received from my previous articles it seems to make sense to post this information.
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Alternating days of no, low, and high carbohydrate intake can have an astounding effect on metabolism. 'HalleluYAH' has compiled a fantastic thread on the topic. If you haven't done any reading on the topic before or if you're looking to get started on a carb-cycling diet of your own, this is your one-stop shop for all the information you need. Not much more I can say about this one so check it out!

Motivational Thread Of The Week

Sh!t's Pathetic To Me...

Sometimes eating like a champ is hard. Sometimes eating like a champ is near impossible. Depending on what you do for a living, living a healthy lifestyle can seem more and more like a chore than something you should enjoy doing.

Sure, it's great to indulge every once in awhile. In fact, it's actually recommended to enjoy what you want every so often. However, a change in your life can create an even greater effect in your lifestyle.

From living healthy to munching on junk food all day long, it's a hard life to live but it's worth it. This week's motivational thread was started by 'Sin`cere'. He was close to reaching his goal when a change in career catapulted him in the wrong direction.

What's Your Goal? What Is Your Goal?

Is Your Goal Not Listed?
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I have heard this story all too many times and I can totally relate, which is why I chose this one. There is no better way to get back on track than with help from friends. Having people guide you in the right direction can be the turning point in your life.

In this thread, several people came to relate to the situation and have offered some excellent advice on how to stay on track. Check it out if you feel like you're straying from your goals - I promise it will help.