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Best Of The Forums - April 23rd, 2006.

This week from the forum billboards of our members share more great topics. You can get info on magazines, the best creatine, stacks for cutting, BBQ season and much more. Check them out!

Poll Of The Week

What Is Your Favorite BB Magazine?

Magazines are a great source for up-to-date information about pretty much anything. The world of bodybuilding and fitness is no exception. There are a lot of magazines out there geared towards the fitness enthusiast and some of them are chock full of great info. Of course, no magazine compares to the knowledge of the people in the forums, but some great stuff can be found in them nevertheless.

Which Are Your Favorite Magazines?
Click Image To Read The Reasons Why They Are The Favorites.
Which Are Your Favorite Magazines?

If you read bodybuilding and/or fitness magazines, which ones are your favorites? Check out which ones other board members like to read here. There are some great discussions regarding the different magazines that can be found here, too. This thread is brought to you by 'Aeternitatis'.

Question Of The Week

Absolute Best Creatine Out?

Alright, so we all have our favorite supplements that we just couldn't live without, and this includes anything from BCAA's to a favorite protein to the multivitamin that we'd recommend to everyone. This week, 'David086' asks members to recommend what you think is the best creatine available on the market today.

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There are a lot of proprietary blends out there as well as many pure creatines in powder and capsule form. So, if you had to pick one that you think is the best, what would it be? Check out the thread here and let others know which creatine you believe is the cream of the crop. If you're looking for a new creatine, this is the thread for you!

Supplement Thread Of The Week

Your "Get Cut" Supps For Summer

I'm really sorry that I keep bringing it up, but summer is very, very nigh and I'm only doing this because I want you all to look your best. So then, I want you all to take a few moments and contemplate where you are now, and where you want to be for the summer. Now, you are in front of your computer, probably wearing shorts and a beater.

Cutting Combos
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Cutting Stack.

In the summer, you want to be at the beach and I'm certain that you all want to look as cut as possible for the beach. So, this week I bring you a thread geared toward supplement stacks for cutting for the summer. If you have that little bit of fat that you want to shed, this thread will help you get a great stack going to get rid of it.

Get Shredded For Summer! Get Shredded For Summer!
In order to get ready with any sense of physical decency, we need to address the fundamentals in three specific segments - training, supplementation and lifestyle. Let's start with what you can do in the gym.
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There are a lot of great ideas, tips, hints, and recommendations for looking as lean as possible, so if you need that little boost, check this one out. Thanks to 'bigpump23' for this one. Happy cutting!

Nutrition Thread Of The Week

Favorite Marinade? What Tasted Great To You?

This is a good one, so stick around if you like food! Alright, so unless you're a vegetarian, you probably really, really love meat. I know I do, and I honestly couldn't see myself living without the joy of a juicy steak or grilled chicken breasts. Anyways, as I mention above, summer is right around the corner.

10 Ways To Make Chicken Taste Great! 10 Ways To Make Chicken Taste Great!
You really don't have to have boring chicken every single day... really! Here are 10 tips to spice up your chicken and make it taste good again.
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This also means that BBQ season for all of you backyard warriors. Everyone has a secret marinade recipe that they like to throw together for their meat the day before a nice BBQ. This week's nutrition thread is a thread devoted to cooking, and marinating, and recipes that you can employ in the house or backyard.

If you're looking to spice up your meals a bit, check out this thread by 'TinyMan', here, to see how you can make your next big meal an even bigger success!

Stupid Thread Of The Week

Help Me Look Like The Hulk

The Hulk? The Hulk? The Hulk?
Will The Real Hulk Please Stand Up?

I've said it before and I'll say it again - there really should be some sort of IQ test that one must pass in order to become registered on this site. With that, I give you this week's stupid thread. It seems that 'Mynameis?????' has done it once again and created a useless thread.

Click Image To Enlarge.
Lou Ferrigno.

Click Play To Start The Video.
Watch Out!
This is what happens...
if you don't buy one of Lou's photos!

WMV (749 KB)
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This time around, he wants us to help him turn into The Hulk so that he can go out as him next Halloween. I'm not going to sit here and try to tell you what's wrong with what he asks, but I'm just going to point you in the right direction and let you see for yourself. He really never ceases to humor me - good job.

Workout Log Of The Week

Liquidtensi0n's SF 5x5

Alright, so I've probably bored (and probably scared) you all to death about cutting supplements, logs, and stacks so this time around I'll give you a bulking journal. Something different in every category as I have yet to feature a workout log in which someone did 5x5. 'Liquidtensi0n' started his 5x5 regimen in late January of this year and by the looks of the results, it has worked quite well for him.

Super Charging The 5x5 Program For Massive Gains In Size And Strength! Super Charging The 5x5 Program For Massive Gains In Size And Strength!
People need to believe that existing training regimens really do work and that life does not have to be that complicated. Today I will share with you the tried and true 5x5 program.
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The thread is very detailed and easy to follow. It's perfect if you're looking to mix up your boring old 4-day split or if you're tired of cutting already and want to throw on some more mass. Check it out and see if this regimen is what you need to make yourself to the next level.