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Best Of The Forums - January 1st, 2006.

The best threads and posts from the forum right here once a week. Read below to catch the latest from our forum members.

Funniest Thread Of The Week

Google Video - Someone Put Up A Photoshop Video Of Our Forum.

There have been a lot of threads throughout the year that have involved Photoshopping (editing) pictures. Some of them, to be honest, were friggin' hilarious. 'Yogurt' threw together a video of all of the funniest pictures from the forums and put it on Google.

Click Image To View The Video
Click Image To View The Video.'s Funniest Photoshops.

I don't remember ever laughing so hard and wanted to share this thread with you. I'd like to thank 'bigcalves' for discovering this and for making my day, and perhaps year! Check it out and have a laugh...

Argument Of The Week

Muscle Milk Has Andro Traces

CytoSport Muscle Milk
CytoSport Muscle Milk.
Nature's Ultimate Growth Formula!

CytoSport's Muscle Milk has been one of the most reviewed and enjoyed protein products on the entire market.

I have tried a few of the flavors and it is without a doubt the tastiest supplement I have ever had.

Every flavor is like heaven and if I could afford it, I would drink it all the time.

'metswi6986' has come across some information and claims that Muscle Milk has traces of andro in it.

I personally think that this is completely false, but others seem to think that it might be plausible.

If you feel like reading a good argument or want to add your two cents to the conversation, check out this thread.

Question Of The Week

Which Meat Is Highest In Protein? Chicken, Tuna, Cow Or Dog?

Have you ever wondered what animal's meat contains the highest percentage of protein by weight? I'm pretty sure that this thought had crossed my mind more than once. It obviously crossed the mind of 'falcornerback', too.

Are All Meat Proteins Equal?

As we all know, getting protein in our diets is number one, so why not consider which sources of natural protein are the most effective?

All About Beef Index All About Beef Index.
For bodybuilders, beef is an important part of a healthy diet. Learn about the different types of beef, the protein and fat in each one, and find some great recipes!
[ Click here to learn more. ]

This is a pretty worthwhile thread to check out if you'd like to know the answer to this question. Bon Appetit!

Workout Log Of The Week

BigNorg's Journey From 175 To 210!

The workout log of 'BigNorwegian' has caught my eye and is this week's best workout log. In this thread, we join him on his quest from 175 to 210 pounds.

The reason that I chose this thread is because of how many people have responded and viewed this thread. Not all workout logs are successful and not everyone that starts a log follows through with it.

There are a lot of things that can be learned from this log if you're looking to pack on some lean muscle. If you have any tips or suggestion or would like to read some of them, check out the thread.

Poll Of The Week

Who Has Grown Since 18 Yrs Old?

For reasons beyond traditional and laymen knowledge, people grow at different rates and times throughout their lives. I am still waiting for my growth spurt, but considering how old I am, I honestly doubt it. This week's poll is regarding growth after 18. How much taller did you get after your turned 18?

Click image to vote
Click Image To Vote.
Have You Grown Since Age 18?

Have You Grown Since Age 18?

Not Sure.

'KevinW' poses a great question that is interesting for more than one reason. For anyone that would like to know the statistics behind growth after turning 18, check out this thread. Thanks, Kevin.

Nutrition Thread Of The Week

McDonalds OK For Bulking? LOTS Of Calories.

In order to build muscle, our bodies must be in a state of caloric surplus - anyone that has done any research will be able to tell you this. Sometimes it is difficult to get enough calories throughout the day to get the caloric surplus that the body needs to build muscle.

ad The McDiet: Can It Be Done The Right Way?
The answer to that question is... yes! Don't believe me, then continue on through this article. As I have discovered it is possible to stay healthy with fast food.
[ Click here to learn more. ]

There are a lot of effective ways to make sure that your body receives the energy it needs. Some people think that it's just the calories that count and don't take into consideration the source of the calories.

As we all know, McDonald's food has an obscene amount of calories. However, are these the 'good' kinds of calories? Probably not. Check out this thread, started by 'falcornerback', that discusses the topic.