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Best Of The Forums - February 26th, 2006.

Get the best threads and posts on the forum this week. The discussion this time ranges from new Ergopharm products to cutting up for the summer and much more! Check it out.

Information Thread Of The Week

X-Factor For Everyone

In the past several weeks and months, Molecular Nutrition's X-Factor has been getting some impressive feedback with great results and convincing logs started around the forums. This week, your friend and mine, 'Krzna', has blessed us with yet another thread full of knowledge on a product.

Molecular Nutrition X-Factor Molecular Nutrition Presents: X-Factor
Arachidonic Acid!

Increases Muscle Mass In Humans - US Patent #6,841,573
[ Click here to learn more. ]

This time around, as mentioned, it is X-Factor. As stated, it is perhaps one of the best non-hormonal supplements on the market right now, and with all of the things I have read, I am going to have to agree. If you're looking for a boost in your workout or just want to try something new, check out this thread and see what X-factor can offer you.

Supplement Thread Of The Week

ErgoPharm Cell Fuel Is On Now!!!

Most people on the message boards have heard of a company called ErgoPharm. Whether you have tried one of Patrick Arnold's products or have simply just read about them, I think it's safe to say that no one is oblivious to the company.

After years of formulation, ErgoPharm has finally come out with a creatine ethyl ester product that sounds simply fantastic. The ingredients look solid as well as the science behind them. All the information about this new product called "Cell Fuel" can be found here. For anyone interested in trying it out, keep your eyes peeled for logs that will be popping up very soon. Thanks, 'KeyHAWK'.

ErgoPharm Cell Fuel ErgoPharm Presents: Cell Fuel
Anabolic Creatine Matrix!

Supports Cellular Energy, Muscle Strength And Muscle Growth!
[ Click here to learn more. ]

Stupidest Thread Of The Week

Wear A Necklace And Get Big Muscles?!?

This week's stupidest thread is pretty weird. To be honest, I really hope that this is just a crazy joke, but with all of the crazies on this site, I'm not so sure... Apparently, there is some magical necklace from GNC (go figure) that will help you lift more and pack on serious mass. Smells like bullsh*t.

I'm gonna try this! It's $900, but I
may not have to buy any supps again!

It's a pretty funny read, and pretty funny to see people's reactions to this one. Check it out here and read it for yourself. Thanks to 'PayToTheOrderOfGNC' for starting this... I think.

Poll Of The Week

Help With Final Decision

You may not like to admit it, but summer really is just around the corner. Everyone wants to be cut for the beach, including 'dan7681'. For the poll of the week, Dan is asking us to rate his cutting stack.

Which Is The Most Effective Cutting Stack?

There are 4 great choices that he's put together and it's great to see how many people have responded to him.

Which Do You Feel Would Be Most Effective For Cutting?

Chocamine + Coleus Forskholli (20% Forskolin).
Evodiamine + Coleus Forskholli (20% Forskolin).
Evodiamine + Chocamine.
7-OXO-DHEA + Coleus Forskholli (20% Forskolin).
7-OXO-DHEA + Chocamine.

Whether you want to help him out, as well as others, or you want an idea for a cutting stack of your own, I highly recommend checking out this thread and reading about the possible stacks to help you get ripped for the summer.

Nutrition Thread Of The Week

Weight Gainer Vs. Whole Food

Whether we like it or not, our lives are generally very busy. Finding the time to eat enough is always a problem for people like us that are trying to put on mass. I've said this before a million times and yes, it's still true.

So what about those meal replacement shakes? Sure, they're great for when you really can't get whole food, but what about drinking them even when you can get whole food?

Nutritional Supplements Vs. Whole Foods: There's A Place For Both! Nutritional Supplements Vs. Whole Foods: There's A Place For Both!
If you are a competitive athlete, you know that whole foods arn't enough. Find out why and what supplements you should be taking...
[ Click here to learn more. ]

Are they that much worse for you that the nutrients in a whole piece of chicken and veggies that will take 15-20 minutes to prepare? While they are fast and easy, there really are alternatives that can, too, be fast and easy.

two cents This thread is regarding the comparison between meals in replacement shake form and the real deal. Add your two cents here and see what others have to say about it, including the thread starter, 'BROTHERHOOD'.

Workout Log Of The Week

Mr. Adventure's HIT Workout

For this week's workout log, I have chosen one that is slightly different than usual. Normally, I choose logs that set very long-term goals such as going from 28% body fat to 12% in 12 months. This one, however, is more of a short-term orientation and I think it's a good change from the usual.

I feel like I'm alone here among
a sea of 5X5 ers and three-day split bubbas.
Nice to find somebody who does the HIT thing...

Sometimes setting short-term goals is the best way to keep yourself on track and to keep yourself motivated. So, the workout log of the week belongs to 'Mr. Adventure' who takes us on an adventure (yes, the pun was intended) for the next few weeks in hopes of reaching his fitness goal. Check out the thread here. Who knows - maybe it'll give you some motivation to start a log of your own.

Happy Lifting!