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Best Of The Forums: August 21st, 2005.

The best threads and posts from the forum right here once a week. Read below to catch the latest from our forum members.

Informational Thread of the Week

The Newbie Writeup

    A couple of weeks ago, we talked about the things that people new to bodybuilding (AKA newbs), should know before they post a question that has been answered a hundred thousand times before. So, this week's most informational thread is another one directed towards 'newbs'. Thanks to 'ekilla2003,' we might see less repeated questions.

    If you're a newb and would like to check out the thread, just click here. If you're a veteran and would like to add something to the thread, please do so, and also click there.

Funniest Thread Of The Week

Post The Funniest Neg Rep You've Gotten.

    There are a lot of so-called 'Trolls' that roam the forums. A lot of them ask stupid questions and get stupid answers in return. The best part is that they decide to give the responder negative rep points for saying what they say.

    More often than not, it's completely deserved and the troll decides to retaliate with harsh words and negative reps. This thread, started by 'Juicemane,' is a collection of insults that resulted from and/or were part of the negative reps given. Some of these are hilarious so check them out.

Picture Thread Of The Week

O/T: Pics Of The Worst Gym You Can Ever Imagine

    In the past, we ehave crowned the members that have had outstanding home gym setups. A lot of people have a lot of money and can afford sweet equipment and make everything look great. What about the ugliest looking gym?

    Click To Enlarge.
    That's Not So Bad.

    There HAS to be someone out there that works out in the worst gym on the planet. By golly, I think we've found that gym. Check out the thread, started by 'demetris,' here, for some nasty ass pictures of gyms that are pretty much bottom-of-the-barrel-quality.

Inspirational Thread Of The Week

Most Inspirational Thread Ever

    According the title of this week's most inspiration thread, it's the most inspirational thread ever. That's a pretty bold statement and wonder if it will actually live up to it's name. Well, we'll just have to wait and see. Now on to the description.

    This thread has lots of pics that I guarantee will get at least half of you to the gym tonight, even if you weren't planning on it. These are the threads that keep people going when they don't feel like doing anything.

    Click To Enlarge.
    Mystery Back Of Inspiration.

    On behalf of all of those people, thank you to everyone that posted in the thread. It can be found here, and a big thanks to 'UliqMadiq' for starting such a successful thread.

Argument Of The Week

Female Bodybuilders... Guys Opinions

    Bodybuilding is a lifestyle that many people try to portray. To be completely fair and honest, most guys bodybuild to attract women. Again, I'm saying most guys do. A lot of genuine guys do it for themselves and for their future.

    Click To Enlarge.
    Brooke Burke.

    There are also girls that bodybuild. I'm not a girl, so I don't know the main reasons for it. If they are doing it to attract guys, is it really necessary? Do guys like girls that lift? Throw in your 2 cents to the thread, and see what other guys think.

    Ladies, if you're reading this, check out the thread too - if you're doing it to attract guys, you may be fighting a lost battle (read the thread to find out... I'm not saying you are).

Nutrition Thread Of The Week

Protein Bar Recipe Thread

    Every week, I like to give people the best nutrition thread that I can find. This is important because, as we all know, the kitchen is where muscle is made (well, not really, but you know what I mean). Anyway, we all know that protein is good and blah, blah blah... so I'm not going to tell you why you need protein.

      Don't Wanna Make Your Own? Top Selling Bars Are Here.

    But, on the go, getting protein can be difficult. There are commercial bars that claim to be all-powerful but we know they're crap. So, I give you the thread devoted to home made protein bar recipes. Started by 'Iron Draggin,' this thread can help you find just the right blend of ingredients for that awesome home made bar.

Supplement Thread Of The Week

Best Joint Supplement Out There?

    There are thousands of bodybuilders who lift heavy and lift hard. Sometimes, they pay the consequences after. Their joints get sore, muscles cramp up; it hurts to bend anything. So, the supplement thread of the week is devoted to supplements that help prevent as well as alleviate joint pain from working out.

      Check Out The Top Selling Joint Supplements Here.

    The thread can be found here and can be a huge help to anyone that has joint problems. You can all thank 'Chode1616' for starting this worthwhile thread. If you have any experience with taking supplements for your joints, please post here.