Fitstagram Vol. 1: #Fitstagram

Instagram is a hotbed of incredible athletes, epic fitness feats, and ripped physiques. Get inspired by these 15 posts and videos; join the #fitstagram fitness revolution!

Every day, people are bombarded by messages about rising obesity rates, the spread of type 2 diabetes, and the notion that America—along with other nations around the world—is fat, unhealthy, and only getting fatter. We say, "Screw these messages." It's time for a fitness revolution.

This is a call to arms. It's time to light the torch, spread the fire, and live life to the fittest. Showcase your strength on Instagram for a chance to share it with our community. Together, we can turn the fitness bonfire into a blaze. Together, we can change lives.

Join the #fitstagram revolution.

Join the #fitstagram Revolution!

Tag your best fitness pics and videos on instagram with #fitstagram,
#bestself, or #bodybuildingcom for a chance to be featured!

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