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Best Of The Forums - February 5th, 2006.

Get the best threads and posts on the forum this week. The discussion about what should or should not be legal has been brought up again. That and more right here!

Argument Of The Week

Should Products Like Superdrol Be Illegal?

As you know, we are in a constant battle with the FDA regarding just about everything in the fitness and bodybuilding industry. Bans here, bans there - there seems to be no end for us. Some people agree that there are indeed some things that should not be available to the public for reasons regarding the safety and well-being of individuals.

Should Products Like Superdrol Be Banned?

Yes - They're Dangerous.
No - They're Completely Safe.
No - They're Safe For Adults (But Not For Teens).
No - They're Safe For Everyone (If You Know How To Use Them).
Not Sure.

In this week's heated argument, 'UnionHooligan' debates the legality and availability of some of the most popular supplements with others on the message boards. It's a very good discussion and there are a lot of excellent points for all sides of the argument.

two cents Check out the thread and add your two cents. This is a great topic that I don't think is discussed enough.

Funniest Thread Of The Week

The Mailman Stole My Green Bulge

The one thing that people complain about when ordering supplements off of any site (though I wouldn't recommend any place other than is the shipping. That includes the extra money that you have to shell out, as well as the fear of not receiving your order.

This could happen for several reasons including (but not limited to) delivery to a wrong address, the package getting lost in transit, an extreme delay, and in the case of 'TimSchara', thievery on behalf of the mailman! He claims that the mailman has stolen his order of Controlled Lab's Green Bulge and he is pissed!

Controlled Labs Green Bulge Controlled Labs Presents: "Green Bulge"
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I don't blame him, as I know what it's like to not receive an order placed. The story he tells is actually very humorous and the comments that other members leave are just gold. Check it out here. Thank you for making my day!

Stupidest Post Of The Week


It's that time of BOF again - time to crown this week's most stupid post. No surprise, it's another kid looking to try something he's barely heard of. At 16 years old, a member of the family for less than a month, and amassing a grand total of 9 posts, this week's winner is 'skaterdavis'.

He claims to have tried a crap load of stuff and claims to know what Superdrol really is, but at 16, the boy clearly has no idea what it can do to you (him in particular). I see threads started by uneducated tools all of the time, but these always amaze me. How can someone be so ignorant towards such a powerful substance? Well, here is your answer. Check out this week's stupidest post here.

Supplement Thread Of The Week

Ready 4 War, Initial Thoughts

As we all know, pre-workout nutrition is extremely important. Not only is the food you eat before a workout important, so is supplementation. What you eat before could make or break your training regimen. There are lots of pre-workout proprietary blends that claim to be effective in energizing you throughout your entire workout.

Get Diesel Ready 4 War Get Diesel Presents: "Ready 4 War"
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For the past couple of weeks, I have noticed several threads regarding a product called Ready 4 War by Get Diesel. Personally, I have yet to try this product, but from what I've read and heard from friends, it seems pretty solid. For some info about the product, check out this thread started by 'rippednshredded'.

Motivational Thread Of The Week

I Have A New Purpose For Working Out

Everyone has their own reason for bodybuilding or just keeping a nice physique in general. Whether you're looking to attract the ladies, to be more intimidating, to keep the immune system in good working order, or to be all-around healthy - keeping fit has its benefits.

"I wanna be huge and kick
down walls and sh!t."

This week, however, 'nitr0x2' has found some new motivation to work out. His reason is actually fairly inspirational and might even help some of us others if we lose our edge and motivation. Check out the thread, and his reason for lifting, here - you'll also find some pretty funny comments left by other members that you can check out if you're looking for a good laugh.

Workout Log Of The Week

-Calvus-'s 5x5. Strength, Size, And Double Takes.

The best workout logs that I find are ones that are easy to follow and updated regularly. This week, I came across one of the neatest, most detailed, and best put together journals I've seen in a good few months.

Super Charging The 5x5 Program For Massive Gains In Size And Strength! Super Charging The 5x5 Program For Massive Gains In Size And Strength!
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There's nothing worse than trying to search through a log wondering what a person eats, what they incline dumbbell press, etc. The journal that '-calvus-' has posted is the definition of a great workout log. It's detailed, accurate, easy to read/follow, updated frequently and easy to find specific things.

You can see his great journal, as well as his great results here and don't forget to check out the helpful tips left for him by other members!