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Best Of The Forums: July 24th, 2005.

The best thread and posts from the forum right here once a week. Read below to catch the latest from our forum members.

Hello again fellow bodybuilders and forum enthusiasts, it's that time of the week again: time to unveil the best of the best of the best threads and posts for the week ending July 24th, 2005.

Thanks again for reading. Let me know if you have any questions or requests by emailing be at I think this week was pretty good, but I'll let you be the judge.

Workout Log Of The Week

A couples weeks ago, we had a post on everything there is to know about Superdrol.

A lot of people are getting more and more interested in trying out the newest alternative to the banned prohormones. There have been many claims that this stuff works really well, but there was a lack of detailed logs.

That's where TravisLehr comes in handy. He's pieced together an easy-to-follow, helpful, and informative superdrol log that will surely help out hundreds of people looking to test the supplement for themselves.

Each day he gives a breakdown of his meals, workout, when he takes his supplements, and just about anything else you may need to know to start a cycle of your own. Check out the log here. If you have any questions, TravisLehr will be able to answer them first hand.

Poll Of The Week

As much time, study, and testing that goes into creatine, there are still several questions, as well as variations to the traditional ways of taking it, that some people have. Should you load? Is it necessary? Should you cycle? Is that necessary too? Well, as popular as this effective supplement is, people are still just not sure.

The poll of the week is simple: do you cycle your creatine supplementation or not? Brought to you by Pat Bateman, this poll will help a lot of people out who just aren't sure if they should or should not cycle. Very simple.

Supplement Thread Of The Week

For those of you that have tried creatine ethyl ester, you know how damn sour the unflavored bulk powder is. A lot of users claim that they just can't drink the stuff. If you're having a problem, maybe it's time that you take the alcoholic approach to downing the CEE.

    CEE Tequila Method

    • Get a 1oz shot glass.
    • Put desired amount of CEE in shot glass.
    • Fill with water.
    • Stir
    • Gulp

There have been many posts regarding using a shot glass, but this one just stood out. So, if you're like 'rev' and just can't seem to do it, check out his thread here and maybe it'll get a bit easier.

Picture Thread Of The Week

As with one of the winners from last week, this week's best picture thread has absolutely nothing to do with bodybuilding or fitness (unless you take into consideration the lack of fitness of... well you'll see).

Everyone loves Family Guy. It's quickly become one of the best cartoons to grace our television sets, along with, of course, the Simpson's. Those who have ever watched Family Guy, and probably most people who haven't, will probably be able to tell you that Peter Griffin is the funniest fat guy ever.

Click To Enlarge.

What happens when one of the funniest cartoon characters comes to life? You're about to find out. 'Joebob' presents us with the real like version of Peter Griffon. Enjoy this post right here.

Funniest Thread Of The Week

Because is just so damn popular, there are more and more new members each and every day. For the people that have been around here long and have seen questions upon questions answered to death, seeing the same threads pop up can get very tedious and very annoying.

Whether we like it or now, new members will still be asking the same questions no matter how much we've beet the answers into the ground. This thread is basically a collection of things that new people should know before starting another new thread.

Please ask your two cents, as it will help everyone in the long run. Check out the thread, which was started by 'dbish77', right here.

Inspirational Thread Of The Week

Once in a while, for the most inspirational thread of the week, I like to find a thread that had a list of things thrown together by the member, that keeps them motivated. Sometimes I'll be sitting at my computer, reading these motivational tips, and I'll end up going to the gym.

It works great and it's cool to see what keeps others, such as the thread started by 'lilraider', going. Take a look here and add your own motivation to the list for others to see.

Nutritional Thread Of The Week

In the very first BOF, we showed you a delicious recipe for high protein ice cream. This time around, the all American favorite: cookies.

Actually, that's only one half of the recipes. The other is a simple recipe for home made protein bars. Not much else can really be said. Protein bars and cookies from your very own kitchen.

Thank you 'big poppa pump' for the recipes. Check them out here.

Informational Thread Of The Week

Nutrition is by far the most important part in bodybuilding. You can work your ass off everyday of your life, but if you don't have the fuel to run your body properly, all of your hard work is going to waste. Not only is eating right extremely important, eating the right thing and at the right time is also important!

The 2 most important times to eat are before and after your workout. Pre-workout, you're giving your body the fuel it needs to get the job done. Post-workout, you need to give your body the fuel necessary to promote a good recovery.

So what exactly should you be eating post-workout? There is lots of great input from your fellow members that could easily be taken to heart. '82ndAirborne' starts the thread off and many add very effective tips. Check them out right here.