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Best Of The Forums: July 17th, 2005.

The best thread and posts from the forum right here once a week. Read below to catch the latest from our forum members.

Hello all, and welcome to the latest and greatest (well, maybe not greatest, but definitely as great as the rest) issue of the Best of the Forums. I've said it before and I'll say it again, you guys make this job awesome!

Flipping through hundreds of threads each week while filling my head with valuable, and not so valuable, information is seriously intense. It's like exam week - every week!

A big thank you to all those who have been reading on a regular basis. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, threats, etc., please feel free to email me at and I'll get back to you ASAP. So this weeks BOF threads and posts are, as they say, the creme de la creme. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the front row seat.

Post Of The Week

I have yet to start out the BOF with the post of the week, but I think it's a very important read. There are dozens of alternatives to steroids, and while some people are raking in the big bucks claiming their products can provide 'steroid-like' results, some companies are even going as far as to taking products and giving them 'steroid-like' names.

Not surprisingly enough, they are fooling far too many people. This week, I chose 'skillgannon's' post from this thread. It is the second post in the thread and as mentioned, is a great read for all. If there's only 1 BOF winner you look at today, this should be it - hence why I put it first.

Inspirational Thread Of The Week

In the past, we've seen threads from many people who want to change their lifestyle. This week, I chose another person who has had enough with the way they live right now. 'SeanDon' has been kind enough to vent his anger to us. Like many on the boards, I gladly listened. I was once in his shoes so I know what he's going through. This is the case for many members on the forum.

Reading the reactions of people to his post really makes you think - we are all one big family. Even though most of us have never met, we are here for each other. It brings a tear to my eye to see everyone sticking up for one another and for being there to motivate each other. I tip my hat to everyone last one of you. Check out the thread here.

Funniest Thread Of The Week

Alright, now that we've got the more serious topics out of the way, on to some fun, more entertaining things. This week 'SamuriSwordz' brings us a thread of epic proportions. A few BOF's ago, we talked about addictions. This week, we bust out the all mighty foot fetish.

To be honest, I don't have a foot fetish, but surprisingly, lots of people on the boards actually do. In the past, we've also had debates about asses and boobs, but this week was devoted to the feet.

Click To Enlarge.
Bump For Sexy Feet.

Check out the thread and several pictures too, here. You know, after seeing a couple of those photos, I'm really starting to like feet...

Nutrition Thread Of The Week

Say Cheese! ...though for most of us, just say 'No' to cheese. To many body builders and non-body builders, cheese is a terrible thing. Too much fat and not enough of the good stuff. I miss it; I won't lie, but what about others?

Do other's really steer clear of cheese altogether or is it good for you too? 'scarybubba' wanted the same questions answered and so, like any forum addict, came to the boards in search of the answer.

Many people have added their two and some as much as four cents, which makes it a great thread about a great (tasting) food. If you're like one of the many others that want cheese back in your diet, check out the cheese thread here and see for yourself if cheese is really something to be avoided.

Picture Thread Of The Week

This week's picture thread has absolutely nothing to with bodybuilding. I mean come on, not every bodybuilder is thinking about bodybuilding at every body of every building - Errrr, every hour of every day. So with that, I bring you this week's best picture thread. Optical illusions can be really fun. I've liked them ever since I was a kid.

Click To Enlarge.
Reps To Whoever Figures Out What Is So
Strange/Amazing About These Pictures.

'Zxcvnm' brings us the winner with a thread containing really cool pictures that mess with your head. Can you spot what's crazy about the photos before looking at the answer? Somehow, I doubt it - Prove me wrong. Check out the thread, photos, and discussion here.

Supplement Thread Of The Week

With increasingly serious supplements come increasingly serious problems and side effects. These problems and side effects, however, can be kept to an absolute minimum if the proper precautions are taken.

Too often though, people don't really take into consideration the harmful effects that a supplement can have. This leads to unhappy and unhealthy people.

When you're going to take a serious supplement, you better know what to do after. Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) is extremely important in setting your body back to equilibrium after a cycle of certain supplements.

Everything you need to know about PCT can be found in this week's supplement thread here, which was started by 'IronPimper'. It's really sad to see so many people getting hurt doing cycles of something that they haven't properly researched. Perhaps threads like this will help to minimize that.

Workout Log Of The Week

Choosing the best workout log each week is the most difficult task of this job. So many people start so many logs. It gets hard to keep track of but is oh so much fun to read! Okay, so this week's best workout log goes to 'Alpha Zulu.'

The reason that I chose this workout log as the best was not only because the intro was fantastic, because it was extremely detailed, or easy to follow, but because of the clever name of the bulk.

I'm not going to spoil it for you though, so you'll have to heck it out your self here. I love a little laugh every once in a while...

Home Gym Of The Week

The newest and coolest category for the BOF. It probably won't appear each week, unless I happen to find an awesome home gym each week - that is completely up to you.

This category is very straight forward: if you have an awesome home gym with a great set-up and lots of great equipment, you'll be chosen. So take your pictures and get hose threads going!

Click To Enlarge.
The Sacinator's Home Gym.

The first winner of the best home gym is 'The Sacinator.' I'm not going to take 500 words to describe why it's so cool, so you're going to have to check the thread out for yourself here. I'm sure you'll agree that that is one sweet gym!