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Best Of The Forums - April 30th, 2006.

This week, from the forum billboards of, our members share more great topics. Find out about creatine, BCAA's and EAA's, dual factor training (DFT), and more...

Informational Thread Of The Week

Creatine Increases IQ (Apparently)

This is a pretty interesting read for all you creatine users out there (I would imagine it's most of the people reading this) and it looks pretty legitimate.

Dymatize Creatine Monohydrate Dymatize Presents: Creatine Monohydrate
Improve Muscle Performance!

Strength Muscle Function Energy Enhancement!

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It also looks like creatine can be helpful for more than just muscle building, but you'll need to read the thread for that information. Don't believe me? Check out the thread and the article here and see for yourself! Thanks to 'Serpens Aeon' for this one.

Supplement Thread Of The Week

Help Me Choose A BCAA/EAA Please

For all of you summertime cutters out there, make sure that you don't lose any muscle during your cut. Aside from doing proper cardio, there are supplements you can take to help prevent muscle catabolism during a time of calorie deficit. It is important to remember the basics - amino acids.

Essential Amino Acids & The Growth Trigger! Essential Amino Acids & The Growth Trigger!
The synergistic effect of Essential Amino Acids and carb ingestion maximizes the anabolic response of resistance training by limiting the post-exercise rise in protein degradation and inhibiting post-training cortisol release. Learn more!
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Whether you choose branch chain or essential amino acids, it's important to supplement in order to maximize fat loss and minimize any lean muscle loss. If you need a little help getting started with BCAA's or EAA's, you're in the same boat as 'Cortic'.

Take a look at the thread here and see what others have to say about BCAA/EAA supplementation and how it can benefit you.

Workout Log Of The Week

Young_Squatter's DFT Training Journal

For anyone that has ever heard of, or read up on, the Dual Factor Theory (DFT) for lifting, this might be the workout journal for you to check out. This week, I chose a DFT journal by 'young_squatter'.

It's very different from any of the other workout regimens we've ever had on the Best of the Forums and that's how I like it.

Have You Ever Tried Dual Factor Theory (DFT) Training?

Yes - Rocked!
Yes - Sucked!
Never Heard Of It - What Am I Missing?
Never Heard Of It - Sounds Lame.

Since I'm cutting, I won't be able to try this out just yet. It looks very interesting and the log is updated regularly and is very detailed. Like I said before, if you're looking for some way to spruce up your boring split, this workout log might be just what the doctor ordered!

Nutritional Thread Of The Week

White Pasta - Why Bad?

I'm sure everyone has wondered at one point or another why they should avoid food made from white flour. For example, why should one choose whole wheat pasta over white pasta?

Pasta Bowties
Click Image To Enlarge.
Pasta: Bad Or Good?

To most the choice is obvious. Not because they know the reasoning behind it, but because they have been told time and time again that whole wheat is better for you. Why?

An Affair With Pasta! An Affair With Pasta!
Learn the secrets on how to make Bowties Tossed With Shrimp, Veggies, & Pesto!
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In this thread, started by 'TT4life', we finally find out the truth behind white vs. wheat pasta and the reason why wheat is preferable over white. Take a read so you know why you're actually choosing wheat next time.

Inspirational Thread Of The Week

The Mind: The Most Powerful Muscle!

This week, I'm going to throw something a little different at you. I haven't done the inspirational thread in awhile now, but this time around, it'll be different. A lot of bodybuilders, most notably Milos Sarcev, stress a mind-muscle connection when lifting weights.

Milos Sarcev Milos Sarcev
Click Image To Enlarge.
IFBB Pro, Milos Sarcev.

This article really makes you both wonder and understand how powerful and important the mind is in lifting. A lot of people don't realize how mentally demanding the sport is and for some, that is their downfall.

Will Power: The Master Key To The Future Will Power: The Master Key To The Future.
Of all human qualities, Will has the most important role in life. 99% of all humans are unhappy because they lack will power. Herein, I'll explain about will power and how thoughts and feelings are so important...
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The lifting, the dieting, the will to go on all comes from the brain. Take a second and read the article in the thread. I think you'll agree with 'Ski' on this one.

Question Of The Week

Why All The Hype Around Drinking So Much Water?

This week's question I found to be rather... silly. To some, this will probably be a very valid and fair question to ask, but when I saw the thread name, I laughed out loud. So, what is the point of drinking so much water everyday? 'PhxGuy520' wasn't sure why it was necessary to drink gallons of water each and every day.


I have been in the habit for years so it's not a big deal. I never really sat back and questioned my body's constant thirst. On the other hand, others may wonder what the need really is. So, this thread will answer the question is a variety of ways.

The Most Important Nutrient: Water! The Most Important Nutrient: Water!
The one nutrient that most people rarely give any thought to is water. Read on to learn more about water and some myths associated with it.
[ Click here to learn more. ]

If you're not sure why you should be drinking so much water, you really should check out this thread. After all, our bodies are already 70% water, right?