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Flex March 2009 Excerpt: The Real Deal On The Arnold Classic!

We locked Cormier in a room with recent contest pictures of each competitor so he could examine them in detail... Here's the excerpt from the March issue about Cormier getting real on the competition. Check it out.

2009 Arnold Classic Preview
IFBB Pro Legend Chris Cormier Breaks Down The Top Competitors

arrow The Real Deal On The Arnold Classic:

    Being runner-up is a good thing. It is the silver medal, folks. But try telling that to Chris Cormier and you'll be sorry you ever opened your mouth. He has stacked up six "close, but no cigar" awards at the Arnold Classic over a brilliant 15-year pro career (surely a record), making him a bona fide expert.

Chris Cormier
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Chris Cormier.

    We put that expertise to good use when he stopped by the Weider offices to break down the top IFBB pro players in the big spring classic:

    We locked Cormier in a room with an array of recent contest pictures of each competitor so he could examine them in detail, comparing them pose for pose as he put them through his own grueling prejudging. Cormier, no stranger to criticism throughout his career, got real on all their strengths and weaknesses and put them in the order he felt they would finish.

    Here is what he said about each man: what he liked, didn't like, what they need to do to win and everything else - as only Cormier can tell it.

    Along the way, Cormier provides his take on key matchups he'd like to see at this year's ASC, offers reviews of two top "O" contenders who will be sitting out this year's Arnold - Phil Heath and Dennis Wolf - and builds his own Arnold Classic Fantasy League, stacked with legends from the Arnold Classic's past.

      For the Real Deal on the bodybuilding's second-biggest show of the year, the 2009 Arnold Classic, pick up the March issue of FLEX on newsstands now.