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Flex, June 2010 Excerpt: Shredded In 28 Days!

Summer is kicking down your door and you need to get ripped - fast! Lose 5% bodyfat in less than a month with our superintense training, cardio and nutrition plan. Learn more.

Summer is kicking down your door and you need to get ripped - fast! Lose 5% body fat in less than a month with our super intense training, cardio and nutrition plan.

28 Days Later

In this day of high-speed access and instant everything, we want it all now, and with summer around the corner, a peeled-to-the-bone, head-turning, totally shredded physique is at the top of the list. That's where we come in. All right, so we can't make it happen with a snap of the fingers, but we can help you achieve extreme results in the shortest amount of time possible. How much and how fast? Try a 5% drop in body fat in just 28 days!

Our war on fat starts in the gym with a progressive program to help you get stronger, bigger and shredded (yes, it's possible!). Next, we hit the fat right where it hurts with high-intensity interval training cardio and, finally, we drop it for the count with the ultimate fat-burning diet. It's a three-way blitz to melt off ugly fat in just 28 days so that you can get ripped and look your best by summer.

Melt Off Ugly Fat In Just 28 Days
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Melt Off Ugly Fat In Just 28 Days.

-> Compound It:

    The 28 Days Later program relies heavily on bench presses, deadlifts, military presses and other free-weight, basic, compound movements. Why? They use a greater number of muscles to assist and balance during the lift, which burns more calories.

-> Go Heavy:

    Even though this is a fat-burning program, you'll still use heavy weights to build strength and muscle mass. Lean muscle is a metabolically active tissue that requires more calories to maintain, so the more muscle mass you carry, the more fat you burn. New research also shows that having more muscle mass makes fat cells better at burning off body fat.

-> Restless:

    Reducing rest periods between sets burns more calories, which further contributes to fat loss. Rest periods between sets range from 30 seconds to two minutes.

-> Extend Yourself:

    The extended sets method employs variations of an exercise to make it less difficult, thus allowing you to continue a set. Each successive variation places the body in a position that is stronger than the previous one, making the same weight easier and allowing you to continue a set for a longer period of time and burn more calories.

Ready to see what you can be after 28 days of high intensity interval training? Get ready for summer with FLEX's 28-day training and nutrition program, available on newsstands now.