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Bring Your 'Extreme Muscular Increase Force' To The Gym!

With each positive condition cited you're naturally on what I call Power Identity/Purpose Mode; you know who you are, you're connected with your power, and you wholly embrace a feverish workout purpose. Get your game on... now!

What's the difference between the you who enters the gym with command determination and purpose, and the you who essentially just "shows up" - the you whose focus, drive and intent either notably wavers, or is not set at all?

Why sometimes can you begin to feel a pump in the body part you'll be training before you even walk through the gym doors? While other times you don't feel remotely worked - even after a set?

Why sometimes do you sense you're in such control that the weights feel "light", and you feel every fiber in the muscle you're working contract - and exert - to the max? While other times, even your warm-up set feels heavy, and your whole workout, if you last through it, feels like the weights, and not you, are "winning" the battle?

Yes, why! What's responsible for these two night and day conditions? It has to do with what part of yourself you bring into the gym.

With each positive condition cited above, you're naturally on what I call Power Identity/Purpose Mode; you know who you are, you're connected with your power, and you wholly embrace a well-defined, driving, indeed, feverish workout purpose.

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You're Connected With Your Power.

With the negative conditions I cited, you're in-decisive, emotionally wavering, and "hope" you can get it going once you get into your workout; maybe you will - likely you won't.

How many times has this negative condition plagued you (no doubt too many times)? And you already know this condition leads to wasted time, wasted energy, and no results!


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Peter C. Siegel

How great would it be if you could project a take charge and triumph attitude and drive... consistently? Yes, the laser focus and purpose which drives you right on through the demand, the burn, the pain, and - with each set - wins the battle between you and the iron?

Hmmm... nice to consider, huh? Let me give you some sound counsel to help move you in this direction.

Priming With The Power, Purpose, & Intense Drive Of The Maximum You!

  • Before you exit your car to walk into your gym gently close your eyelids down, and recall the very last time when, before you even performed your first rep, you knew - deeply knew - you would have a thoroughly commanding, mega-impact workout. Something within just let you "know", indeed, likely "told" you that rep after rep, set after set, you'd be locked-in, and would work the muscles you'd train down to the very bone (and you did)!
  • Isolate this time clearly in your mind, and notice exactly what you thought, felt, assumed and what you were singularly driven toward.
  • Next, once this time is clear and vivid in your mind, think these thoughts... now. Feel these same feelings... now. Assume what you assumed... now. Intentionally embrace the same drive and purpose you did then... now!

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Recall The Last Time You Knew
You Would Have A Mega-Impact Workout.

  • As you continue replicating this thought, feeling, assumption and attitude framework, choose one word you feel embodies you as this Maximum You. And silently, mentally exclaim it to yourself three times - with aggressive intensity and passion.
  • After you've mentally exclaimed your key word three times, clearly, graphically envision an impression of the Maximum You - from the look upon your face, to your body posture. Stay mentally focused upon the facial expression of this Maximum You for ten full seconds-sensing the overall message the look upon your face is boldly communicating. Then, inhale deeply, let your eyelids open, and proceed to enter your gym.


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You've now subconsciously primed the Maximum You part of yourself, which you already know starts off strong, stays strong, and finishes strong. And as a power boost, if you feel you need to, you can just mentally exclaim your key word once before each set of your workout to ensure the Maximum You blasts through each rep of every set.


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Go ahead and use this process to weed out all those tendencies which result in no progress workouts. "Uh, wait a minute," you may say; "it's as easy as that?" Yes - it's as easy as that!

About The Author:

    Pete Siegel is the country's foremost sports and peak performance hypnotherapist, a national powerhouse clinician, and a highly published personal development author.