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Flex Magazine -May 2010 Issue Preview: Best Photo Shoot Ever!

Here's what's what (and where) in the latest edition of Flex. For more training tips, nutritional advice and features, head on over to Flex Online.

Here's what's what (and where) in the latest edition of Flex. For more training tips, nutritional advice and features, head on over to Flex Online.

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May 2010
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Flex May 2010 Flex Magazine: May 2010.

The May issue of Flex features the best photo shoot ever. Other notable features include new ways to get big, 7 mass tips and much more! Check it out!

Click here to read an excerpt from the May issue of Flex Magazine: The Best Photo Shoot Ever!

Table Of Contents, May 2010 FLEX Magazine
Training & Nutrition
Shouldering The Load
Frothing at the mouth for redemption, Dennis Wolf blasts shoulders in his hunt to win big at the New York Pro.
By Shawn Perine
Band It
Jump on the bandwagon with power-band training to get bigger and stronger.
By Dave Lee and Jim Stoppani, PhD
7 Ways To Grow
Maximize your muscle-growing potential by keeping your testosterone levels peaked with this simple plan.
By Jose Antonio, PhD, and Jim Stoppani, PhD
The Battles Of Troy
The evolution of Troy Alves' biceps training.
By Greg Merritt
Riding The Carb Cycle
By mastering the art of carb cycling, you can lose fat, gain muscle and have energy to spare.
By Shawn Perine and Shelby Starnes
Time To Shine
What Huong Arcinas lacks in stature, she makes up for in heart, proving once again that good things do come in small packages.
By Zack Zeigler
The H.U.G.E.™ Gym Class: Trapezius
The top five power-training mistakes and how to correct them.
By Greg Merritt
A Day To Remember
Behind the scenes at the ultimate photo shoot with a dozen of the world's best bodybuilders and one man who started it all.
By Greg Merritt
The Golden Age
More than three decades ago, magic was made in the original Gold's Gym.
By Shawn Perine
Cormier's Corner
The Real Deal on Jay Cutler.
By Chris Cormier
Day In The Life: Dennis James And Melvin Anthony Jr.
FLEX spends a day at Camp Menace as Dennis James helps Melvin Anthony prepare for the most important contest of his career.
By Zack Zeigler
Hard Times
Phoenix Pro flash results; Los Angeles honors Joe Weider as Father of Fitness; size on, Sizov; and much, much more
  • ReFLEXions, p. 70
  • Ask Amanda, p. 72
  • Up Close and Personal, p. 74
  • Offstage, p. 76
  • Gym Bag
  • Building muscles by maximizing rest periods
  • Forced reps promote strength gain
  • s
  • Training time with Heather Mae French
  • Brandon Curry's unique lifts
  • The best way to jump squat: bodyweight versus barbells
  • Targeting the brachialis
  • Advanced Nutrition
  • Get better workout results with BCAAs
  • FLEX's fast fix: Outback Steakhouse
  • Stacking to boost creatine levels in muscle
  • Coffee versus Tongkat ali
  • Cereal may be ideal after workouts
  • caloric misinformation
  • Factoids
    Looking back at the turn of the millennium.
    Dennis' Page
    Hanging out with Dennis James.