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Flex Magazine - February 2009 Issue Preview: Get Shredded For Spring!

Here's what's what (and where) in the latest edition of Flex. For more training tips, nutritional advice and features, head on over to Flex Online.

Here's what's what (and where) in the latest edition of Flex. For more training tips, nutritional advice and features, head on over to Flex Online.

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February 2009
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Flex February 2009 Flex Magazine: February 2009.

The 400+ page February issue showcases a 12-week program for getting ripped and ready for spring. Other notable features include Flex Lewis, 9-step protein plan, and more! Check it out!

Click here to read an excerpt from the February issue of Flex Magazine: Get Shredded For Spring!

Table Of Contents, February 2009 FLEX Magazine
Training & Nutrition
Reinventing The Wheels
Spy on a Phil Heath workout to discover the secrets that transformed his legs into two of the world's best.
By Greg Merritt
Get Shredded For Spring: Training
Winter is traditionally the time for hibernating and packing on mass. Not this year - follow this three-month training program and you'll greet spring in your best-ever condition.
By Jordana Brown and Jim Stoppani, PhD
Get Shredded For Spring: Diet
Combine this diet with our Get Shredded for Spring training plan and when the warm weather hits you'll have a shredded, beach-ready physique.
By Jordana Brown and Jim Stoppani, PhD
Countdown To An Olympia
An insider look at Dexter Jackson's 2008 Olympia win.
By Allan Donnelly
Killer Arms
Biceps and triceps lagging? Want to add an inch or two? Toney Freeman's triple-arm thrash worked for him and it can help you, too.
By George De Pirro
The H.U.G.E.TM Rules, Part 9: Abs
The best hardgainer strategy for awesome abdominals.
By Greg Merritt
Sauvage Growth
France's Frederic Sauvage masters the art of building freaky amounts of muscle.
By Julian Schmidt
Supplemental Advice
Five pros reveal their favorite supps for packing on mass, cutting up, boosting energy and protecting their health.
By Larry Pepe
Carnitine Comeback
Remember carnitine? It's back, with more benefits than ever.
By Jim Stoppani, PhD
Features & Departments
The Big Picture
The Flex Lewis file.
By George De Pirro
Teen Titans
The 15 best teenage bodybuilders of all time.
By Greg Merritt
Vinny, Vidi, Victory
It's been a long journey to pro status for Vinny Galanti, but perseverance and attitude made all the difference.
By George De Pirro
Pearl's Wisdom
FLEX speaks to a legend of the iron game, Bill Pearl, as he looks back on bodybuilding's golden age.
By Shawn Perine
Raw Beauties
WWE Divas are used to applying headlocks, but in these exclusive photos for FLEX, the female stars of Monday night RAW prove they're also comfortable turning heads.
By Jon Finkel
Hard Times
Phil Heath out of the Arnold, Samuel vs. Badell, return of Street Scene, and so much more.

  • FLEX Calendar, p. 68
  • Show Big, p. 70
  • ReFLEXions, p. 72
  • Bobservations, p. 74

  • Gym Bag Training
    Bag the hyperventilation; dusk to dawn: the best time of day to work out; throw that treadmill into reverse.
    Gym Bag Nutrition
    Boost your power with betaine and wheat germ; FLEX's Fast Fix: Panda Express; timing your nightly arginine and ZMA; playing ketchup with Ronnie Coleman.
    Advanced Nutrition
    Muscle up with tarragon; cycling your carbs; take it with a grain of salt; FLEX's budget organic buying guide; a primer for protein.
    1989: A retrospective.
    Arnold's Page
    Schwarzenegger wants you to plan your progress.
    Lee's Way
    Haney explains precontest diet mode.