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Best Of The Forums - January 29th, 2006.

What are the best threads and posts on the forum this week? Learn about the hottest supplements, the bad taste of MAN Clout, great workout logs, and much more!

Question Of The Week

What Supplements Are Everyone At Your Gym Buzzing

Depending on which gym you go to, people will be buzzing about a different product all the time. Some gyms are filled with Muscle Tech junkies (who knows why... ) and some gyms are a bit smarter and everyone talked about creatine are products that aren't shit. The question of the week, therefore, is about gym talk.

"Everyone in my gym is buzzing about creatine.
They still think it's a steroid."

'Rob69420' asks us what supplement everyone at the gym is talking about. Personally, the people that go to my gym are very poor (students, including myself), so most people don't really talk about much, except whey, which is obviously a staple. This is a pretty fun thread to look through and compare gym to gym, supplement to supplement. Check it out here and see what other people are talking about.

Informational Thread Of The Week

Insect Spray May Lower Testosterone Levels In Men

Us guys will do whatever it takes to get, and keep, testosterone levels high. There are some things though, that can have a negative impact on testosterone levels in the human body. Of course, we want to stay away from those kinds of things, but what happens if those things are otherwise helpful?

"Hey, No Bug Spray! Yummy..."

In this case, inspect repellent is that thing. Sure, it's not a necessity but when summer rolls around and camping gets under way, I'm sure that more than one of you will resort to this when the bugs are flying around your ears when you're sleeping in your tent, or what have you.

Anyways, it's an interesting read whether or not you ever use insect repellent. 'Power-Quest' found this article and you can check it here.

Of Mosquitoes And Men - Immunology 101 Of Mosquitoes And Men - Immunology 101.
The immune system has two arms of attack: the cell mediated arm and the humoral arm. The following information details some specifics about how viruses effect women differently than men.
[ Click here to learn more. ]

Supplement Thread Of The Week

I Think Someone Sh*t In My CLOUT

MAN Clout MAN's Clout has been getting nothing but rave reviews for several months now. The effects of Clout are well known and the product is known for it's tingling after taking it. With so many good things about it, what could possibly by bad about it? The taste, according to 'collegeHULK'.

The Thunder Punch flavor sounds attractive but, after reading several reviews, the taste is a lot worse than it sounds. Is there any way to make it taste better? Maybe. Check out the thread here if you're having some trouble stomaching your Clout.

Nutrition Thread Of The Week

Meals Eating Now!! - Photos

Last week, the nutrition thread was a contest to see who could make their cheat meal the best. (By best, I actually mean worst.) Take it how you will, I'm not really sure if there was a winner in this contest. Anyway, this week's best nutrition thread is taking last week's to the flip side.

Click Image To Enlarge.
Regopsp22's Sweet Spuds, Chicken, & Salad.

Now, whenever you eat a proper, healthy bodybuilding meal, take a picture of it and post the picture here. Just as last week's, this thread has been around for a fairly long time. Some of the pictures are making me hungry right now, and I just ate. Check it out and thank 'mondesi02' for creating such a successful thread. Good stuff!

Workout Log Of The Week

My 12 Week Workout

As I've mentioned several times before, selecting the best workout log each week is extremely difficult. It's great to see so many people stick to their workout plans and even more people starting new ones. I wish you all God's speed in reaching your goals. Now that the mushy stuff is out of the way, this week's best workout log goes to 'captaininsano'.

Have You Posted Your Workout Log In The Forums?

Yes - 'Cuz I'm Cool Like That.
Not Yet, But Planning To.
Never - It's Top Secret, Muahaha!

With very detailed lifting schedules, this workout log will surely be of aid to anyone that might be looking for a new workout routine. Check it out here. You'll also find lots of great tips from other forum members.

Picture Thread Of The Week

I'll Show You Mine, Now Show Me Yours

Supplements play a key role in bodybuilding. This is undeniable. Whether you're looking to lose a couple pounds or gain a lot (!) of them, the right supplement can do wonders. We all have our secret supplement stashes that we may or may not want others to see, but this is the thread where everyone will get to.

supplement stash
Click Image To Enlarge.
BamMan's Secret Stash.

Are you curious what other members' stashes look like? Compare apples to apples in this week's best picture thread, which can be found here. It was started by 'Rage (SoCal)' and he begins things by posting a picture of his very own stash. Come and see how your supplement collection compares to others!