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Best Of The Forums - 2006 Arnold Classic Weekend.

The Arnold Classic Weekend has brought about some great discussions (and arguments) on the message boards. Were you happy with the results? Not everyone was and they have been rather vocal about it. Read on...

Picture Thread Of The Week

OT: Arnold Pics (Post Them In Here)...

"Let's see the goods!" - sawastea

The Goods
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At The Expo.

Pros Thread Of The Week

Arnie Top 5 Side By Side Comparison - Side Chest & Triceps.

"Decided to combined side chest and the side triceps since there are a lot of similarities here as far as what is evaluated.

"On the side triceps, I threw an extra pic of Warren up there just...well, you'll understand why I did when you see it. It's the on the 'Side triceps comparison' on the far right. Fuggin insane pic." - kethnaab

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Side Chest Comparison.

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Side Triceps Comparison.

Another Picture Thread Of The Week

Some Pics From The Expo

"here are some of my pics from the expo..the highlight of the weekend was when arnold went up onto the eas stage and gave a speach..also, i was walking into the expo next to jay cutler..that was the first time ive seen big jay in person, and it was cool to see how big he really is.." - Dante_T

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Arnie At The EAS Stage.

Funniest Thread Of The Week

Branch "Yoda" Warren

"I cant beleive how much support this guy has and how many of you think hes 1 of the best around. Dont get me wrong hes ok but hes not even in Ronnie's, Jay's or half of other pros league." - Kat00

Long Lost Brothers?

Argument Thread Of The Week

Disappointed About Final Results?

"Please see attached photograph, entitled "Gustavo's fat lumpy @ss". That is what a bodybuilder looks like in the OFF-SEASON." - kethnaab

Gustavo's fat lumpy @ss
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Gustavo's Fat Lumpy @ss.

"Super" Thread Of The Week

Oh My God Bad Choice Of Costume Lee

"man, those boots drew so much attention to the shortness of his legs, he looked like an actual dwarf, like not a short guy getting made fun of being called a dwarf, but an actual genetic dwarf." - Quelly

Super Lee
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Super Lee.